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"Taco the Town" is the nineteenth episode of the second season, and the fifty-seventh episode of The Casagrandes.


Hector starts selling Rosa's delicious tacos, but gets overwhelmed when they're more popular than the mercado.


As Hector runs the mercado, Bobby arrives with Rosa's famous red tacos. Vito, tempted by their appearance, says that he'll pay to have one of them. After giving Vito his taco, Hector realizes that they could make a fortune selling the red tacos, and Rosa agree for his sake.

Bringing a tray of red tacos to the mercado, Hector and Bobby try to tempt Margarita and Maybelle to buy one. They initially refuse, but upon blowing the smell towards them, they decide to buy one. Before long, the tacos become a success, as there's a long line of customers wanting one, while Sergio is assigned for deliveries. Eventually, problems soon to arise, such as the mercado having to assign two lines, one for tacos, and one for shopping, and Sergio, exhausted from all the deliveries, tells Hector to come up with a new delivery system. He proceeds to have Rosa run a taco card right in the mercado. The tacos end up being such a success, Rosa is featured on the news.

The next day, Rosa, having just woken up, is surprised to learn that a line of customers are ready for tacos. Before she exits, Mr. Nakamura arrives and tells Rosa that his toilet is clogged and needs it to be fixed. Rosa assigns Hector to the task, as she'll be busy making tacos. Hector attempts to fix Mr. Nakamura's toilet, but without success. Entering the mercado, Hector discovers that most of the store has been renovated into a dining area, and Bobby is now carrying all the produce. At that moment, CJ arrives to tell Rosa that he needs her help to make a tres leches cake for school, and Rosa once again assigns Hector to help him. Since Hector has no experience in cooking whatsoever, he screws up the recipe by adding the wrong ingredients. Before long, Hector is now relegated to taking on the house chores, even to the point that he now looks like Rosa. Entering the mercado again, Hector discovers that the mercado has been converted to a restaurant, and that all their produce has been moved to the freezers. The final nail in the coffin, however, is when Hector is told by Mr. Hong that the building has been repainted red and the sign has been changed from "Casagrandes Market" to "Rosa's Red Tacos". As Hector drowns his sorrows with his stash of money, Ronnie Anne arrives and asks what's wrong. Hector admits that he's not fond of all the changes that have occurred, and Ronnie Anne suggests that he talk to Rosa about it. Hector refuses at first, saying that Rosa is finally getting recognition for her cooking and seems happy about it, but relents after realizing he started it all by suggesting to Rosa that she sell the tacos in the first place.

Entering the mercado-turned-restaurant, Hector talks to Rosa about all the changes, and says that he'll do anything to get her to stop, as he just wants things to be back to normal. Rosa admits that she too wants things to be back to normal, and decides to stop making tacos. The crowd, realizing that Rosa is not going make tacos for them anymore, quickly attack Vito, as he holds the very last one.



  • Jim Sparkletooth, the host of the food show from "Fast Feud" appears in this episode as the news reporter.
  • The cake CJ needed to make for school was a tres leches cake, which is Spanish for "three milks", so called as three of the primary ingredients needed are different types of milk: evaporated, condensed, and heavy cream.
  • This episode reveals that Hector has bad throwing aim and can neither fix a toilet nor cook.


  • Taco the Town - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "talk of the town", which refers to certain people or objects that are frequently talked about.
    • Jim Sparkletooth drops the title of the episode by calling Rosa's tacos the "taco the town" during his report.


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