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The Loud House: A Very Loud Halloween, alternatively known as Halloween Special, is a mini-comic based on The Loud House. It was given out for free at certain stores on October 26, 2019 during Halloween ComicFest 2019. It includes a new comic story "Candy Hunting at Huntington Manor".[1]

Official Description

Join Lincoln, his best friend Clyde, and Lincoln's ten sisters Lori, Leni, Lynn, Luna, Luan, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily as they deck out THE LOUD HOUSE for Halloween fun! Plenty of tricks and treats await from the creative team of Nickelodeon's Emmy-winning animated series, THE LOUD HOUSE.

—Halloween ComicFest

Candy Hunting at Huntington Manor

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist: Ari Castleton
  • Colorist: Gabrielle Dolbey
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Lincoln and Clyde take the Loud sisters out trick-or-treating at Huntington Manor, and end up getting even more candy than they had expected.


  • For a limited time, if people pre-ordered a copy of Livin' La Casa Loud! from Papercutz's website, they would get a copy of "Candy Hunting at Huntington Manor" for free.


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