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"The Loud House & Casagrandes Hangin' at Home Special" is a standalone half-hour special. It is said to be the first crossover of The Loud House and The Casagrandes (not counting the main families of each series getting together in "The Loudest Thanksgiving").


On a stay-at-home video chat, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne cover everything from fashion fails to fave TV shows; featuring new footage, classic scenes from The Loud House and The Casagrandes, and even a big surprise from Ronnie Anne.


Act I

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne call up each other on their laptops and upon picking up, they declare that it's time to have their video chat. As they chat, Ronnie Anne says that she has a big surprise for him, but needs to wait a bit. What follows afterwards is a compilation of episode clips from both The Loud House and The Casagrandes.

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne start their conversation, but Lincoln accidentally mutes himself. Ronnie Anne tells him this and he turns his microphone back on. Lincoln then tells about how Leni gave everyone haircuts, resulting in Charles having a mohawk. The two friends laugh about this and Lincoln comments on the situation in his house, never a dull moment.

Loudest Moments

Lincoln declares that it's louder than ever. Ronnie Anne can relate, it's been totally wild in her casa, too. As usual.

Casagrandes Chaos

Lincoln comments on Carl gluing his trains to himself again. Ronnie Anne explains that he got distracted while he was watching the zoo animal cam with CJ. Since he can't go to the zoo, he's been obsessed with watching the animals from home. Lincoln figures Lana should start her own animal cam since her room is basically a zoo. Ronnie Anne knows Carl and CJ would definitely watch that.

Lincoln then asks about life in the big city. Ronnie Anne tells him that every night her whole neighborhood cheers outside of their windows for all of the essential workers who have been helping people, even Carlitos. And Ronnie Anne claps extra for her own parents, they've been taking care of patients and working so hard.

Lincoln is amazed, at his house, Leni has been sewing fashionable face masks. Ronnie Anne comments that Leni's got a great heart, and great style. Lincoln agrees, thinking Leni might be the only one with style in his family, commenting how they'd had some pretty epic fashion fails. Ronnie Anne figures both their families have. Lincoln agrees.

Family Fashion Fails

Ronnie Anne knows Carlota can never wear that romper again.

Ronnie Anne asks Lincoln if he has been keeping in touch with his friends, and he explains the story of their last video chat. He called up Clyde, then Rusty came in (where the turnout is much better than last time), as did Liam (who lost another fight to his pig, Virginia), Zach (who is into aliens, as well as his parents), and Stella, where they talked about the time they fought the Rat Beast, as well as its origin.

When Lincoln asks Ronnie Anne if she has been keeping in touch with her friends, she tells him of their last chat. She called up Sid, who has been practicing her impressions. Casey, Sameer and Nikki then entered, reminding Lincoln of the first time he met them. Laird came last, making Ronnie Anne comment that Laird always has the worst luck.

Laird's Luck

  • Laird getting stuck on some gum while doing the inchworm challenge from "Trend Game"
  • Laird getting into several situations from "The Two of Clubs", like...
    • Getting covered with clay in the pottery club
    • Having two needles pierce through his hair in the knitting club
    • Being covered in darts from the archery club
    • Getting sprayed with squid ink from the cooking club
  • Laird getting trampled by students from "Trend Game"

Suddenly, Ronnie Anne gets a call from Sid, saying that Sergio did something, and she needs to take care of it, making her leave without hesitation, and Lincoln asking what the big surprise is.

Act II

Ronnie Anne returns and Lincoln asks what happened with Sergio. Ronnie Anne explains that Sid was helping her mom take care of a parrot and Sergio was trying to talk to it from outside, with a megaphone. Lincoln asks if this has to do with the big surprise Ronnie Anne's planning. Ronnie Anne tells him that he'll find out soon.

While Ronnie Anne was gone, Lincoln went to get a snack, explaining that his dad has been inventing new recipes every day.

