Templates are used to provide a quick way of linking to a large amount of information. All templates are surrounded by a double pair of curly braces, like this: {{Cleanup}}.

This page will list the major templates in use.

The full list can be seen on the Templates category page.


Template Description Output
Away Place on your User page to show you'll be away for a while
S1E01B Lori enters her room I gotta go.
List of templates is away for some period of time. He or she will return at some point, and may still be contributing under their username. Please be aware that any messages sent to this person will not be answered as quickly as desired while this template is up.
Badfaith For user message walls showing that the user continued editing inappropriately
S1E03B Lieutenant Lori Nobody is to be at ease in my prescence!
An edit to a page you have edited recently has been identified as possibly not in good faith. Continuing to edit in this fashion may result in a block.

If you believe you have received this warning in error, contact an administrator. If you have any questions, please [[Message Wall:{{{2}}}|contact me]].

BadPic Placed on pages for images that have been uploaded with low quality.

S1E07A Final examination of photo

Time for a do-over.
These images need to be re-uploaded in better quality.

You can help The Loud House Encyclopedia by uploading better images.

Birthday For user pages showing that the user celebrates his/her birthday today.
It's List of templates's birthday today! Be sure to wish them a happy birthday!
Blocked|how long the user is blocked|why the user is blocked|when the block will expire
BlockedNoExpiry|why the user is blocked
Gets placed on a user's user page when the user gets blocked.
S2E08A Rita's announcement Locked out of the house!
This account or IP address has been blocked for how long the user is blocked due to why the user is blocked. The block will expire on (when the block will expire).
S1E08A Lifeguard pointing towards the exit Loud Family, OUT!
This account has been blocked permanently due to why the user is blocked. The block will not expire.
Cleanup For pages that need to be heavily edited to meet standards.
S1E12B Linc pulls white garbage bag Taking out the trash... is my job.
This article is in need of some cleaning up. Some stuff might be inaccurate, needs to be expanded on, or just unnecessary.
Lend a hand to help out spruce up this article.
Copyright Used to keep an article to a very limited amount of images.
S3E07B Who called the po-po Who called the po-po?
This article contains media of The Loud House outside of the show. Please do not share images here that could potentially be taken down as copyright.
DayOfAir This is to be used on the day an episode airs, but before it does premiere. When it premieres, this is to be replaced with On Air.
S1E01A Today's the day It's finally here!
Today, List of templates will premiere, but not yet. This template can be replaced with On Air when it's time.
Delete|Reason Placed on a page to alert an admin that it probably should be deleted.
A reason can be specified within the template so that you do not need to go to the Discussion page to list the reason.

S1E11A And you no longer exist to me

This article has been nominated for deletion.
Reason: Reason

Please discuss this article's possible deletion here.

Disambig For pages that are disambugation pages.
S1E15A Leni and Leni (Luan) We're seeing double!
The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title.

Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

EditSection Use it to mark a section in article that hasn't been finished or needs a lot of edits.
S1E26B Lori dang it And the doorknob situation...
This section is unfinished. Please help, edit and finish it.
Editwar|page or subject To notify a user who is involved in an edit war.
S1E12B Linc strike sign One, two, three, four! I won't do your stupid chore!
You appear to be involved in an edit war on page or subject.
Please speak to the user you are involved with about your edits and come to a conclusion. If you continue to be involved in edit warring, you may be blocked.
Expand To show that a section of a page needs more information.
Expand This section needs expansion.
You can help The Loud House Encyclopedia by expanding it.
Featured To show that the selected page is featured.
S2E11A The End "Awesome!"
This article is featured! This means that it has amazing work and stellar detail!
Future To note that the page contains information on an upcoming episode.
S1E15A SB animation Spectre Hunter appears Don't miss it, or you'll be left in the dark! ARGGH!
This article covers a topic that is yet to be released. Information in it is set to be changed over time.
Inactive Placed on a User's page when they have been absent in a while.
S1E16B Girls tired of waiting We're waiting...
List of templates is currently or will always be inactive on this wiki. If he or she will be returning is unknown. Note that likely any messages to this person will either be not answered or answered at a later time.
Incomplete Used to note pages that need special attention for updating. Automatically adds them to the Incomplete summaries category.
S1E02B Lincoln observes his empty trophy case I've tried everything to get into this trophy case.
This article, transcript, or section is incomplete and needs to be completed. Any user is obliged to do so.
In use|your name Add this template at the top of the page when you will be making several changes to it, or if you're currently writing it, then remove it when done.
S1E05B Waiting in line to the bathroom Better get used to standing in lines if you're gonna vote for Dairyland.
This page or section is being written/adjusted/improved by Wikia. Please be patient as the user does this, and as a courtesy, refrain from editing the page to avoid edit conflicts.

