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The Loud House: Absolute Madness (Season 2, Volume 2) is the fourth DVD release of The Loud House. It was released by Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Media Distribution on May 19, 2020. As the title suggests, this two-disc set has the second half of Season 2.

Official Description

Eleven's a crowd in The Loud House! With ten girls and one boy, it's absolute madness when the sisters swap rooms based on a compatibility test. Then, Lisa steps up her social skills and makes a... friend? Lynn learns a lesson on sportsmanship, and Lincoln and Lynn L. Loud Sr. appear on "Legends of the Hidden Temple!" Whether someone's making movies (to find their missing baby picture!) or moving out (into the garage!), get ready to laugh it up with the Loud Family!

Episodes Included

Disc 1:

Disc 2:



  • The French audio track is noticeably lower-pitched than the other audio tracks on the DVD. This does not apply to the intro and credits, however.
  • At the beginning of "Tricked!," the theme song ends normally instead of ending with Lily turning into a ghost and wailing.


Disc 1

Disc 2


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