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The Dream Boat is a TV show that first appeared in The Loud House Instacomic, though it wasn't mentioned in the show until "Roughin' It".





She is the "captivating captain" of the show, whose goal is to date each of the boys, and decide who will be her "first mate".

She's relatively tall, and has long blonde hair, red lipstick, a pearl necklace, and earrings that look very similar to Leni's, only white. She's been seen with two different outfits. Her first outfit is a white long sleeve shirt, a blue skirt, with white spots, and a captain's hat. Her second outfit is a blue spaghetti-strap dress, that has a white stripe at the bottom, white shoes, and a white hair clip, that has a white bow on it.


She is one of the female contestants in the show. She explains that so many boys have asked her out, she's waiting for one of them "blow her out of the water."

In the Brazilian dub of "Be Stella My Heart", she's voiced by Aline Guioli.




He is the first crew mate that was introduced and shown. He was first mentioned by Luna, saying she hopes Karen would pick him.

He has long brown hair covering his eyes, a long pointy nose just like Lynn Sr's. and Howard's, and sunglasses that look exactly like Leni's. His attire consists of a white t-shirt, with a red plaid shirt, dark green cargo shorts, a black belt with a silver buckle, white socks worn up high, and brown shoes. He also knows how to play the concertina. 

His bangs are long and cover his eyes, just like Lucy.




He is the second crew mate that was introduced and shown. He was first mentioned by Lucy saying "I like Bram", while Lola says he gives her the creeps.

He is depicted as being a very dark/goth guy, he has dark black combed hair, and only shown wearing a pair of black shorts with a dark blue waist, and white flip-flops.

His name is probably a reference to Bram Stoker, the author of the book Dracula.

He looks similar to Lars.




He is the third crew mate that was introduced and shown. He was first mentioned by Leni.

He has short blond hair, and wears an aqua green long sleeve button shirt with black pants, and brown shoes. He was also the only character that spoke, saying "Karen, I'll be your North Star, 'cause no matter where this journey takes you, I'll always be there to guide your home". He's referred to as a "poppycock" by Lisa.

He was voiced by John DiMaggio in the English version, and by Nir Barak in the Hebrew dub.

He looks similar to Loni, with the cream blonde hair, and the same colored shoes and shirt.




He is the fourth and final crew mate that was introduced and shown. He was first mentioned by Lynn.

He has short sideways blond hair, big blond eyebrows, and is one of the few characters who has dots for eyes. He also has a very muscular upper body and has a heart tattoo on his right shoulder. He was only shown wearing a necklace, blue jean shorts, and flip-flops.

It was said that he wore flip-flops to his first date with Karen, and later clogs.

He is a character that has dots for eyes, apart from Rosa Casagrande, Clyde, and Lisa.



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  • A 'dream boat' is a term for a very attractive person.
  • Like the Loud kids, all of Karen's love interests have names that start with the same letter. In this case, it's "B".
    • This could be a callback to the original plot of the show where all the characters' names began with "B" instead of "L".
  • In the beginning, when the line of crew mates were shown, Bram and Bryant weren't in the line.
  • The only other known character is someone named "Bronson", but he is never identified and/or shown. He was first mentioned by Lori.



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