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The Loud House (retaining the original English name) is the Indonesian dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered in Indonesia on September 16th, 2016 on Nickelodeon Indonesia. The timeslots for the show are 4:00PM to 4:30PM on weekdays.


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Character Voice
Lincoln Loud --
Lori Loud --
Leni Loud --
Luna Loud Sani Oktania
Lynn Loud
Luan Loud --
Lucy Loud --
Lana Loud --
Lola Loud --
Lisa Loud --
Lily Loud --
Lynn Loud Sr. --
Rita Loud --
Clyde McBride --
Howard McBride ("Antiqued Off" only) --
Bobby Santiago --
Ronnie Anne Santiago --

List of episodes

S1E26B Lori dang it And the doorknob situation...
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Season 1

No. Episode Translation Air date
1a "Left in the Dark "Ditinggalkan dalam Gelap" September 16, 2016
1b "Get the Message" "Terima Pesannya" September 16, 2016
2a "Heavy Meddle" "Selalu Ikut Campur" TBA
2b "Making the Case" "Membuat Masalah" TBA
3a "Driving Miss Hazy" "Mengajari Nona Bingung Menyetir" TBA
3b "No Guts, No Glori "Tanpa Keberanian Lori, Takkan Sukses" TBA
4a "The Sweet Spot" "Tempat yang Manis" TBA
4b "A Tale of Two Tables" "Dongeng Tentang Dua Meja" TBA
5a "Project Loud House" "Proyek Keluarga Loud" TBA
5b "In Tents Debate" "Perdebatan Sengit" TBA
6a "Sound of Silence" "Suara Kesunyian" TBA
6b "Space Invader" "Pelanggar Batas Ruang" TBA
7a "Picture Perfect" "Foto yang Sempurna" TBA
7b "Undie Pressure" "Tekanan Pakaian Dalam" TBA
8a "Linc or Swim" "Linc atau Berenang" TBA
8b "Changing the Baby" "Mengubah Bayi" TBA
9a "Overnight Success" "Keberhasilan Semalam" BANNED
9b "Ties That Bind" "Ikatan Yang Terjalin" TBA
10a "Hand-Me-Downer" "Lungsuran" TBA
10b "Sleuth or Consequences" "Mencari Atau Konsekuensi" TBA
11a "Butterfly Effect" "Efek Kupu-Kupu" TBA
11b "The Green House" "Rumah Hemat Energi" TBA
12a "Along Came a Sister" "Tiba-Tiba Seorang Saudari Datang" TBA
12b "Chore and Peace" "Tugas Rumah dan Kedamaian" TBA
13a "For Bros About to Rock" "Untuk Adik yang Ingin Musik Rock" TBA
13b "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" "Ini Rumah Keluarga Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud" TBA
14a "Toads and Tiaras" TBA TBA
14b "Two Boys and a Baby" TBA TBA
15a "Cover Girls" TBA TBA
15b "Save the Date" TBA TBA
16a "Attention Deficit" -- BANNED
16b "Out on a Limo" TBA TBA
17a "House Music" TBA TBA
17b "A Novel Idea" TBA TBA
18a "April Fools Rules" TBA TBA
18b "Cereal Offender" TBA TBA

Season 3

No. Episode Air date
53 "Tripped!" November 16, 2018
54a "White Hare" June 4, 2018
54b "Insta-gran" June 5, 2018
55a "Roadie to Nowhere" June 6, 2018
55b "A Fridge Too Far" June 7, 2018
56a "Selfie Improvement" June 8, 2018
56b "No Place Like Homeschool" 2018
57a "City Slickers" August 27, 2018
57b "Fool Me Twice" August 27, 2018
58a "Net Gains" August 28, 2018
58b "Pipe Dreams" August 28, 2018
59a "Fandom Pains" August 29, 2018
59b "Rita Her Rights" August 29, 2018
60a "Teachers' Union" August 30, 2018
60b "Head Poet's Anxiety" August 30, 2018
61a "The Mad Scientist" August 31, 2018
61b "Missed Connection" December 21, 2018
62a "Deal Me Out" August 31, 2018
62b "Friendzy" 2018
63a "Pasture Bedtime" October 29, 2018
63b "Shop Girl" October 29, 2018
64a "Gown and Out" October 30, 2018
64b "Breaking Dad" October 30, 2018
65a "Ruthless People" October 31, 2018
65b "What Wood Lincoln Do?" October 31, 2018
66a "Scales of Justice" November 1, 2018
66b "Crimes of Fashion" November 1, 2018
67a "Absent Minded" November 2, 2018
67b "Be Stella My Heart" November 2, 2018
68a "Sitting Bull" December 21, 2018
68b "The Spies Who Loved Me" December 21, 2018
69 "Really Loud Music" January 4, 2019[1]
70a "House of Lies" January 1, 2019
70b "Game Boys" January 1, 2019
71a "Everybody Loves Leni" January 2, 2019
71b "Middle Men" January 2, 2019
72a "Jeers for Fears" December 21, 2018
72b "Tea Tale Heart" December 21, 2018
73 "The Loudest Thanksgiving" January 3, 2019
74a "Predict Ability" April 15, 2019
74b "Driving Ambition" April 15, 2019
75a "Home of the Fave" April 16, 2019
75b "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow" April 16, 2019
76a "The Write Stuff" April 17, 2019
76b "Racing Hearts" BANNED
77a "Stage Plight" April 18, 2019
77b "Antiqued Off" April 18, 2019
78 "Cooked!" April 19, 2019

