The Casagrandes is the Indonesian dub of The Casagrandes.


The dub premiered in Indonesia on March 25, 2020 on Nickelodeon Indonesia. The timeslots for the show are 4:30PM to 5:00PM on weekdays.

List of episodes

Season 1

No. Episode Localized title Air date
1a "Going Overboard" "Kembali ke Papan Seluncur" March 25, 2020
1b "Walk Don't Run" "Jalan Jangan Lari" March 25, 2020
2a "The Two of Clubs" "Dua Klub" April 6, 2020
2b "Vacation Daze" "Liburan yang Melelahkan" April 6, 2020
3a "New Haunts" "Rumah Hantu Baru" April 7, 2020
3b "Croaked" "Mendiang Kodok" April 7, 2020
4a "Snack Pact" "Perjanjian Camilan" April 8, 2020
4b "The Horror-Scope" "Horoskop Horor" April 8, 2020
5a "Arrr in the Family" "Perompak dalam Keluarga" April 9, 2020
5b "Finders Weepers" "Yang Menemukan Yang Menangis" April 9, 2020
6a "Stress Test" April 10, 2020
6b "How to Train Your Carl" April 10, 2020
7 "Operation Dad" April 13, 2020
8a "Flee Market" "Toko Tungau" April 14, 2020
8b "Copy Can't" "Tidak Mau Meniru" April 14, 2020
9a "Away Game" April 15, 2020
9b "Monster Cash" April 15, 2020
10a "Trend Game" April 16, 2020
10b "This Bird Has Flown" April 16, 2020

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