If no progress is made to the page in two weeks after this template was put up, it will be taken down, and someone else could or will take over.

Languages|languages For user pages showing that the user speaks languages, other than English.
S1E15B Lincoln stops the band Música!
No no, no música.
This user can speak the following languages: English, languages.
Leaked For episodes that have been leaked online before the intended release date, and will be protected to avoid major details from being spoiled.

S1E07B Linc opens package

I didn't order this.
This episode has been leaked online, either by Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, or some other website. As such, the page will be protected to avoid major details from being spoiled.

This template will be removed one day before the episode's official release date.

MaybeDelete Show this on pages that are too far away or empty to exist but could be important.
S1E04A Lisa mentions dangers It's safer there anyway, in case the engine comes loose and flies into the car, crushing everyone up front.
This is a candidate for deletion; however, the page may recover and we can remove this template.
Reason for deletion: reason

This page could be deleted, but we are keeping it for now as the current information is based off speculation. Do not delete until we have a consensus; discuss at Template talk:MaybeDelete. Admin note: Administrators will need to check what links here and the the page history before deleting.

Merge|page name To show that a page should be considered for merging with another page.
S1E02B Hey, fifth grade! Ever wonder what happens when 672 breath mints meet 88 gallons of diet soda?
It has been suggested that this article should be merged with [[{{{1}}}]]. You can discuss this suggestion on the talk page.
NotAcceptable General-purpose template to show that changes were not acceptable. Placed on the User's message wall.
S1E01B No running in the hallway! No running in the hallway!
An edit to a page you have made has been identified incorrect, unwanted, or inappropriate. If you need help understanding how to edit properly, read the Policy and Manual of Style. Continuing to add unwanted changes in the articles may result in a block.
Not US English|language shown in|US airdate If the episode has only been aired in English outside the United States, place this on the page about the episode.
S1E07B Luna Swedish accent Herdie, verdie, verdie. Easy peasy, I just svitched to Svedish, ja?
The subject of this article has so far only made its debut in countries other than the United States. This episode will air in the U.S. on eventually, if not soon.
Not US International|language shown in|US airdate If the episode has only been aired in a foreign language, place this on the page about the episode.
S1E11B Bobby next to the Mona Lisa Hey, Lincoln! Hola from France!
This episode has so far only aired in a language other than English. Quotations from the episode are thus roughly translated from that language and are not necessarily accurate representations of the English-language dialogue. This episode will air in English eventually.
On Air|episode Use this template for episodes currently on air.
S1E09A Best sleepover ever This is it! Time to make history!
List of templates is currently on air. This page might experience high levels of activity. Edit conflicts may happen.

Don't remove this template until the episode airs in Pacific Time (3 hours after Eastern Standard Time).

Organization To mark a page that should be arrange in order.
S1E08B Linc shows his Zloty Spend hours of fun carefully organizing them by country and denomination.
The gallery or quotes is/are not in order and is in need of organization. Please fix this.
Pictures Needed For galleries that need more pictures.
S1E07A We are like a vision of insanity Look at us. We're like a vision of insanity.
This gallery needs more pictures. Please add more HD/HQ screenshots.

Once there is a sufficient number of pictures on the gallery, this template can be removed.

PolicyNav This template is used as a header navigation between the wiki's official policies.
TLH Encyclopedia Policy Pages

CG Wiki

Protected|Reason Used to notify users that the page is protected, and only those with certain privileges can edit the page.

S2E03B Off limits

This page is now off limits!
This article has been protected from editing.
Reason: Reason

The protection to this page will be removed sooner or later. Want to request an edit? Notify an admin so they can add it in for you.

Rename If the current name of the page does not fit its real purpose, add the Rename template to it and discuss why it should be changed on the Discussion page.
S1E10A new members to the crew about Chain Linc?
This The Loud House Encyclopedia page is a candidate to be moved to another title. See this The Loud House Encyclopedia page's talk page for more information.
Replace Video Use this template on pages with videos that have copyright complaints or its uploader closes his/her account.
S1E26B TV signal lost It's fuzzy again!
One or more videos on this page are no longer available or are flagged with a problem at the source. Please replace the videos if you can.
Retired Placed on user pages that are no longer active in this wiki.
S3E05B Louds selling the house Obviously, we're moving, honey. You should go pack your things.
This user is no longer active at The Loud House Encyclopedia. Note that likely any messages to this person will not be answered.
Revise Used to identify a page that needs to be updated, but not as severely as those with the Incomplete template.
S1E02A Sisternado Sisternado!
This article covers an essential topic and is in need of major additions and/or work to meet up the Manual of Style.

