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Discord is a free voice and text chat app. It is more convenient than the now defunct Wikia integrated chat. It can be accessed through a web browser or the Discord app which can be downloaded from their website. Help on how to use Discord can be found here.

How to Join

  1. Register an account. This can be done here. Afterwards, ensure the email used to register the account is verified.
  2. Get Discord. You can download the Discord app here. Alternatively, you can use Discord in-browser.
  3. Connect to the official The Loud House Wiki Discord. The widget showing The Loud House Wiki Discord server can be found in the right sidebar on a normal wiki page. The "Connect" button can be found at the right side.
  4. After joining the server, you'll find yourself in the #rules channel. You will find the channel list on the left-hand side.
  5. Go to #verification and follow the directions stated in the first message. If you are not verified within a reasonable amount of time because you have not provided the needed information, you will be kicked; but, you can rejoin and try again.


Read the #rules channel for the server rules.


Name Permissions
Admin In addition to moderator privileges, can change and manage all settings of the server.
Chat Mods In addition to candidate privileges, Can kick and ban users, manage users' nicknames, mute and deafen user server-wide, and move members to different channels.
Bots Can warn, mute, kick or ban users and delete messages.
Candidates Can manage roles, manage emojis, and delete and pin messages. This role is granted upon approval of chat moderator application and currently has the Dedicated Residents role.
Booster Obtained by boosting the server.
Loud Sibling Color Roles Can only be added by boosting the server.
Content Mods Same as Royal Woods Residents. This role signals that a user is a content moderator on the wiki.
Discussions Mods Same as Royal Woods Residents. This role signals that a user is a discussions moderator on the wiki.
Rollbacks Same as Royal Woods Residents. This role signals that a user is a rollback on the wiki.
Wiki Staff Same as Royal Woods Residents. This role signals that a user is connected with an account on this wiki's staff list.
TLH Editors Same as Royal Woods Residents. Obtained by editing regularly on the wiki.
TLH Artists Same as Royal Woods Residents. This role signals that this user regularly posts original artwork.
DJ Can manage the music in the #radio channel. Obtained by hanging around the #radio channel frequently and knows the channel rules.
Royal Woods Lodger Looks like you stayed for the night. You'll now get access to some locked channels such as voice channels and some basic perms.
Royal Woods Resident You've just moved in! Doesn't have any additional perms.
Loyal Residents Have you pushed to become more active? This role now gives you streaming perms and the ability to display embeds and pictures in #living-room
Dedicated Residents You've now gained a few perks! Formerly the Loyal Resident role until we added the green one to replace it.
VIP For seriously dedicated VIPs.
Server Veteran For server veterans and people that have been crazy enough to rise up the ranks to a great extent.
Peasants Can only access channels and change their nickname.
Bun-Bun Can only access the #verification channel.
Lincoln the Mute-Monkey Muted for a short period of time.


These are the channels currently available in the server.

Name Important
#verification Used for new server members to go over the pinned message.
#rules Channel which outlines the rules about the server.
#announcements General announcements regarding the server.
#levels-and-shedperks Info on how the server works.
#partners List of partnered servers. (Must be a Royal Woods Lodger to see the channel.)
#feedback Server feedback/suggestions.
Ground Floor
#living-room General discussions among other users in the server. Other cartoons discussions is perfectly fine.
#luans-comedy-club Dumping dank memes and other imagery that may be considered as spam to other channels in here.
#fridge-art Channel to be used for any fanon related content.
#gus-games-and-grub Discussion of games and sports.
#royal-woods-cinema Discussion of media outside of The Loud House and The Casagrandes.
#lunas-jam=room Discussion of music.
#burgers-food-channel Have fun at Chef Burger's food sharing hub
#transportation Aviation, rail and automobile talk.
#photography Send your irl pictures and other pictures that don't fit any of the other channels! This doesn't include memes and other humorous content.
#tech-and-gadgets This channel is for all Tech savvy people. Discuss anything related to technology.
#trophy-cabinet The community's favorite comments or images.
#shed-chateau Various
#polls-and-qotd Polls on TLH and non-TLH stuff + questions from time to time. Just for fun!
#self-promo Promote your content, servers and social media accounts. Please stay within the rules and only post appropriate content (no NSFW content, etc.). There is a 2h slowmode here to allow others space to post stuff.
#spam Fall asleep on your keyboard all you want!
First Floor | TLH/Wiki
#tlh-cg-chat General discussion among users about the shows.
#tlh-cg-shots Quirky screenshots, GIFs and panoramas from The Loud House/The Casagrandes.
#spoilers For use when a new episode airs. All conversations about an episode that has not been out for 24 hours yet should be kept in this channel.
#wiki Channel for any topic that concerns the wiki.
Garden | Fun and Bot Commands
#lisas-bot-bunker Channel for having fun with bots and spamming bot commands.
#big-tree Channel for using the Yggdrasil bot [Ship, Race, Userphone, Soundboard, etc.]
#radio Channel designed for users to listen to one another's music. The pinned message has the radio channel rules.
#tall-timbers-fishing Fish!
#counting No counting twice, purposely ruining the counting chain for fun, don't use macros, please make sure to be courteous to each other, etc.etc.
Lincoln's Room | Voice Channels
#voice-chat Text channel that is used to collaborate with the voice channels.
General General voice discussion.
Silent Streaming For those who prefer to stream without speaking.
Radio For listening to music. Collaborates with the #radio text channel.


The Discord server utilizes several bots. They serve various purposes, all of which is listed below. Each has certain commands that a user can type to have the bot respond with a list of all the available commands it possesses.

Username Description Help Command
Dyno (nickname Todd) Fully-featured moderation and audit bot. ?help
BurgerBot Music bot/made by BurgerTac `help
FredBoat♪♪ Backup music bot ;;help
Carl-bot (nickname Snappy) Moderation/starboard bot. !help
KawaiiBot Social bot with fun commands. +help
Mantaro Social bot with fun commands. ~help
Tatsumaki Social bot with a lot of fun commands. t!help
Yggdrasil Social bot with a few fun commands. --help

Royal Woods Court of Appeals

Users who are banned before the creation of Appeals Server can appeal immediately. If you know some users who was banned from the wiki server, they can click here.

  • Make your appeal first. Don't wait for us to respond. Make the appeal using the format and we will eventually get to it.
  • Be patient. We are a small, busy admin team. Please remember, our obligations are also with ensuring the community's safety and the staff teams efficiency, as well as our real life jobs or school (or both) to study and attend to.
  • Do not be rude. If you take an attitude with our admins or myself, your appeal will be denied for that reason.
  • Don't open multiple tickets. This overflows the category. If you need to make a new appeal, do it in the same ticket.
  • Do not leave the server during your appeal. Your appeal will be declined, even if we originally would have accepted it if you leave the server.
  • Don't close tickets. Do not close your appeal.
  • Take full screenshots for proof. Do not crop images. For 2FA evidence, we need to see the username up top and the enabled 2fa at the bottom to verify it's you.
  • You may blur sensitive information on your ID. Your Date of Birth must be visible, but we understand if you do not wish to share your name or face with us. Trust me, we don't care about that, so you can blur it out if needed.

If your appeal gets denied, appeal in a month. If you get your appeal denied for whatever reason, you are allowed to make a new appeal after a month after the denial.