The following is a transcript for the episode "The Green House".


[In Mrs. Johnson's classroom]
Mrs. Johnson: "Okay, class, we're at the halfway point of our energy reduction project. Let's see how you're doing." [checking the students' status] "Great. Very good. Ooh! Very impressive, Clyde!"
[Clyde's bar is extremely low.]
Clyde: "Thanks, Mrs. Johnson. Our house is solar powered, so we don't burn any fossil fuels."
Mrs. Johnson: "Wonderful. You're all doing a great job of reducing your eco-footprint at him. And if you keep this up, we'll definitely win the Save a Polar Bear Challenge and get this adorable little guy named after us!" [shows her students a poster of a sad polar bear cub with tagline under the photo.]
Students: [with big cooing eyes] "Awwwwww..."
[However, Mrs. Johnson notices Lincoln's bar is extremely high. In fact, it's so high, he has to stand on a ladder and go into the room's ceiling to properly display it.]
Mrs. Johnson: [disappointed] "Oh, Lincoln, I see you haven't made any progress." [points to poster] "What does this say? Have a heart, do your part. Do you not care about polar bears?"
Lincoln: [muffled from inside the ceiling tile.] "No, I don't! I don't hate polar bears! They're awesome!"
Mrs. Johnson: [misinterpreting] "What's that? You hate polar bears? You're a polar bear hater?"
Lincoln: [still muffled] "No! I love them! They're cool!"
[The kids all start booing at Lincoln.]
Female Student 1: "If you make us lose, Lincoln, you'll be an outcast!"
Girl Jordan: "You might as well throw your social life out the window."
[The other students boo Lincoln in disagreement.]'

[Walking home]
Lincoln: "How am I supposed to reduce our energy use? I've got 10 sisters!"
Clyde: [while reading a player's book] "I know! We'll just swoop in from the left and ANNIHILATE THEM!"
Lincoln: "What? Annihilate my sisters?"
Clyde: "Huh? No. I was talking about our strategy for the Swords and Cyborgs online tournament tomorrow. Preparation is key to victory."
Lincoln: "Oh, yeah. Don't worry. I'll be ready. But right now, I've got bigger things to deal with. You heard our class: if I don't get my eco-meter in the green, I'll be a social outcast."
Clyde: "I'll still hang out with you. In secret, of course. After dark. Speaking of which, the sun's going down. I better get home before the lights go out." [hurries home]
[Lincoln checks his eco-meter which is all the way in the red.]
Lincoln: "Maybe there's something wrong with my eco-meter." [notices the energy that's being consumed in the Loud House.] "Or not." [turns to the camera] "What can I do? In a family this big, our eco-footprint is a size 18 triple wide. We use a lot of electricity..."
[Evidenced by Luna rocking with a ton of amps in the garage and Lori gushing over Bobby on a ton of webcams in her room.]
Lori: "Bobby, you look so good on all of my devices."
[As well as Luan using the oven to bake pies and hit herself with them.]
Lincoln: "...fossil fuels..."
[Evidenced by the twins: Lola driving around in her Princess car and Lana shoveling a ton of soil into a furnace to warm up her reptiles.]
Lincoln: "...water..."
[Evidenced by Leni running a ton of water in the bathroom sink and the bathtub and Lynn using the hose to fill a giant makeshift pool and freezing it with the freezer.]
Lincoln: "...aerosols..."
[Evidenced by Lucy spray painting her whole room pitch-black.]
Lincoln: "...non-biodegradables..."
[Evidenced by a huge pile of Lily's dirty diapers as Lori tosses them aside.]
Lincoln: "...and did I mention electricity?"
[Evidenced by Lisa powering up one of her machines.]
Lincoln: "We gotta reduce our eco-footprint. Hopefully, I can get my sisters on board."
[However, after he tells them, they all complain and refuse; Luan throws a pie at him to show her refusal.]
Lincoln: "Or not. [wipes off the pie splatter] Time to pull out the big guns." [shows them the poster of the polar cub and explains in a sorrowful tone.] "...and if we don't all do our part, this adorable little guy won't survive."
[The girls all start sobbing with waterfalls of tears.]
Luna: [sorrowful] "But what can we do?"
Lincoln: [satisfied with their cooperation] "I'm glad you asked." [showing Lori all of her webcams.] "You don't need all of these devices."
Lori: "Yes I do. Bobby and I like to admire each other from multiple angles."
Bobby: "Hey, Lincoln! Hola from France!" [stands next to the Mona Lisa.]
Lori: [suspicious] "Who is that girl? And why is she smiling at you?"
Bobby: "Babe, that's the Mona Lisa."
Lincoln: [unplugs webcams] "Instead of using all of these, why don't you write Bobby a letter?"
Lori: [Threateningly] "Why don't I rip your little-"
Lincoln: [shows her the poster] "Polar bear."
Lori: [gushes] "Aww...okay. I'll write him a letter." [irked] "And maybe I'll write one to that little flirt Mona, too."
[Lincoln puts out the fire in the furnace.]
Lana: "But how will I keep my reptiles warm? They're cold-blooded, you know."
Lincoln: "But you're not."
[He dresses Lana up in a parka with all of her reptiles nice and cozy inside. Lana likes this but finds out one of them is in her mouth; Lisa is powering up her machine and laughing evilly until Lincoln shuts it down.]
Lincoln: "Instead of powering your lab with megawatts of electricity, why not use a renewable resource?"
[Lisa is now using Lily's dirty diapers and it works like a charm.]
Lisa: [gasps with a clothes peg on her nose.] "Lincoln, this is genius!"
Lincoln: [changing another diaper] "Fresh energy, comin' at ya! This one's got to be good for at least 75 watts."
[He throws the diaper into Lisa's power source. In the bathroom, Leni is about to take a shower, but Lincoln is in there and she shrieks.]
Lincoln: "Leni, instead of taking multiple showers a day..." [holds up a moist towelette] " about using this refreshing moist towelette?"
Leni: "And clog my pores?! No way!" [Lincoln shows her the poster.] "Awww...okay." [takes towelette and starts wiping] "Do you mind? I'm showering!" [closes curtain and continues wiping]
[Luan is baking even more pies.]
Lincoln: "Luan, instead of wasting all that energy making more pies, why not get some comedy out of your leftover banana peels?" [holds up a peel]
Luan: "That old gag? I don't think so."
Lincoln: [shrugs and trips on a peel.] "Whoa!" [thuds]
Luan: "Actually, I'm starting to see the a-peel!" [laughs at rimshot]
[Lincoln checks his eco-meter and finds that his house is now in the yellow.]
Lincoln: "We're getting there."

