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"Team Effort" is the twenty-ninth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and her skate buddies work together to show their coach that they have what it takes to be a team.


At Chavez Academy, Ronnie Anne, Casey, Sameer and Nikki skateboard past their gym teacher, Coach Crawford, who tells them that they need to pick a sports club to attend. Seeing how their options aren't that interesting, the four decide that they should create the first ever skateboarding club. When they tell Crawford of their plan, he looks through his rule book and tells them that if they want to be a club, they need to have at least six members to qualify and have matching uniforms... by tomorrow.

As Ronnie Anne and her friends try to figure out how to get two extra members, Sid arrives and Ronnie Anne convinces her to join their club by said that she can train her and letting her be the club's mascot (a hot dog). As for their sixth member, Laird joins in when he reveals that he can ride a skateboard, but has trouble stopping. The next day, the six skateboarders, now wearing matching shirts, approach Crawford, and state that they want to be a club now. However, Crawford tells them one more rule from his rule book: they need to win in a qualifying match in order to be declared a team. After handing them a card telling where they need to meet up, the team is worried that they haven't practiced enough. Ronnie Anne claims that if they meet up after school, they can practice all they can and arrive to their destination in time.

Later, the school day is about to come to a close, and the moment the bell rings, Ronnie Anne attempts to grab her friends. Suddenly, she runs into Sid who informs her that Nikki and Sameer have to clean the dishes in the cafeteria after vandalizing a photo of their principal, and Casey and Laird are in detention after leaving gum under their desks, despite all four claiming to be innocent. Ronnie Anne tells Sid to help out Nikki and Sameer, and she'll help out Casey and Laird. As the minutes pass, Sid helps out by drying the dishes, and Casey and Laird offer to scrape off all the gum while Ronnie Anne shows her teacher how to do a proper seflie. Before long, both groups complete their tasks and meet up, where they proceed to skate over to their destination. Upon arriving, the group realizes that their destination is none other than Margarita's hair salon. Examining the card, it turns out that Crawford gave them the business card for the hair salon in an effort to prank them. This causes Ronnie Anne to piece something together.

Arriving back to the school, the six kids confront Crawford, saying that he deliberately got them in trouble so that their club wouldn't be created, and the "rule book" he was using was actually a crossword puzzle book. This makes Crawford confess that he did those things because of his ideology that skaters are nothing more than slackers who just like to be hip and flashy. However, because of their teamwork, he realizes that skateboarders are not all bad, and decides to let them form the skateboarding club, much to their happiness (despite Ronnie Anne not catching his announcement the first time).

Sometime later, as the skateboarding club has fun, Laird crashes into Crawford, who tells the students to help teach Laird how to properly stop.


Bruno has no lines in the episode.


  • This is the first time in The Casagrandes where it flashes back to a previous episode. In this case, Sid explains her inability to ride a skateboard by bringing up the time she skated backwards in "Friended! with the Casagrandes".
  • This is the first time Nikki's face is fully shown, as half of it was always covered by her hair in her previous appearances.
  • This is the first episode not to feature any members from the Casagrande family.


  • Team Effort - The title of this episode is a term used to describe an accomplishment achieved by a group working together.


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