This page should be revised.

Sometimes|Username To inform a user that he/she will not be editing frequently.
S1E15A Sisters doing their activities Can you cover for me today?
List of templates will be at this wiki occasionally. However, they will not be gone forever.
Speculation|Type of fake information To notify a user that their edits are considered unreliable.
S1E16A Howard and Harold traumatized We broke Clyde's dads!
In accordance to the wiki policy, speculation and/or unreliable information are not allowed. Any violations will result in an temporary block.
Split|page name To show that a page should be considered to be split into two separate pages.
S1E05A Thanks, Lincoln! Half for Lola, half for Lana.
It has been suggested that this article should be split up into {{{1}}}.

You can discuss this suggestion on the talk page.

Spoilers This template should be used on pages that discuss an episode that has not yet been shown in the United States.
S1E12A Leni won't tell her Don't tell me, I wanna be surprised!
Warning! This page contains spoilers regarding an upcoming episode/comic. Continue reading at your own risk.
Talk Placed on the Discussion/Talk page to show that we are looking for ways to improve the article, as opposed to personal opinions of the article itself.
This discussion is listed as an Active Talk Page.
Please remove this template when the question has been answered.
TempPro|duration of protection|protection expires Placed on a page to show that it has been temporarily protected due to high-traffic/high-vandalism.
S1E04A Mom orders kids I don't wanna see anyone in that car until 7:00 AM!
This article is temporarily protected for (duration unspecified). The protection will expire on (expiry unspecified).
Unaired Images Use when a gallery of a unaired episode have some images.
S1E21B Lucy tells Lincoln his fortune I can predict your future.
This gallery contains unaired images that can't be confirmed or denied that they are actually from this episode, until the episode airs on TV.
Unnamed To mark a page that is about an episode that is unnamed.
S1E22B Lori signaling Lucy I come with a message from...the sister who cannot be named.
This episode/comic/book is, as of right now, unnamed, meaning that there will be a confirmed name soon. Adding unofficial titles is highly discouraged.
Unofficial name Used to mark a page with an unofficial name.
S2E04A Mr. La-ood Mr. La-ood?
This page contains information on a subject that does not yet have an official name. Once an official name is given to the subject or character, this template can be removed.
Unreleased Used to signify that while the episode is confirmed, it has not aired yet, and the content on the page is subject to change as more information about the episode comes out.
S2E17A ARGGH! Most Haunted Tour

Don't forget to tune in next week for more of ARGGH!'s tour of the 25 most haunted places in America.

Information on this article is of an upcoming/unreleased episode. Its content may contain spoilers. The article will be expanded when the episode is released.
Unverified If a new episode is created, but the person who created it has been reliable in the past, add this template to prevent it from being treated as fan fiction.

S1E23B The siblings don't know

Holy shamoley! Who told you about that?!
This is unverified content. It does not qualify as fake content, since it has come from a reliable contributor, but it has not yet been verified by outside sources. Please add RELIABLE sources to help verify the content's credibility.
Userpage|Username Goes on user profiles to inform editors that the user does not want anyone to edit their profile.
S1E01B Stay out of my bedroom! There's only one rule in this house: stay out of my bedroom!
This page should fall under the wiki's user page policy and should only be edited by List of templates.
Vandalism To warn a user that vandalism is unacceptable.
S1E13B Searching the kitchen Was destroying the house part of Sharon's plan?
In accordance to the wiki policy, vandalism is not to be encouraged/supported. Any violations will result in an infinite/temporary block.
Wikialink|Wiki name|name wiki Placed on pages to inform the user that there is a separate wiki site based around the topic of the page.

This page has a wiki of its own: [[w:c:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]].


Stubs are very short pages that may be a candidate for updating and expansion.

Template Description Output
Stub General-purpose way of designating an article is a stub.
StubArticle "There's Nothing Here!"
This article is a stub. You can help The Loud House Encyclopedia by expanding it.
GalleryStub Stub galleries.
Gallerystubimage "Where are the pictures?!"
This gallery is a stub. You can help The Loud House Encyclopedia by expanding it.

Personalized Templates

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