[Throughout his endeavor, Lincoln takes away Lucy's aerosol and gives her shades to look at everything darker and she smiles in agreement. He turns off Luna's amps and gives her recycled bottles that show blows in for sound. He pulls the plug on the freezer and cancels Lynn's hockey practice and gives her a surfboard to surf in the pool. He trades Lola's gasoline out for a sail to drive in the wind and she takes off. Lincoln's meter is still in the yellow.]
Lincoln: "Almost there." [dumps the rest of the electronic stuff in his room and finds the meter going green.] "WE DID IT!"
[The girls cheer]
Lincoln: "See what we can accomplish when we all do our part? All we have to do is keep the house in the green until the end of the week, and that polar bear will be safe! And so will my social life."
Luan: "Say it proud! We're green and Loud!"
Clyde: [calling Lincoln on the walkie-talkie] "Lincoln! Come in, Lincoln!"
Lincoln: [answers] "Clyde, I'm not supposed to be talking on this right now. We're reducing our eco-footprint."
Clyde: "But it's tournament time. Swords & Cyborgs!"
Lincoln: "Oh, right. Just let me go get my laptop."
Girls: [off in the distance] "YES WE CARE! WE'LL SAVE THE BEAR!"
Lincoln: "What am I saying? I can't use my laptop! We've finally gone green in the house and I can't mess it up."
Clyde: "Well, there's always next year."
Lincoln: "No, no, no. I'll make it work." [picks up laptop] "One laptop won't make that big of a difference." [tucks it in his pants and scurries off to the basement and plugs it in only to notice his meter go yellow.] "Whoops. I gotta get us back in the green."
[Lynn and Lucy are watching TV when Lincoln turns it off.]
Lynn: "Hey! What the-"
Lincoln: [holds out poster] "Remember this guy?"
Lucy: "Yes. We saved him."
Lincoln: "Well, he's got siblings, too. Do you hate siblings? Are you sibling haters?"
[Lynn looks on with sorrowful guilt.]
Lucy: "Well, I'm starting to."
[Lincoln takes the TV away and Leni picks up the remote and presses the power button.]
Leni: "Hey, guys! Our neighborhood's on TV!"
[Lincoln has moved the TV down to the basement and Clyde is right behind him with his laptop.]
Clyde: "Hey, Lincoln!"
[Lincoln yelps and collapses.]
Lincoln: "Clyde? What are you doing here?"
Clyde: "The sun went behind a cloud. My solar house lost power. Is it okay if I play here?" [sets up laptop]
[Lincoln's meter goes off again.]
Lincoln: "I just got us back into the green."
Clyde: "Sorry, Lincoln. I didn't mean to cause a problem."
Lincoln: "No, no, Clyde. Not a problem. I'll just go make an adjustment." [runs up to the bathroom and knocks.] "If it's yellow, let it mellow!"
Lola: [on the other end of the door] "Um...what if it's not?"
Lincoln: "If it's brown...keep it around!"
Lola: "Ew!" [Lincoln shows her the poster through the door slot.] "Aw..."
[The AC is on in Luna and Luan's room.]
Lincoln: "Hey, guys, think we could turn off the AC?"
Luna: "But we're trying to stay cool."
Lincoln: "You know who else wants to stay cool?" [shows poster] "This guy."
Luna and Luan: [gushing] "Aww..."
[Lincoln kicks the AC out of their room and hands them Japanese fans.]
Luan: [fans Luna] "Look! I'm your number one fan!" [laughs with rimshot]
Lynn Sr.: [laughs at her joke] "Good one, honey." [with the car keys] "Well, I'm off."
Lincoln: "Hey, Dad, instead of taking the car, why not enjoy a little fresh air?" [hands his father Lynn's roller skates.]
Lynn Sr.: "I'm picking up your mom from the airport."
Lincoln: "Then you'll need this." [hands him Lana's skateboard]
[The meter is back in the green and Lincoln heads back to the basement to join Clyde for the tournament, but his co-op players have arrived as well.]
Lincoln: "What are you guys doing here?"
Lance: "Can't play Swords & Cyborgs at our houses. We're in the green zone."
Lincoln: " am I...or I was..."
Gamer 2: "Well, if it's a problem, we can go."
Lincoln: "No, no, no. I'll make an adjustment."
[Lincoln disconnects the fridge and takes it on a lift. Leni walks by and goes up to get a refreshing drink, unaware that the fridge is gone, so she's only sipping air. Lincoln crashes onto the floor and the fridge lands at the base of the stairs.]
Lance: "Sweet! Snacks! Let's put it by the air conditioner we found outside!"
[They do so and Lincoln looks worried.]
Gamer 2: "But if it's not cool, Lincoln, I mean, just say the word."
Lincoln: "No, no. Adjustment." [runs around and turns off all the lights in his room and his sisters', tightens up the plumbing, struggles to unhook the washing machine and dryer and just dumps everyone's clothes in the trash.] "Can't run the washer if there's nothing to wash." [eventually gets rid of a bunch of other things that could cause his house to go out of the green but still has it in the yellow.] "What else is there?" [notices his meter and tosses it out and the meter is back in the green.] "We are in the green! Let's do this!"
[But just as they're about to play, a foul odor hits the basement.]
Lance: "Pee-yew! What stinks?"
[Suddenly, the TV goes off and it's revealed that the girls have unplugged it and are standing in nothing but potato sacks for tops and bandages for shoes and stink.]
Lincoln: [panicking] "It's not what it looks like!"
Lori: "We're up there making all these sacrifices, and you're down here playing some stupid computer game?!"
Lincoln: "Okay, so maybe it is what it looks like."
Lynn: "If you don't wanna give anything up, why should we?"
Lincoln: "But...but..." [shows poster] "...polar bear?"
[The girls are starting to feel remorse again, but this time, they snap out of it.]
Lola: "Aww...wait a minute! You can't use that on us anymore!"
Lori: "Come on, girls. Let's go get our stuff back."
Leni: [holding up her glass of air] "And a refill!"
[They do just that]
Gamer 2: "Well, I guess you're going back into the red."
Lance: "Which means you're gonna lose the polar bear challenge for our class."
Gamer 2: "Which means we can't be seen with you."
Lance: "Which means your social life is out the window."
[The gamers leave]
Lincoln: "Guys, wait! Come back! I can make adjustments!"
[Too late. They're out the door.]
Lincoln: "I blew it."
Clyde: "Don't worry, Lincoln. I'll still hang out with you. In secret, of course."
Lincoln: "It's not about that, Clyde. I don't care if the class hates me. What I should have cared about all along was..." [shows poster] "...this guy."
Clyde: [gushes over the cub almost as much as he gushes over Lori.] "Aww..."
Lincoln: "Exactly! Our class has done their part. My sisters have done theirs. Now it's time for me to do mine."
[Clyde gives him a salute.]

