This article features the Loud family's pets.

Name First Appearance Animal Owner
Charles "The Loud House" American Pit Bull Terrier All
Cliff "The Loud House" Domestic Short-Haired Cat All
Geo "The Loud House" Roborovski Hamster All
Walt "The Loud House" Yellow Canary All
Izzy "Sound of Silence" Lizard Lana
Seymour (possibly deceased) "Sound of Silence" Frog Lana
El Diablo "Overnight Success" Snake Lana
Hops "Toads and Tiaras" Frog Lana
Gary "Funny Business" Rabbit Luan
Bitey "Baby Steps" Rat Lana
Fangs "Back in Black" Bat Lucy
Goldie (deceased) "Spell It Out" Goldfish All (formerly)
Unnamed "Future Tense" Snapping Turtle All
Unnamed "Mall of Duty" Baby Ducks All
Elijah (deceased) "Insta-gran" Spider Lucy
Amaria (deceased) "Insta-gran" Spider Lucy
Little Jojo (deceased) "Insta-gran" Spider Lucy
Brad "Rita Her Rights" Flea Lana
Rebecca "TBA" Lizard Lana


S1E06A Lola with a shovel

What did she do?

  • So far, Seymour (possibly), Goldie, and Lucy's spiders are the only pets who are deceased.
S1E11B Lana with her pets

It also reveals that Lana has a pet Iguana.

  • Only Luan, Lucy, and Lana have personal pets.
    • Out of all the aforementioned sisters, Lana has the biggest number of personal pets among the siblings.
    • Lana has a lot of pets as seen in "The Green House".
    • Lana also has an unnamed pet iguana, crocodile, and some other reptiles which are also seen in "The Green House".
  • Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Walt are the common and main pets of the Loud Family since they are a few of the supporting characters on the show with multiple appearances.


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