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The Loud House (retaining the original English title) is the Malay dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered on May 20, 2016 on Nickelodeon Southeast Asia. The timeslots for the show are 5:30PM to 6.00PM and 11:30AM to 12.30PM (Encores) on weekdays.


Character Voice
Lincoln Loud Nurul Izzati binti Saad
Lori Loud Aby Zarina Ahmad Roslan
Lola Loud
Lucy Loud Izwanna Suliman
Luna Loud
Leni Loud Hazwani Abu Hasan (Season 1-3)
Azeera Nazir (Season 4-present)
Lynn Loud
Rita Loud
Luan Loud Nur Syahirah binti Abdul Majid
Lily Loud
Lana Loud Noorhayati Maslini binti Omar
Lisa Loud Nurdianah Shamsuddin
Lynn Loud Sr. Syed Fathullah bin Hussein
Clyde McBride
Howard McBride
Bobby Santiago
Harold McBride CENSORED
Ronnie Anne Santiago Nurdianah Shamsuddin (Season 1)
Noorhayati Maslini binti Omar (Season 2)
Nur Syahirah binti Abdul Majid (Season 3-present)

List of episodes

Season 1

No. Episode Air date
1a "Left in the Dark" May 20, 2016
1b "Get the Message" May 20, 2016
2a "Heavy Meddle" TBA
2b "Making the Case" TBA
3a "Driving Miss Hazy" TBA
3b "No Guts, No Glori" TBA
4a "The Sweet Spot" TBA
4b "A Tale of Two Tables" TBA
5a "Project Loud House" TBA
5b "In Tents Debate" TBA
6a "Sound of Silence" TBA
6b "Space Invader" TBA
7a "Picture Perfect" TBA
7b "Undie Pressure" TBA
8a "Linc or Swim" TBA
8b "Changing the Baby" TBA
9a "Overnight Success" BANNED
9b "Ties That Bind" TBA
10a "Hand-Me-Downer" TBA
10b "Sleuth or Consequences" TBA
11a "Butterfly Effect" TBA
11b "The Green House" TBA
12a "Along Came a Sister" TBA
12b "Chore and Peace" TBA
13a "For Bros About to Rock" TBA
13b "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" TBA
14a "Toads and Tiaras" TBA
14b "Two Boys and a Baby" TBA
15a "Cover Girls" TBA
15b "Save the Date" TBA
16a "Attention Deficit" BANNED
16b "Out on a Limo" TBA
17a "House Music" TBA
17b "A Novel Idea" TBA
18a "April Fools Rules" TBA
18b "Cereal Offender" TBA
19a "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" TBA
19b "Come Sale Away" TBA
20a "Roughin' It" BANNED
20b "The Waiting Game" TBA
21a "The Loudest Yard" TBA
21b "Raw Deal" TBA
22a "Dance, Dance Resolution" TBA
22b "A Fair to Remember" TBA
23a "One of the Boys" TBA
23b "A Tattler's Tale" TBA
24a "Funny Business" TBA
24b "Snow Bored" TBA
25a "The Price of Admission" TBA
25b "One Flu Over the Loud House" TBA
26a "Study Muffin" TBA
26b "Homespun" TBA

