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"The Big Chill" is the twenty-seventh episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


After begging Abuelo for some air conditioning, the cousins decide to earn some cash at the neighborhood fair.


It's an extremely hot day at the mercado.

It's an extremely hot day in Great Lakes City, as its citizen's efforts to cool down are impossible. The same can be said for Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Carlota, CJ, Carl and Carlitos, who have to rely on a single fan to stay cool. When CJ says that it couldn't be worse, a news report says that temperatures will continue to rise as high as 160 degrees. Unable to tolerate the heat, Ronnie Anne begs Hector to buy an air conditioner, but Hector says that if they want one, they need to earn the money themselves. Looking on their phones, they discover just how much an AC costs. As the kids resort to staying cool in the freezer, Hector says that the neighborhood fair is coming up, causing Bobby to get an idea. He reveals to his sister and cousins a machine that makes raspados (shaved ice), and realize that if they could sell during the fair, they could make money.

As people attend the fair, the Casagrandes announce that they're selling raspados. As customers line up, the kids get to work getting orders ready, but Bobby accidentally overloads the machine and it shoots out ice cubes until it breaks down. Realizing that business didn't work, the kids attempt to try out other businesses:

  • Carlota suggests makeovers, but the high temperature makes the customers' makeup runny, scaring nearby people.
  • CJ suggests balloon swords, but again, the high temperature interferes by popping them, forcing them to give the money back.
  • Carl suggests knocking down milk bottles, but when Ronnie Anne discovers that Carl has rigged the game so that the bottles don't knock down, she insists giving the money back rather than scamming customers.

As the kids try to think up of a new business, Maybelle walks by and assumes they have a sitting booth. Playing off this, the kids decide to charge people to let them sit down. Soon enough, the kids have to resort to bringing chairs from their own apartment to cater to the other customers. When they discover that they're only a few more bucks away, Vito arrives, asking for a place to sit. Realizing they have no more chairs, Bobby decides to step in as Vito's chair, saying he and Lori took yoga lessons. After getting into position, Vito sits on top of Bobby, but Vito's weight and flatulence causes Bobby to lose his position, resulting in Vito getting into several predicaments such as landing on a fire hydrant, which flings him onto a hot dog cart that is soon attacked by pigeons. At that moment, Hector arrives and asks what happened and why their furniture is outside. The kids explain that they wanted to make some money to buy an AC, and Ronnie Anne decides to forfeit all of the money they earned to pay for Vito's hospital bills. As Bobby and the others go back to the fan, Hector tells Ronnie Anne that because she and the others did their best to make money, he decides to buy an AC. Suddenly, when Ronnie Anne notices Sergio chilling in the raspado machine, she gives Hector a better idea.

That'll be five bucks.

As Bobby and the cousins cool off with the fan, Ronnie Anne and Hector reveal that they modified the raspado into their own AC and state that while it may smell like flavored ice all the time, at least they can cool down. As the kids cool down, Vito, spoiled with goodies from the money he got, enjoys the AC as well, but Ronnie Anne tells him that he has to pay them first if he wants to use it.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.

Smarty Pants Challenge

During reruns of this episode (and its partner episode) on August 10, 2020, the viewers had the chance to answer trivia questions related to the episode with the Nickelodeon Screens Up app or on for a chance to see their name on screen.

  1. According to Bobby, what time is it?
    1. 9:00 AM
    2. 1pm
    3. 6:30 pm
    4. 3am
  2. What was on Bobby's shirt?
    1. A butterfly
    2. A horse
    3. A unicorn
    4. A puppy
  3. Where are they selling shaved ice?
    1. The Mercado
    2. Street fair
    3. Sid's apartment
    4. The pool
  4. Who was supposed to fix the ice maker?
    1. Carlitos
    2. Ronnie Anne
    3. Bobby
    4. Abuelo
  5. Carl made balloons in the shape of what?
    1. Swords
    2. Cots
    3. Trains
    4. Cupcakes
  6. What did they push down the stairs?
    1. A chair
    2. A bench
    3. A piano
    4. A couch
  7. What did Vito fall on first?
    1. A firecracker
    2. A fire hydrant
    3. A food cart
    4. A guitar


  1. Prank Victory 001
  2. Carl Superfan 002
  3. Bitsy Dragon 001
  4. K-Pop Detective 004


The first ever transition between title card and episode.

  • This is the first time a transition plays after the title card, as every other title card immediately cuts to the episode.
  • According to the weather lady, the temperature was expected to reach 160 degrees on Friday. In real life, the highest ever recorded temperature in the world was 134 degrees in Death Valley, California in 1913.
  • Irony:
    • When looking at the different AC models on the phone, the AC priced at $10,000 (the most expensive one listed) has a rating of only one star.
    • The episode’s title is ironic because the term “chill” is related to cold temperatures, and this episode’s plot revolves around the characters dealing with a heatwave.



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