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"The History of the Casagrandes" is the fifth short based on The Casagrandes.


Abuelo Hector recounts the history of the Casagrandes – in the middle of Ronnie Anne's school play!


At Chavez Academy, the Casagrandes are about to watch a school play starring Ronnie Anne. However, Hector is fast asleep, and Rosa wakes him just before the play can start. When the play starts, Hector states that the play can't start without him, and personally goes on stage to introduce himself and announces to the crowd that he'll be telling them about his family's history.

After tossing Ronnie Anne into the seats (after she remarks that the play is not about that), Hector, along with Carlos, sing a song that chronicles the entire history of the Casagrandes. This ranges from talking about their ancestors living in the land once known as Mesoamerica, immigrating to the USA during the Revolution, Hector falling in love with his soon-to-be-wife Rosa, him opening up the mercado, and eventually, raising the family they came to be now.

Suddenly, Rosa wakes up Hector, revealing that he was dreaming the events of the song, and that he slept through Ronnie Anne's entire play. Regardless, Hector is unfazed by this and proceeds to give out autographs (in his dreams).


Bobby, Carl, Carlitos, CJ, Carlota and Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this short.



  • This short premiered as part of Nick's Shorts Showcase, a mini-series that consists of shorts of Nickelodeon shows such as It's Pony and Middlemost Post.
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The History Of The Casagrandes: The Musical!
AUGUST 8, 2021[1]
  • This is the second piece of Casagrandes media where most of the events happen in a dream, the first being "Chancla Force".
    • Coincidentally, both the episode and the short were written by Lalo Alcaraz.
  • A clip from this short was used in a TV spot about the black and indigenous history of Mexico on September 21, 2020, 10 months before this short premiered.[2]
  • On August 8, 2021, the short was released for free on Nickelodeon's Instagram account.
  • On August 15, 2021, the short was released for free on Nickelodeon's Twitter account.[3]
  • Foreshadowing: One major indication that Hector was dreaming the events of this short was that the screen had a faint white border.



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