Cookin' with Dad

  • The girls charging downstairs for dinner, and next Lynn Sr. getting prepared to salvage dinner, both from "Fed Up"
  • Lynn Sr. explaining eggs to Luan made from "Feast or Family"
  • Lynn Sr. taking Charles' advice to put more cheese on his Lynnsagna from "The Whole Picture"
  • Lynn Sr. singing his beans song, and then creating his casserole from "Fed Up"
  • Lola enjoying her leftover hash from "Sister Act"

Lincoln commends his dad's kitchen skills. Ronnie Anne comments that her Abuela has been cooking a lot too.

Cookin' with Abuela

  • Rosa's chilaquiles from "Friended!"
  • Rosa preparing to make Hector a burrito from "Away Game"
  • Rosa making taquitos from "Snack Pact"
  • Rosa setting out her tortas from "Stress Test"
  • Rosa bring some queso fundido for Ronnie Anne and Sid from "Room for Improvement"
  • Rosa giving Ronnie Anne an extra large breakfast from "Roll Model"
  • Rosa giving Carl way too much food and Carl passing out from it all from "Friended!"

Rosa's cooking makes Ronnie Anne hungry just thinking about it. Lincoln comments that if Ronnie Anne were there, he'd make her his new signature dish. Ronnie Anne wonders about it, and Lincoln explains that you start with graham crackers, then add a dollop of peanut butter, a sprinkle of Lynn's chopped up sports bar, and a touch of sauerkraut. He calls it a… Linc-sagna. Ronnie Anne finds it interesting and points out that she whipped up a pretty sweet snack yesterday. She grabbed a paleta and held it over a toasty churro, five melty minutes later she had what she called a melted paleta over a churro-sicle. She figures she might need to work on the name. Lincoln thinks that would go well with a flippee.

Ronnie Anne misses Flip's, and Gus' Games ‘n' Grub, Lincoln misses it too.

Good Times At Gus'

  • Ronnie Anne and Lincoln dance battling the night away from "Dance, Dance Resolution"
  • Various scenes from "The Waiting Game"
    • Lincoln and Clyde celebrating getting invited to Chandler's party.
    • Chandler and his goons clinking their cans together.
    • Clyde winning a lot of tickets in skeeball.
  • Lincoln and Ronnie Anne getting ready to dance together from "Dance, Dance Resolution"

Ronnie Anne loves playing Dance Battle and tells Lincoln that she better still have the high score. Lincoln tells her that she probably does, and if she doesn't, it's another goal she can add to her ‘Go For It' board. Ronnie Anne has been working on her ‘Go For It' board and asks Lincoln if he wants to see it. Lincoln does and decides to get his, too. Ronnie Anne takes hers out; first, she's gonna take her skateboarding to the next level, she wants to be as good as Carlos X, Lincoln figures she'll nail that. Ronnie Anne also wants to find out more about her family history, even if family stories can be embarrassing, Lincoln can relate. Ronnie Anne asks about Lincoln's board. First, he and Clyde are gonna dish out some justice, and write a sequel to their Ace Savvy comic, Ronnie Anne asks him to send her a copy when he's done. Then Lincoln will be off to Dairyland, where he'll sit in the front row on every ride.

Ronnie Anne declares that a day at the amoosment park is like the best vacation ever. Lincoln can't wait to take a family vacation again, even though they don't always end up as planned.

Family Vacays

  • Various scenes from "Tripped!".
    • The Louds' leaving the driveway.
    • Rita flying the plane.
    • Lori eating bean chips in the car.
    • Lynn Sr. jumping onto someone's windshield.
    • Lynn Sr. accidentally knocking over a row of port o potties.
  • Various scenes from "Washed Up".
    • The Louds' renting Flip's boat.
    • Falling into a whirlpool.
    • Getting washed up on a deserted island.
    • Luna creating a distress signal.
    • Wild animals eating the food supply.
    • Lola falling in quicksand.
    • Lynn Jr. knocking down a tree.
  • Lynn Sr. and Rita relaxing on the beach from "Tripped!".

