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The Gurdle Family is composed of Zach, and his parents.

Family members

Zach Gurdle

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Mr. Gurdle

Zach's Father is an unnamed minor character of The Loud House, and is the father of Zach Gurdle. He makes his debut in "Stall Monitor".


He is a short round light-skinned man with freckles, dark red hair around his head, with a bald top. He wears a tin foil hat and glasses just like Zach's, a brown greenish jacket with dark green sneakers.

Mrs. Gurdle

Zach's Mother is an unnamed minor character of The Loud House, and is the mother of Zach Gurdle.


She has brown hair and wears a tin foil hat, glasses just like Zach's, yellow earrings and red lipstick. She has a round long pointy nose, She also wears a pink long sleeve shirt with white stripes and pink pants with white stripes. She also white sneakers.


  • In "Kernel of Truth", it is revealed that she attended Royal Woods Middle School in 1982, and was a member of the school's news team. Assuming Season 5 is set in 2017, this could mean that Mrs. Gurdle is somewhere between 46 and 49 years old.

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