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"The Last Laugh" is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-sixty-second episode of The Loud House.


Luan thinks Mr. Coconuts is out for revenge when she replaces him with Lola in her act.


At the Loud House, Lola is driving fast loops in the upstairs hallway with her jeep. Because of this, Luan is unable to reach her room due to the high probability of getting hit by Lola. Luan decides to gun it, causing Lola to crash her jeep. Unfortunately, while Luan managed to escape harm, she is horrified to discover that Mr. Coconuts has sustained a lot of "injuries" from the crash, causing him to "pass out", and Luan needing to take him to the woodshop.

Two hours later, Luan arrives home after dropping off Mr. Coconuts at the woodshop and, when Lola asks if he's okay, Luan informs her that his "recovery" should last a few days. Unfortunately for Luan, she had been booked for a party for a ventriloquist act and can no longer fulfill that due to her puppet being repaired. Lola is initially dismissive of helping Luan out, but when Luan comments that the audience for the party is huge, Lola decides to step in and be Luan's new dummy, since she loves large crowds. A few days later, at the party, Luan uses Lola, under the name Princess Sassy Pants, as her new dummy and receives widespread applause from the crowd. After arriving back home, Luan gets countless texts from people who want to book her. When Lola runs off to tell of the adoration she got to her dolls, Luan gets a call from the woodshop, where the doctor who fixed up Mr. Coconuts, Dr. Ted, informs her that Mr. Coconuts had made a full "recovery" and is ready to be dismissed. Luan, after seeing Lola so happy from the party, tells Dr. Ted that she'll come soon to pick him up.

Before long, Luan and Lola bring their ventriloquist act all over Royal Woods, while Luan constantly denies Dr. Ted's calls on when she'll pick up Mr. Coconuts. Their performance ends up being so successful, the Chortle Portal has decided to headline their show. much to the two's glee. They decide to take a selfie to commemorate the occasion, but not before Luan deletes some pictures of herself and Mr. Coconuts. Later, the two arrive home and after entering, they're horrified to discover Mr. Coconuts sitting on the couch; it turns out that Lynn Sr., while heading home, passed by the woodshop and picked up Mr. Coconuts for Luan. After Lola excuses herself so she can rehearse for the show, Luan asks Mr. Coconuts how he feels. Initially, Mr. Coconuts is sour over the fact that Luan wasn't going to pick him up, and after being told by Lynn Sr. of her recent success with Lola and her upcoming gig at the Chortle Portal, he drops his bitterness and congratulates Luan on her success.

The next day, Luan and Lola present their skit to Mr. Coconuts, who is unfazed by what he was shown, saying it's nothing new. Suddenly, Lola lets out a scream; it turns out that someone had stained the dress she was going to wear to the performance with wood varnish, to which Mr. Coconuts suspiciously responds by saying "What a weird thing to happen." Later, Luan wants to rehearse by throwing chocolate mousse pies onto Lola, but upon opening the fridge where the pies are stored, the two are shocked to learn that all the pies are ruined, where Mr. Coconuts once again makes a suspicious remark about something this unfortunate happening. Later, as Luan drinks a glass of water, Lola screams again; this time, someone has stolen the tires from her jeep. Because of everything that has happened, Luan and Lola suspect that someone is trying to stop them from performing, and Luan squarely pins the blame on Mr. Coconuts, only for Lola to point out that he and Luan are the same person, leading to some awkward banter between the two. After Lola excuses herself, Luan tells Mr. Coconuts that she'll cancel the show, saying that she knows that Mr. Coconuts is trying to stop them from performing out of jealousy. Suddenly, Lisa and Todd, after burying nuclear waste, arrive and tell Luan that they overheard her, and offer to show her the true culprit of the sabotage. Arriving to Lisa and Lily's room, Luan is told that she is the saboteur, and Lisa proves it by showing her surveillance footage showing her taking off the tires on Lola's jeep in her sleep. Lisa further explains that the reason why Luan did this was because she was wracked with guilt. After Lisa expresses sympathy for her by saying that just because she hangs out with Todd more doesn't mean she can't stop being friends with Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms, Luan realizes that just because she uses Lola more for her shows doesn't mean she has to stop using Mr. Coconuts, and proceeds to look for the two.

That night, at the Chortle Portal, Luan has decided to incorporate both Lola and Mr. Coconuts in her act and the overall performance receives widespread applause from the audience. As the crowd cheers for them, Lola remarks once pageant season resumes, Mr. Coconuts will be back with Luan all to himself, but he remarks that she can perform with them anytime. As Lisa, Todd and Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms, who are in the audience watching the show, express gladness that everyone's friends again, a light fixture above Todd suddenly comes loose and nearly crushes Todd. When Todd remarks that the incident would've ended him, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms responds with a rather suspicious "Oh my, that would've been a shame."


Katherine Mulligan, Roger, Teen Girl and kids have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the second episode where Luan has one of her younger siblings assist her in her shows, the first being "Funny Business".
  • According to Lisa, whenever pageant season ends, Lola unleashes the unused energy she built up for walking and waving by driving loops in the upstairs hallway at a really fast speed.
  • This is the most recent episode to have Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms have some major prominence in an episode that isn't a short, with the last being his premiere episode, "Snow Bored".
  • If one were to notice when Lola crashes her jeep to avoid Luan, the smile on the vehicle is changed to a frown to reflect how it's damaged.
  • According to Lola, her favorite dessert is chocolate mousse pie.
  • This episode suggests that Lola's least-favorite pizza toppings are ham and pineapple (or at least when added together).
  • Among the audience is a blond boy with red cap and mint hoodie from Lynn's flashback in the episode "Middle Men".
  • Irony/Foreshadowing: When Luan accuses Mr. Coconuts of sabotaging their equipment after the tires on Lola's jeep are stolen, Lola questions if she and Mr. Coconuts are the same person, given how Mr. Coconuts is an inanimate object that is being controlled by Luan.
    • After Lola accidentally runs over Mr. Coconuts with her princess car, she gets scared and hides possibly fearing Luan would be really angry with her. Even though Lola herself is very aggressive with her other siblings when they mess with her belongings.


  • The Last Laugh - The title of this episode is an expression meaning to succeed when others thought you would not.
  • Magic - This episode's plot might be a reference the 1978 psychological horror film of the same name, starring Anthony Hopkins.


  • Throughout the episode, Lisa refers to Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms as "Mr. Reinforced Alloy Titanium Arms".
  • When Luan gets a phone call from Dr. Ted, her eyes and mouth looked down without any motion or animation.
  • When Luan and Lola bowed after their act at Sunset Canyon, Luan's right eyelash is missing.
  • When Dr. Ted calls Luan the second time, she is drawn differently.
  • When Luan and Lola take their selfie, Luan braces are missing.
  • When Luan and Lola are discussing their act about using pizza, they are seen non-shaded compared as if light is shining on them.
    • Also in the same scene, part of Luan's finger on her right hand is missing.

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