Season 2

No. Episode Air date
27 "11 Louds a Leapin'" TBA
28a "Intern for the Worse" TBA
28b "The Old and the Restless" TBA
29a "Baby Steps" BANNED
29b "Brawl in the Family" TBA
30a "Suite and Sour" TBA
30b "Back in Black" TBA
31a "Making the Grade" TBA
31b "Vantastic Voyage" TBA
32a "Patching Things Up" TBA
32b "Cheater by the Dozen" TBA
33a "Lock 'n' Loud" TBA
33b "The Whole Picture" TBA
34a "No Such Luck" November 22, 2017
34b "Frog Wild" November 22, 2017
35a "Kick the Bucket List" TBA
35b "Party Down" TBA
36a "Fed Up" TBA
36b "Shell Shock" TBA
37a "Pulp Friction" TBA
37b "Pets Peeved" TBA
38a "Potty Mouth" November 17, 2017
38b "L is for Love" BANNED
39 "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" TBA
40a "Out of the Picture" September 3, 2017
40b "Room with a Feud" September 3, 2017
41a "Back Out There" December 10, 2017
41b "Spell It Out" December 10, 2017
42a "Fool's Paradise" TBA
42b "Job Insecurity" TBA
43a "ARGGH! You for Real?" BANNED
43b "Garage Banned" December 28, 2017
44a "Change of Heart" December 29, 2017
44b "Health Kicked" BANNED
45a "Future Tense" TBA
45b "Lynner Takes All" TBA
46a "Yes Man" December 19, 2017
46b "Friend or Faux?" December 19, 2017
47a "No Laughing Matter" January 1, 2018
47b "No Spoilers" January 1, 2018
48a "Legends" January 1, 2018
48b "Mall of Duty" January 1, 2018
49a "Read Aloud" January 1, 2018
49b "Not a Loud" January 1, 2018
50 "Tricked!" TBA
51a "The Crying Dame" TBA
51b "Anti-Social" TBA
52a "Snow Way Down" BANNED
52b "Snow Way Out" TBA

Season 3

No. Episode Airdate
53 "Tripped!" November 16, 2018
54a "White Hare" June 4, 2018
54b "Insta-gran" June 5, 2018
55a "Roadie to Nowhere" June 6, 2018
55b "A Fridge Too Far" June 7, 2018
56a "Selfie Improvement" June 8, 2018
56b "No Place Like Homeschool" TBA
57a "City Slickers" August 27, 2018
57b "Fool Me Twice" August 27, 2018
58a "Net Gains" August 28, 2018
58b "Pipe Dreams" August 28, 2018
59a "Fandom Pains" August 29, 2018
59b "Rita Her Rights" August 29, 2018
60a "Teachers' Union" August 30, 2018
60b "Head Poet's Anxiety" August 30, 2018
61a "The Mad Scientist" August 31, 2018
61b "Missed Connection" December 21, 2018
62a "Deal Me Out" August 31, 2018
62b "Friendzy" August 30, 2018
63a "Pasture Bedtime" October 29, 2018
63b "Shop Girl" October 29, 2018
64a "Gown and Out" October 30, 2018
64b "Breaking Dad" October 30, 2018
65a "Ruthless People" October 31, 2018
65b "What Wood Lincoln Do?" October 31, 2018
66a "Scales of Justice" November 1, 2018
66b "Crimes of Fashion" November 1, 2018
67a "Absent Minded" November 2, 2018
67b "Be Stella My Heart" November 2, 2018
68a "Sitting Bull" December 21, 2018
68b "The Spies Who Loved Me" December 21, 2018
69 "Really Loud Music" January 4, 2019
70a "House of Lies" January 1, 2019
70b "Game Boys" January 1, 2019
71a "Everybody Loves Leni" January 2, 2019
71b "Middle Men" January 2, 2019
72a "Jeers for Fears" December 21, 2018
72b "Tea Tale Heart" December 21, 2018
73 "The Loudest Thanksgiving" January 3, 2019
74a "Predict Ability" April 15, 2019
74b "Driving Ambition" April 15, 2019
75a "Home of the Fave" April 16, 2019
75b "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow" April 16, 2019
76a "The Write Stuff" April 17, 2019
76b "Racing Hearts" BANNED
77a "Stage Plight" April 18, 2019
77b "Antiqued Off" April 18, 2019
78 "Cooked!" April 19, 2019

