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The Hunnicutt Family is composed of Liam Hunnicutt and his relatives. They all live on Liam's farm.

Family members


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Liam's Mee Maw

Liam's Mee Maw is an unnamed minor character in The Loud House.


She is first mentioned in "Overnight Success", in which Lola gives Liam a makeover. He reacts to his makeover by noting his resemblance to his Mee Maw, and dashes out of the Loud House as a result.

In "Back Out There", Liam mentions that his Mee Maw said to be home before it gets dark.

She first appeared in "Stall Monitor", for Liam's parent teacher interview and brought her goat with her.

In "Coupe Dreams", Liam and his Mee Maw were among the people picked up by Lori Loud alongside the farm animals.

In "No Bus No Fuss", she provides Lincoln and his friends with a ride to school on Tuesday. She does this by driving a tractor and towing a cart filled with hay behind it, which is where the students were riding.


Liam's Mee Maw is a round woman with curly orange tan hair. She wears light blue eye shadow, red heart tattoo, red lipstick. Her outfit includes a light yellow sleeveless shirt, teal capris with a thick black belt, white high heels, white bracelets, and white and pink earrings.


She's a confrontational and aggressive woman.



Liam's Sister

Liam's Sister is an unnamed, unseen minor character inThe Loud House. She is Liam's younger sister, and Lisa's classmate. She was first mentioned in "Making the Grade".


Hattie is a minor character in The Loud House, who made her first appearance in "Back Out There".


Hattie is a ditzy, geeky girl, who loves sci-fi stuff, and has a habit of spoiling movies much to the dismay of everyone watching them.


She has brown hair, freckles, three pairs of eyelashes, and has braces on her teeth. She wears pearl earrings, a cyan shirt, a dark green skirt, white socks, and cyan slip-on shoes.


In "Back Out There", Liam arranged meeting between Lincoln and Hattie as replacement for Ronnie Anne. Hattie greeted Lincoln in cinema, but her tendency to spoil movies brought troubles to them both.

In "Pasture Bedtime", Hattie was among kids invited by Girl Jordan to her pool party. She was seen talking to Andrew.

In "Antiqued Off", Hattie was among audience of a stage magic performance.

In "Brave the Last Dance", Hattie was in same cinema room, where Clyde tried to bond with Emma.


  • Her name is a variant of "Harriet", which means "estate ruler".
  • She's the first of Liam's relatives to show up, rather than being mentioned.


Back Out There

Pasture Bedtime

Antiqued Off



Carol Anne

Carol Anne is a white nanny goat belonging to Liam.


In "Pasture Bedtime", Lincoln, Clyde, Zach, and Rusty milked Carol Anne and offered the milk to Liam to make him sleepy so that they could sneak off to Girl Jordan's pool party.

In order to avoid arousing suspicion, the boys got themselves glasses of milk too but instead of drinking it, they dumped their milk on the floor. Liam found it unusual that the "city slickers" would be drinking goat's milk but he wasn't suspicious and the milk worked in making him sleepy.

In "Cooked!" Carol was one of the guests at Virgina's birthday at Lynn's table.

In "Stall Monitor", Carol was seen riding a stateboard, pregnant, eventually giving birth to two kids in Mrs. Johnson's classroom. She also attacked Stella's father, making the Zhaus rush to the hospital. Her name was revealed in this episode.

In "Coupe Dreams", Lori carpools Carol Anne, along with Liam, his grandmother, and several other animals.

In "No Bus No Fuss", Carol Anne appears in the hay ride that Liam's mee-maw provides while transporting him and his frineds to school on Tuesday.


Carol Anne's children

Carol Anne's children are the twin children of Liam's goat Carol Anne.

In "Stall Monitor", Carol Anne ate a spicy sandwich, which caused her to give birth to them prematurely. Liam then brought them out wrapped in blankets and sucking on pacifiers. All of his friends then cooed at the kids.


They are both white and one has a teal pacifier and swaddling blanket, while the other has a pink pacifier and swaddling blanket.


  • Their sexes aren't revealed, but since there's a tradition of dressing boy babies in blue and girl babies in pink, it's possible that the one in blue is a billy goat while the one in pink is a nanny goat.
  • They were born prematurely because Carol Anne ate something spicy. This is in reference to the idea that spicy food can cause preterm labour. However, unless the individual is sensitive to spicy food (in which case it may cause intestinal problems, which could then irritate the uterus) this is not true.


Clarence is Liam's turkey.

