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Tarreyn is a minor character in The Loud House. She is a counselor at Space Cadets Experience Camp.


Tarreyn first appeared in "Head Poet's Anxiety" where she attends poetry class.

In "Stage Plight" Tarreyn was among the audience watching stage play of "Romeo and Juliet".

She appeared in "Rocket Men" when Lincoln and Clyde arrived. She continuously appeared while Lincoln and Clyde were trying to escape, and escorted them back to their cabin. Finally, she appears to inform the boys that their parents were coming to get them.


Tarreyn is very enthusiastic about counseling the space camp and is very nice to her campers. However, she's quite easy to fool, because she believed Lincoln's lies, when he said he got lost, when the truth was he tried to escape. She's very sensitive about her camp, because she cries when her campers don't enjoy the camp.


Tarreyn has long, wavy, dark brunette hair, and two pairs of eyelashes. She wears red lipstick, matching hoop earrings, a white shirt, and blue overalls.

In "Rocket Men", she wears an orange t-shirt with a white collar, khaki pants, and white shoes.


  • Tarreyn is based on her voice actress.

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