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Lord Tetherby is a minor character in The Loud House.


He first appears in "Out on a Limo", where he serves as the main villain of the episode where he influences Lincoln about how the good life is better without being with his sisters, but at the end of the episode, Lincoln accepts that he was wrong and rude with his sisters and Kirby, so he ends his friendship with Tetherby.

Pre-series History

Tetherby was the heir to the tetherball fortune, so he's now a very rich man with his own mansion, and a private club just for the high-class. He also has his own limo and butlers.


He is a very smug and egocentric man, with no respect towards the poor, even his own relatives. He only likes to hang with rich people, or people with limousines.


Tetherby is a short elderly man, with light fair skin, white hair, and a mustache. He wears a blue suit, with a red ascot, a white kerchief, a black top hat, khaki pants, and brown shoes. He also wields a black walking stick. When he's not on a trip, he wears a red dressing robe, and white slippers.


  • The closed captioning for "Out on a Limo" constantly misspells his name as "Tetherbee".

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