Season 4

No. Episode Airdate
79 "Friended! with the Casagrandes" August 26, 2019
80a "Power Play with the Casagrandes" August 27, 2019
80b "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes" August 27, 2019
81a "Roll Model with the Casagrandes" August 28, 2019
81b "No Show with the Casagrandes" August 28, 2019
82a "Face the Music with the Casagrandes" August 29, 2019
82b "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes" August 29, 2019
83a "Store Wars with the Casagrandes" August 30, 2019
83b "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes" August 30, 2019
84a "Washed Up" October 14, 2019 (Nick Malaysia)
October 15, 2019 (Nick SEA)
84b "Recipe for Disaster" October 14, 2019 (Nick Malaysia)
October 15, 2019 (Nick SEA)
85a "Present Tense" October 15, 2019 (Nick Malaysia)
October 22, 2019 (Nick SEA)
85b "Any Given Sundae" October 16, 2019 (Nick Malaysia)
October 22, 2019 (Nick SEA)
86a "Can't Hardly Wait" January 28, 2020
86b "A Mutt Above" January 28, 2020
87a "Love Birds" February 4, 2020
87b "Rocket Men" BANNED
88a "A Grave Mistake" October 17, 2019
88b "Leader of the Rack" October 18, 2019
89a "Tails of Woe" February 4, 2020
90a "Stall Monitor" February 11, 2020
90b "A Pimple Plan" February 11, 2020
91 "Kings of the Con" February 25, 2020
92a "Good Sports" February 18, 2020
92b "Geriantics" February 18, 2020
93a "Exchange of Heart" BANNED
93b "Community Disservice" TBA
94a "Deep Cuts" June 9, 2020
94b "Game Off June 8, 2020
95a "Write and Wrong" TBA
95b "Purrfect Gig" BANNED
96a "Singled Out" BANNED
96b "Brave the Last Dance" BANNED
97a "Sister Act" June 11, 2020
97b "House Flip" TBA
98a "Don't You Fore-get About Me June 12, 2020
98b "Tough Cookies" TBA
99a "On Thin Ice" TBA
99b "Room and Hoard" TBA
100a "A Star is Scorned" TBA
100b "Senior Moment" TBA
101a "Wheel and Deal" TBA
101b "Feast or Family" TBA
102a "A Dark and Story Night" TBA
102b "Sand Hassles" TBA
103a "How Double Dare You!" TBA
103b "Snoop's On TBA
104a "Friends in Dry Places" TBA
104b "Coupe Dreams" TBA

Theme song

The Loud House – Theme Song (Malay)

The Loud House – Theme Song (Malay)


Meluru masuk dewan
Bagaikan bola pingpong
Hanya untuk pergi tandas (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Cuba elak kain kotor
Bau lampin dari jauh
Perlu buat apa saja untuk terus hidup!
Dalam Loud House! Dalam Loud House!
Tunduk, elak dan tepis
Tunjuk kasih sayang!
Dalam Loud House! Dalam Loud House!
Seorang budak, sepuluh perempuan
Kehidupan sempurna!
Loud! House! Loud! Loud House!
Lily: Poo-poo!


Rushing through the hall
Like a ping pong ball
Just to get to the toilet (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Trying to avoid the dirty clothes
And the smell of diaper from afar
Need to do anything to survive!
In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
Duck, avoid and dodge
Show the love!
In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
A boy, ten girls
Life is perfect!
Loud! House! Loud! Loud House!
Lily: Poo-poo!

Credits theme

The Loud House – Ending Song (Malay)

The Loud House – Ending Song (Malay)


Berhimpit di ruang kecil
Hanya masalah kecil
Dalam Loud House
(Loud House)
Tunduk, elak dan tepis
Tunjukkan kasih sayang
Dalam Loud House
(Loud House)
Baju kotor setinggi gunung
Membuat aku meraung
Beratur untuk buang air
Tidak ada lagi privasi
Sebelas adik-beradik
Akan kekal abadi
Dalam Loud House


The small room is narrow
Just a small problem
In the Loud House
(Loud House)
Duck, avoid and dodge
Show the love
In the Loud House
(Loud House)
Dirty clothes piled mountain-high
Makes me moan
Line up to take a shower
No more privacy
Eleven children
It will last forever
In the Loud House


Background information

  • Starting from the episode "Friendzy", Nurul Izzati binti Saad and Syahirah Majid announce the title of the upcoming episodes in Malay.
  • All songs in the episode "Really Loud Music" were sung by Nurdianah Shamsuddin in Malay in the show.
  • Lynn Sr. and Bobby share the same voice actor (Syed Fathullah bin Hussein), like in the Greek (Christos Thanos), Hebrew (Gilan Shachaf), Bulgarian (Zhivko Dzhuranov), Russian (Radik Mukhametzyanov), European Spanish (Francesc Góngora) and Korean (Kim Jeong-hun) dubs.

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