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"Tee'd Off" is the twenty-eighth episode of the second season, and the sixty-sixth episode of The Casagrandes.


Worried that Lori may have a new crush, Bobby visits her in college and tries to impress her with his golf skills.


It's chore day in the Casagrande apartment, as every member is hard at work cleaning up. Bobby tells Rosa that he got up early to finish his chores, since he plans on spending his day with Lori at Fairway University. The second he leaves, Carl and Sergio arrive and tell Rosa that they want to help clean the mercado van, to which she approves of. However, Carl and Sergio actually told Rosa this as an excuse on not wanting to do chores. As Carl and Sergio lay back in the van, Bobby throws some bags into the back, and quickly heads off to Fairway.

Arriving to Fairway, Bobby discovers that Carl and Sergio have stowed away, and after calling Rosa to report this, Rosa tells the two to be good for Bobby during his visit. Entering the campus grounds, Bobby discovers Lori working on her swings. Just as he hides in her golf bag to surprise her, he suddenly discovers Lori conversing with a male student. This moment of shock causes Bobby to roll down the hill and land beside Lori's feet. Standing himself up, Bobby says he came to visit so he can surprise her, and asks who she's talking to. Lori tells Bobby that she was taking to her classmate and one of Fairway's top students, Ewan, who has been giving her some useful tips on how to improve her skills. As Lori and Ewan share some light-hearted banter, Bobby becomes paranoid that Lori has a thing for Ewan, and Carl and Sergio, lounging on a hammock, suggest that he make him look bad so that Lori can go back to fawning over him (Bobby). Imagining a worst-case scenario of Lori and Ewan getting married, Bobby declares that he'll do whatever it takes.

Sometime later, Bobby, Carl and Sergio attempt to make Ewan look bad so that Lori won't show interest in him. First, they get gum in hair so he can be forced to shave it off, but Ewan, who knows how to work a razor, instead gives himself a brand new hairdo that wows the girls sitting at his table, including Lori. Second, during a class lecture, Ewan is tasked with solving an equation. Bobby, Carl and Sergio reveal that they secretly put itching powder in his underwear, but miraculously, he still manages to answer the equation correctly. As Bobby bemoans that their attempts to make Ewan look bad only made him look better, Carl and Sergio make the recommendation that he needs to beat him at his own game (a game of golf). When Bobby remarks that he couldn't possibly beat one of the school's best students, Carl and Sergio assure to him that they'll help out. Approaching Lori and Ewan, Bobby challenges Ewan to a game of golf, saying that they can learn more about each other this way, and that Bobby can learn about the rules as they play.

Bobby and Ewan soon start their game. As they play, Carl and Sergio proceed to cheat by guiding Bobby's ball into the hole and make Ewan's ball land in the worst possible places, like in the bunkers or the water hazards. Word of the game has spread throughout the school, and the students begin to spectate, hearing the news that Ewan might lose his first game. Eventually, when the game ends, Bobby ends up being the winner. As he rubs his victory in Ewan's face, Ewan concedes defeat and declares that as a result of his loss, he's giving up golf. He then goes on to say that he can work at his father's toilet repair company, since it means he can be closer to his fiancé. This news shocks Bobby and, after being encouraged by Lori and Coach Niblick to join Fairway as a student, he confesses to everyone that he cheated, and that Carl and Sergio were helping him. He admits that he cheated because he was worried that Lori would leave him for Ewan, and thought making Ewan look bad would be the solution to his problem. However, Lori tells Bobby that she would never leave him for Ewan, and Coach Niblick, who was initially going to revoke Ewan's scholarship, begs Ewan not to leave, to which the student says that he's staying, now knowing that his skills as a golfer never left.

As Bobby and Lori exchange goodbyes, Rosa call up Bobby, to which Carl snags his phone and tells her that they ended up missing out on all their chores. However, Rosa, knowing that Carl is trying to weasel out of doing chores again, tells him that she saved the chores he and Sergio were assigned to do. Sergio attempts to flee to get out of doing his duties, only to get hit by a flying golf ball.


Ronnie Anne, Maria, Hector, Carlota, CJ, Carlitos, Carlos, Frida and Lalo have no lines in this episode.



  • Tee'd Off - The title of this episode is an expression meaning to get angry or annoyed.


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