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This article is about the DVD. For the final episode on Disc 2, see Cooked!.

The Loud House: Cooked (Season 3, Volume 2) is the sixth DVD release of The Loud House. It was released by Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Media Distribution. As the title suggests, this two-disc set includes the second half of Season 3.[1]


The Loud kids promise to help their dad with ideas for the grand opening of his new restaurant, Lynn's Table. But their lack of teamwork and crazy plans lead to a nightmare in the kitchen. Plus - Luna hopes to win a songwriting contest, Lori and Bobby try to bring their big families together for Thanksgiving, and so much more!

Episodes Included

Disc 1:

Disc 2:


  • This is the first time the second half of a season was released only a few months away after the first, as opposed to an entire year.
  • On the DVD front cover, Lily can be seen in her Season 5 outfit, which she never wears in Season 3.
  • The layout of the DVD menus is the exact same as It Gets Louder and Road Tripped.


Disc 1

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