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The Ace Savvy Trivia Game is, as expected by the title, a trivia game based on famous superhero Ace Savvy, and Lincoln's favorite family game.


The game is simply a trivia game about Ace Savvy facts. The players are given buzzers, while one person reads a question to them. The players must buzz in if they know the answer, and get the correct one. It is unknown how many questions there are total, but whoever answers the most questions correctly, wins.


The game first appeared in "Lynner Takes All". Tired of Lynn winning every board game, and showing off after celebrating 300 consecutive wins (and shooting confetti made out of her siblings' homework), the others decided to play a game that Lynn had never played before, and they could easily beat her at. After Lola lost in Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen, and Lana was defeated in Plumbing Pro, Lincoln suggested this game, since he is an Ace Savvy aficionado. However, during the game, Lincoln couldn't correctly answer a single question because Lynn was psyching him out throughout the whole game. When Lori asked the final question...

Who is Ace Savvy's sidekick?

...Lincoln buzzed in, knowing the answer, but Lynn manipulated him into choking, by telling him not to because it could be a trick question. Under pressure, he incorrectly answered "Massachusetts", and Lynn gave the correct answer, the one that everyone, even she, would know: One-Eyed Jack, and won the game.


  • This is the only board game from the episode where the box art for it wasn't shown.
    • This is also the only game where Lynn was cheating.

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