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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the episode of The Loud House, see Teachers' Union.
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"Teacher's Fret" is the thirteenth episode of the second season, and the fifty-first episode of The Casagrandes.


When Ronnie Anne finds out her dad is dating her teacher, she teams with Sid to break them up ASAP.


Ronnie Anne and Arturo are walking through the park, where Arturo is displaying a surprising amount of admiration towards his daughter. Perplexed by this sudden change in attitude, Ronnie Anne asks her father what the good news is. Arturo says that he started dating someone. When asked who he's dating, Arturo reveals her name is Gina Galiano. Ronnie Anne immediately realizes that's the name of her teacher, and to her horror, Arturo confirms this. Later, when Ronnie Anne tells of this news to Bobby, she expresses that this is a bad thing, but Carl assures her that because she's dating her father, she'll show some leniency regarding her homework and tests. However, this proves to be not the case after all, as Ms. Galiano still treats her like any other student of hers.

At the skate park, as Ronnie Anne tells her story to Sid, her other friends arrive and ask what they're talking about. Sid attempts to answer, but Ronnie Anne stops her, saying that she wants to keep it a secret, lest her social life be ruined. Suddenly, Becky arrives and says she saw Ms. Galiano on a date at the pizza restaurant. When Ronnie Anne's friends proceed to go see themselves, Ronnie Anne, in an attempt to prevent them from seeing her teacher and father together, asks Sergio and the pigeons for a distraction. At the pizza restaurant, just as Ms. Galiano and Arturo exit, the pigeons swarm the two and carry them away. Ronnie Anne, in an attempt to throw her friends off, tells them that Ms. Galiano is dating the librarian, and they quickly fall for it.

The next day, as Ronnie Anne and Sid relax knowing they got the school to believe in a lie (that even made the school paper), Arturo suddenly arrives to give Ronnie Anne her lunch, and upon seeing Ms. Galiano, asks her to see him in the hallway. The moment they exit, Becky tells Sameer to give back her multi-colored pen. When Sameer is too mesmerized by the amount of colors it has to give it back, Becky proceeds to tell Ms. Galiano, but upon opening the door, she sees Arturo and Ms. Galiano kissing in the hallway, and immediately tattles this information to her classmates. Before long, word of it has spread throughout the school and Ronnie Anne, wearing a trench coat to hide herself from the embarrassment, questions what to do now. When Sid comments that they could break up soon, Ronnie Anne says that they should try to break up the two.

The first thing the girls try to do is give Ms. Galiano a perfume made from the foul-smelling odor of a polecat. After making it and giving it to Ms. Galiano, Ronnie Anne suggests cutting her hair into a mohawk, saying that Arturo likes that hairstyle. Later, at the fancy restaurant, Arturo is surprised to see Ms. Galiano's new hair, and revolted by the foul-smelling odor. Nonetheless, the two ride on the subway together after their dinner. Ronnie Anne and Sid, who are sitting nearby, decide to go for another tactic. They apply honey onto one Arturo's hand, and attach it to Ms. Kernicky's hand, who was standing nearby. Realizing this, the two attempt to pull off from each other, but can't. Mrs. Kernicky says that the train has arrived at her stop, and decides to carry Arturo with her, giving Ms. Galiano the impression that he's ditching her. However, upon seeing the two still being together, Ronnie Anne decides to put her best plan into action: Operation Miscommunication. This plan involves Ronnie Anne and Sid stealing Arturo and Ms. Galiano's phones so that they can change their contacts so that they text the wrong person instead (Ms. Galiano texts Vito, and Arturo texts Bruno).

The next day, Bobby breaks the news to Ronnie Anne that Arturo and Ms. Galiano broke up. After feigning sadness and hanging up, Ronnie Anne begins to celebrate, along with Sid, who immediately knew what would happen. As the two excitedly run into their classroom, they discover Ms. Galiano crying her eyes out on her desk. At that moment, Arturo arrives with tears running down his face to inform Ronnie Anne she forgot her lunch again. Seeing the two crying just as hard as each other, Ronnie Anne, believing this is a result of their breakup, confesses of her and Sid's plan to sabotage their relationship, saying that she couldn't bear to see them being together. However, Arturo and Ms. Galiano state the she didn't break them up, saying that they're better off being friends. When Ronnie Anne asks why they're crying so hard, Arturo says that his soccer team lost, and Ms. Galiano says that she tried on some new makeup, but it's seriously stinging her eyes.

As Ronnie Anne and her friends hang out at the skate park, finally relieved that the whole ordeal is over, Casey points out that Maria is talking to Mr. Suarez, the school's robotics teacher. Ronnie Anne immediately fears that she's dating him, and Sergio quickly calls for the pigeons to help get rid of him. After being driven away by the birds, Maria reveals to the kids that Mr. Suarez was simply asking her for a bunion cure, making Ronnie Anne realize she made another assumption too quickly.



  • This is the last Casagrandes episode to have Karen Malach credit as producer in a title card.
  • Ronnie Anne re-uses her trench coat and fedora from "Achy Breaky Art".
  • This episode reveals that Ms. Galiano's first name is Gina.
  • This episode reveals that Arturo coaches a soccer team.
  • This episode reveals some phone numbers:
    • Arturo - 555-0114
    • Ms. Galiano - 555-0192
    • Vito - 555-0167
    • Bruno - 555-0100
  • On Ronnie Anne's test about multiplying fractions, the one question she got wrong was 2/4 x 1/3, where she incorrectly answered 1/4. The correct answer is 1/6.
  • Irony: Ronnie Anne believed in Carl when he said that because Arturo and Ms. Galiano were dating, Ms. Galiano would show more leniency towards Ronnie Anne. Instead, Ms. Galiano still treats Ronnie Anne like any other student of hers.


  • Teacher's Fret - The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "teacher's pet", a nickname for a student who is frequently picked by a teacher.


  • Plot hole: Arturo didn't pay Bruno for the hot dogs he asked him for.
  • Possible: The song Ronnie Anne and Sid sing to get the polecat to spray them is "Ooh, Girl" by Boyz Will Be Boyz, yet the name on the radio reads Twelve Is Midnight. However, the radio could have been playing Twelve Is Midnight's Korean cover of the song as heard in the Loud House episode "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes", and Ronnie Anne and Sid were simply singing the English lyrics.
  • When Ronnie Anne is trying to wake herself up, Sid's left eyelash disappears.
  • When Ronnie Anne is reading the school paper, her and Sid are sitting in the back of the classroom. After Ronnie Anne picks up her lunch and gets rid of her Dad, they are sitting in the front of the classroom.


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