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"The Kid Plays in the Picture" (originally titled "Advertising Trap") is the thirty-ninth episode, and the second season premiere of The Casagrandes.


Carl's love for toys gets him caught up in a whirlwind toy review career.


Carl is watching the El Falcon TV show, where the superhero tells his nemesis, Cobra, that he can't be stopped without his fortress. When Carl expresses desire to own his favorite hero's fortress, a commercial comes up telling its viewers that they can get their own El Falcon fortress. Immediately afterwards, Carl runs up to Frida and asks if he can get the El Falcon fortress, and Frida agrees. However, what Frida means is that she'll get it for his birthday, which is nine months from now, much to Carl's dismay. At that moment, Carlota arrives with a package, which contains some makeup kits. When Carl asks where she gets the money to get those items, Carlota tells him that the makeup company sends her these products for free so she can review them, as it's part of a deal for her vlog series. Carl realizes that if he were to start his own vlog series unboxing toys, toy companies will send free toys to him. When Carlota confirms that happens, she offers her help, but Carl denies.

Later, Carl tries to start up a toy unboxing series, where his first video has him poorly trying to unveil a new toy firetruck, where the siren fails to activate, and accidentally gets the retractable ladder stuck in his nose. After uploading the video, Carl discovers the next day that no one has seen the video. When Carlota passes by, she quickly deduces the situation Carl is in, and Carl begs her for her help, and she agrees. In Carl's room, Carlota tells Carl that in order to get attention, he needs to have a gimmick, or something that would make his videos stand out from the others. After trying out numerous ventures like reviewing toys upside-down, drinking hot sauce, or bouncing on a pogo stick, Carlota discovers the perfect gimmick: after seeing Carl and Sergio fight over the pogo stick and Carl shouting "Get your own!", the gimmick is that the two would fight over the toy they're reviewing. The next day, the video has gotten over 50,000 views, and a delivery woman delivers the next toy the toy company wants Carl to review.

Before long, Carl and Sergio have started a successful unboxing series titled "Get Your Own", where for every episode of Carl and Sergio fighting over toys, the numbers of views rise and the number of deliveries increase. Later, as Carl and Sergio relax on the roof, a woman named Monica arrives, tells them she's from Super Duper Awesome Toys, and says that she would like them to become reviewers for her company. She present them with the document needed to finalize the deal (with the text suspiciously shaped like a skull), and the two discover that they need an adult signature, which they get by having a sleeping Hector sign it.

A few days later, the Casagrandes' apartments are filled to the brim with boxes of toys for Carl to review. When Rosa says that she can't make breakfast with all the boxes in the way, the family suggests they go out to get their breakfast. Carl wants to tag along, but Sergio stops him, saying that they have to make their next video. After Carl and Sergio review the toy, basketball shooting robot arms, Carl soon discovers that because of his new toy reviewing career, he's missing out on numerous things, like breakfast pizza with his family, Adelaide's invitation to ride the new hyper fast train, and visiting a swimming pool filled with chocolate milk. Because of this, Carl tries to talk to Monica that he doesn't want to make videos anymore, but Monica tells him that if he ever stops, she'll sue the entire family for everything they're worth (with Carl imagining a worst-case scenario involving the toy company taking away the entire mercado and Lalo). She also tells him that the next toy she's sending is the toy of the year and demands him to make it his best video yet, as well as revealing that it'll be played live. As Carl hyperventilates into a paper bag, knowing full well the mess he put himself into, Carlota arrives and asks what's happening. When Carl reveals the dilemma he's in, Carlota begins to hyperventilate into the bag as well, and when Carl exclaims that he's too good at what he does, Carlota comes up with an idea.

The next day, as Carl and Sergio film the next episode of Get Your Own, Carl opens the package, and discovers it's the El Falcon fortress he wanted. Despite being tempted, Carl sticks with his plan. He outright bursts out that the toy is awful, and, despite Sergio trying to keep with the script, points out some of its biggest flaws, like being poorly made, and not fulfilling its one purpose: keeping away Cobra, where he uses the action figure to demolish the fortress. Monica, who was watching over the recording, gets angry over Carl's complete turnaround, and destroys the contract, where she tells him that he'll never get free toys again, and Carl is fine with that. As Carl begins to count down the days until his birthday so he can get El Falcon's fortress for real, Sergio desperately tries to convince a departing Monica that they can still do the show without Carl.


Bobby, Maria, and Carlos have no lines in the episode, although they are heard crying in Carl's fantasy.


  • This is the first Casagrandes episode to air in 2021.
  • This is the first episode animated by Jam Filled Ottawa.
  • This episode reveals that Carlota gets free items for her vlog.
  • This is the only Casagrandes season premiere episode to be aired out of production order.
  • Foreshadowing: The contract that Carl had get an adult to sign had the text written in the shape of a skull, and after having him sign it Monica did an evil laugh, indicating that becoming an official reviewer would be the wrong choice for him to make.
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  • The Kid Plays in the Picture - The title of this episode is a reference to the 2002 documentary film The Kid Stays in the Picture.
  • G.I. Joe - El Falcon's nemesis, Cobra, shares its name with the main villain of this Hasbro toy franchise.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - One of the toy boxes contains ninja weapons, turtle shells and masks as a reference to this franchise.
  • Yummy Dino Buddies - Carl was seen eating and communicating with this food product after he made his first toy video.


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