In "Coupe Dreams", Lori gave him, along with Liam, Carol Anne, Virginia, Liam's grandmother, and an unnamed rooster, a lift because she was running a carpool to raise money for a new car.

Clarence pecked Lori, annoying her, and Liam explained that Clarence was grumpy because the vacation had ended.


Virginia is a pig belonging to Liam.


Virginia is a rather portly, pink sow who likes to wrestle Liam in the mud. Apparently, she likes to wrestle for fifteen rounds.

In "Pasture Bedtime", Liam describes Virginia as the only "lady" on his farm when Rusty asked if there were ladies present. He then wrestled with her and she lost. The next morning, he claimed to have made her into bacon for losing the fight, but it turned out to only be a joke.

In "Cooked!," Liam and the farm animals took Virginia to Lynn's Table to celebrate her birthday and make use of Lana's pet menu promotion. After Lisa accidentally collided with Liam's chickens and messed up the animals, Lana told him "Tonight's dinner is on us"! After the promotions that were not brought up to Lynn Sr. were discontinued, Virginia was seen helping Lana clean the dishes.

In "Coupe Dreams", Lori carpools Virginia, along with Liam, his grandmother, Clarence, Carol Anne, and an unnamed rooster.

In "Cow Pie Kid", Virginia catches a baseball while Liam is practicing pitching.

In "No Bus No Fuss", Virginia appears in the hay ride that Liam's grandmother provides while transporting Lincoln and his friends to school on Tuesday.

Liam's chickens

Liam's chickens are some off-white chickens belonging to Liam.

In "Out of the Picture", Clyde did not want to live outside Liam's barn, because his chickens were mean.

In "Pasture Bedtime", Liam uses some of the chickens to produce electricity, allowing Clyde to plug in both his humidifier and dehumidifier.

In "Racing Hearts", one challenge was to collect eggs from Liam's chickens, which Luna found difficult because she dislikes farms.

In "Cooked!", some of Liam's chickens were with him and Virginia when they went to Lynn's Table for Virginia's birthday. Lisa accidentally ran into them as some of the chickens chased after her.

In "Brave the Last Dance", it's revealed that one of Liam's chickens, Yolko Ono, is in love with another, Clucky.

In "House Flip", it is shown in a flashback that Lori dented Vanzilla by hitting Liam's chicken coop while backing up.

In "Coupe Dreams", Lori carpools one of these chickens, along with Liam, his Mee Maw, Virginia, Carol Anne, and Clarence.

In "No Bus No Fuss", one of these chickens can be seen in the hay ride provided by Liam's Mee Maw while she was transporting Lincoln and the gang to school on Tuesday.

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is a moose that Liam adopted after helping to free Lincoln from Canada.

He was introduced in "Schooled!". Before Liam adopted him, he was most likely the means of transportation that Clyde, Liam, Zach, Stella, and Rusty used in Canada. Later in the episode, he is seen among the crowd that reacts in horror to Lincoln refusing to have maple syrup on his pancakes, and later on, Liam is heard trying to gain control of him, but not before he breaks down the door to Mr. Bolhofner’s classroom and attacks Chandler for kicking Lincoln.


Bessie is a dairy cow owned by the Hunnicutt family.

In "Antiqued Off", Liam is seen milking her when Lincoln calls him.

In "Tough Cookies", Liam brings her over to the Loud House in order to make butter for the cookies that Lincoln and Clyde are selling. When the baking timer goes off, it scares Bessie, who kicks the conveyor belt that Stella built, causing a disaster. After the disaster ends, she eats the finished cookies.

In "Cow Pie Kid", she made a major load of manure. Liam threw one of her cow pies at a farmer, who needed fuel for his tractor. Her name is also revealed in this episode.

Liam’s bull

Liam’s bull is a large, black bull owned by the Hunnicutts.

In "Cooked!", he is one of the guests attending Virginia’s birthday party at Lynn’s Table.

Liam's finest pigs

Liam's finest pigs are four pigs that Liam owns.

In "Senior Moment", Lori, Carol, and Roger attempted to use them in a prank. The prank involved each one wearing a jersey with a number on it, with the fourth pig wearing the jersey with a five on it. The point was for everybody in the school to go crazy pursuing the "fourth" pig. However, they ran loose, and the setting up of the prank was a failure.

According to Liam, they get greased every week.

Liam's prize piglet

Liam's prize piglet is a baby pig owned by the Hunnicutt family.

In "Tails of Woe", Liam brought the piglet to school for Friday Share.

While the piglet's exact origins are unknown, Liam refers to it as his prize piglet, indicating that he won it as a prize.

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