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The Loud House & Casagrandes Summer Cookout Guide FunniestFridayEver

The Loud House & Casagrandes Summer Cookout Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on May 17, 2019.


The Louds & the Casagrandes are preparing the ultimate summer feast! But with lots of people comes lots of different jobs. Help us find the perfect task for each person so both families can CHOW DOWN!

First things first, we can't have a summer cookout without food. At first, Lincoln is suggested to be in charge of that, but peanut butter and sauerkraut doesn't seem to be everyone's favourite. Lynn Sr. is the gourmet chef of the family. But he'll need help cooking for that many people, Rosa Casagrande is also an amazing cook, she can bring all her classic dishes as well, and if she's cooking we won't have to worry about a lack of food.

If Lynn Sr. and Rosa are cooking that much, they'll need some aprons to stay clean. Leni and Carlota got this, Carlota's great at thrift shopping, and Leni can work with any fabric.

When you get this many people to eat together, things can get messy. So someone needs to manage this meal, Rita Loud is always on top of his game so she'll be perfect.

It turns out Rosa brought way too much canned food, but it's great to donate any extra food you can. CJ and Ronnie Anne can take care of that.

With so much food in the house, someone has to make sure no one spoils their appetite before the cookout starts. Lola and Lana, will defiantly be the barrier for this barbecue.

But for the people to eat, we need a table, and someone to set it. Leni is first suggested to do that, but it's decided that Leni won't be doing that. It's also decided that Lori and Bobby can set the table, since they make a great team.

But food's not the only thing we need, a good cookout always has ice cold drinks. Lincoln love Flip's flippees, so he can get some for the whole party.

A good barbecue needs good music, it's wondered if Lucy should be in charge of that, but her kind of music is a bit too heavy for a summer cookout. But, Hector is a masterful songwriter and so is Luna, they can do a duet. Carl also has some musical talent, so it can be trio.

Now we'll also need some dessert. Luan is pretty familiar with pies, as long as they make it to the table.

Next up, we need some games. Lynn's got this, she can bring footballs, baseballs, basketballs, etc. Just as long as she doesn't get to competitive.

With contact sports happening at the barbecue, it's important to have first aid kits on hand. Maria's a nurse, and she can be in charge of cookout safety.

This is gonna be the best cookout ever, we'll need someone to take pictures so we can remember all the good times. It's first suggested that Lincoln be the photographer, but last time he tried to take a family photo s didn't work out. But Frida's a photographer, she can make sure we have all the memories.

Summer cookouts usually mean a lot of bugs, so someone needs to be on bug duty. It's first suggested that Lana do it, but Lana loves bugs so that won't work. But Lucy can use her séance candles to keep them away, it'll be a citronella séance.

And finally none of this can happen if we don't have good weather. And since Lisa has friends at NASA, she can call them and ask for good weather.

All that's left is Carlos, Carlitos, and Lily.

Well, Carlos can provide fun facts for the whole family to enjoy.

And Carlitos and Lily can just enjoy being cute.

This is gonna be the best summer cookout ever.

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