Lincoln decides that there’s nothing like family trips. Then he notes that although they can’t travel, they can teleport to different places at the very moment. Ronnie Anne is amazed and asks Lincoln how. Lincoln explains that Lias shows him how to change their backgrounds. He demonstrates by changing his to the backyard. Ronnie Anne thinks it’s cool, but questions Lincoln choosing the backyard. She gives it a try and changes her background to the GLART. Lincoln changes his to the moon, and Ronnie Anne changes hers to Ana Ronalda kicking a bandit. Lincoln changes his to a dessert, Ronnie Anne changes hers to cupcakes, Lincoln’s to a volcano, Ronnie Anne’s to a rainbow. Then Lincoln “accidentally” changes his background to Lalo licking frosting off Ronnie Anne. Ronnie Anne tells him that two can play at that game and changes her background to Lincoln setting off all Luan’s pranks. Lincoln calls a truce and is about to change his background but it starts flipping through multiple backgrounds out of control. Ronnie Anne figures Lisa can help him. Lincoln agrees and starts to call Lisa, when he goes offline. Ronnie Anne is concerned about this, she tells Lincoln that he’d better come back, since she hasn’t shared her big surprise.


Eventually Lincoln starts reconnecting, but it’s still a little fuzzy. But Lincoln manages to get back, talking to Ronnie Anne as if they were on walkie talkies. Ronnie Anne reminds him that they aren’t on walkie talkies, but that she can see him now. She asks how Lisa fixed Lincoln's computer. Lincoln explains that Lisa said something about debugging operating systems, then Einstein's theory of relativity, Lincoln couldn't understand the rest, so Lisa just said his computer had an owie.

Ronnie Anne is glad Lincoln's back. Lincoln is glad too. He recalls Ronnie Anne saying she had a big surprise, he asks if he missed it. Ronnie Anne assures him that he didn't, and that it's coming soon. Lincoln is relieved because he thinks he's figured out what it is. His guess is that Ronnie Anne's apartment building is haunted by ghosts, and that ARRGH is gonna investigate. He thinks he's nailed it, but Ronnie Anne tells him he's not even close. Lincoln figures he can wait for the surprise.

While on the subject of ARRGH, Lincoln asks if Ronnie Anne has seen any goos shows lately. Ronnie Anne agrees, she's been binging on a ton of shows.

Ronnie Anne's Watchlist

Ana Ronalda is Ronnie Anne's hero. Ronnie Anne asks Lincoln if he's caught anything good lately. Lincoln confirms that he has, whenever he can get to the remote he watches all his faves.

Lincoln's Fave Shows

When Lincoln's sisters get to the TV first, he watches their shows with them. He's super in to Vampires of Melancholia. Ronnie Anne asks what it's about. At which point Lucy appears to explain, startling Lincoln. Lucy explains that Vampires of Melancholia is about a vampire named Edwin. There's darkness, fangs, and eternal gloom. Ronnie Anne thinks it sounds great and thanks Lucy. Lucy leaves.

The other show the Loud family has been watching is The Dream Boat. Ronnie Anne's family loves the show, too.

Watching Together

Lincoln thinks it's cool when the hole family does something fun together. Ronnie Anne agrees.

Meanwhile, Lincoln's video chat time is almost up, and he promised Lola he'd serve mini muffins at her tea party, he asks about her big surprise. She explains that it took a lot of planning, a huge group text, she even got Sergio's pigeon friends involved. Lincoln straight out asks what the surprise is.

All their family and friends were joining them of an... EPIC... DANCE... PARTY!

As promised, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's family and friends all have a dance party for the rest of the video call.

Lincoln thinks it's amazing and joins.

When it's over, Lincoln thanks Ronnie Anne for making it the best video chat ever. He and Ronnie Anne say their good-byes and Ronnie Anne hangs up. But Lincoln has forgotten how to hang up.



  • This special was created in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, hence the staying-at-home aspect of the special mirroring the people sheltering at home under quarantine.
    • As a result, this special is not part of any season, especially since the writers are not part of the regular staff.
  • Sergio's line "Scatter" is reused from "Power Play".


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