Season 4

No. Episode Localized title Airdate
79 "Friended! with the Casagrandes" TBA August 26, 2019
80a "Power Play with the Casagrandes" TBA August 27, 2019
80b "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes" TBA August 27, 2019
81a "Roll Model with the Casagrandes" TBA August 28, 2019
81b "No Show with the Casagrandes" TBA August 28, 2019
82a "Face the Music with the Casagrandes" TBA August 29, 2019
82b "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes" TBA August 29, 2019
83a "Store Wars with the Casagrandes" TBA August 30, 2019
83b "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes" TBA August 30, 2019
84a "Washed Up" TBA October 14, 2019
84b "Recipe for Disaster" TBA October 14, 2019
85a "Present Tense" TBA October 15, 2019
85b "Any Given Sundae" TBA October 16, 2019
86a "Can't Hardly Wait" "Tak Bisa Jadi Pelayan" January 28, 2020
86b "A Mutt Above" "Anjing Kampung Di Atas" January 28, 2020
87a "Love Birds" "Burung Sejoli" February 4, 2020
87b "Rocket Men" -- BANNED
88a "A Grave Mistake" TBA October 17, 2019
88b "Leader of the Rack" TBA October 18, 2019
89a "Tails of Woe" "Ekor yang Merana" February 4, 2020
89b "Last Loud on Earth" -- BANNED
90a "Stall Monitor" "Mengulur Waktu" February 11, 2020
90b "A Pimple Plan" "Rencana Jerawat" February 11, 2020
91 "Kings of the Con" "Raja Pameran" February 25, 2020
92a "Good Sports" "Teman Sportif" February 18, 2020
92b "Geriantics" "Lansia Tahan Lama" February 18, 2020

Theme song


Lewati lorong ramai
Hindari saudariku
Tuk sampai di kamar mandi (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Baju kotor lompati
Popok bau sekali
Lakukan segalanya tuk bertahan!
Di Keluarga Loud! Di Keluarga Loud!
Saling dorong semuanya
Itu tanda cinta!
Di Keluarga Loud! Di Keluarga Loud!
Sepuluh saudari
Sudah terima saja!
Loud! Loud! Keluarga Loud!
Lily: Poo-poo!


Passing through a crowded hallway
Avoiding my sisters
To get to the bathroom (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Jumping over dirty clothes
Very smelly diaper
Do everything to survive!
In the Loud Family! In the Loud Family!
Pushing each other
That is a sign of love!
In the Loud Family! In the Loud Family!
Ten sisters
Just accept it!
Loud! Loud! Loud Family!
Lily: Poo-poo!

Credits theme


Sempitnya rumah ini
Tapi tak s'lalu begini
Rumah Keluarga Loud
(Keluarga Loud)
Saling dorong semuanya
Itu semua tanda cinta
Rumah Keluarga Loud
(Keluarga Loud)
Baju kotor bertumpuk
Penuh, bekas, menjijikkan
Berbaris buang air
Tidak ada privasi
Sebelas anak sungguh kacau
Tapi begini adanya
Rumah Keluarga Loud


The narrowness of this house
But it's not always like this
Loud Family's house
(Loud Family)
Pushing each other
It's all a sign of love
Loud Family's house
(Loud Family)
Dirty clothes piled up
Full, used, disgusting
Line up for pee
There is no privacy
Eleven kids really messed up
But this is what it is
Loud Family's house


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  1. This episode was originally set to premiere on December 21, 2018, but was moved to January 4, 2019. Its original airdate was replaced with the episodes "Jeers for Fears" and "Tea Tale Heart".

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