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The Harvester is a horror movie that first appeared in the episode "The Price of Admission".

The film features an old farmer, who had turned into a berserk murderer, who slices up his victims, and harvests their organs in a cooler. Lincoln went to go see it, even though his parents told him not to, and ended up being traumatized by it, and he couldn't sleep at all that night. Whenever he imagined the Harvester was coming to get him, it was usually just Mr. Grouse going about with some tasks he was working on.

The next day, Lincoln's parents decided to take him to the movie, but Lincoln was too afraid to see it again, and wanted to go see the new Blarney movie instead, the same one Clyde saw.


The Harvester Movie Poster

  • The film is 97 minutes long, as seen in the time card shown after Lincoln enters the cinema room for the movie.

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