[The girls have gone back to doing their normal things with their normal power sources. Luna is back to rocking on a ton of amps, Luan is back to baking pies and hitting herself with them, Leni is back to carelessly running water, Lisa is back to using electricity for her machines, and Lori is back to talking to Bobby on many webcams. And yet...the meter is still in the green.]
Lori: [giggles] "Oh, Bobby. You got me a present? I can't wait to see it."
[It turns out Lincoln is now using a generator to power up the house as the fuel source, pedaling as fast as he can to satisfy his sisters and do his part for the planet.]
[Lincoln petals faster]

[Mrs. Johnson's class]
Mrs. Johnson: "Amazing work, class. We won the polar bear challenge. And I took the liberty of naming him...Mrs. Johnson...
Students: [complaining at such an unfair naming choice.] "MRS. JOHNSON?!"
Mrs. Johnson: "Let's all give Lincoln a round of applause for stepping up his green game and doing his part."
[The entire class applauds and cheers for Lincoln.]
Lincoln: "Well, I saved the polar bear, and I'm not an outcast. Though, technically social life is out the window." [reveals to be standing outside the school wreaking severely from powering the generator yesterday, starts rubbing with a scented towelette and sees his class staring at him.] "Do you mind? I'm showering!" [closes blinds and resumes rubbing.]

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