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The Loud House Encyclopedia

"The Loud House Mega Music Countdown" is a special of The Loud House.


It's all the best songs from The Loud House in one epic playlist; host Carlos PenaVega (Bobby's voice actor) counts down all the top tracks voted for, leading up to the #1 Loud House song of all time.


Note: The respective album lists the songs in reverse order and excludes the special's honorable mentions.

List of songs

12. "Stand Together" ("Deep Cuts")
11. "Our Amazing Mother" ("Write and Wrong")
10. "We Got This" ("Schooled!")
9. "Road Trippin' Blues" ("Tripped!")
8. "You Got Tricked" ("Tricked!")
7. "Best Buds" ("Really Loud Music")
6. "Glam Song" ("Really Loud Music")
5. "Get Pumped!" ("Really Loud Music")
4. "Best Thing Ever" ("Really Loud Music")
3. "The Best Dang Brother Anywhere Around" ("Yes Man")

Bonus Bops Jam Sesh (Honorable mentions): *The Burpin' Burger jingle, "The Little Froggy Song", "Chunk's Got the Goods", "Periodic Table Rap", "Cheer Up, Baby", and Luna's money making song from "Tripped!"

2. "That's What Christmas is All About" ("11 Louds a Leapin'")
1. "Play It Loud" ("Really Loud Music")


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