The Loud House Saves the Earth?! 🌎 Earth Day Guide Nick

The Loud House Saves the Earth?! 🌎 Earth Day Guide Nick

The Loud House Saves the Earth?! is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on April 14, 2019.


Earth Day is almost here and the Louds need to do their part to help the environment! The promotional video talks about what each sibling can do to help the environment.

First, someone has to be in charge of energy conservation. Lori is first suggested to do that, but she seems to use to many screens to talk to Bobby. Next, Lisa is suggested, but her experiments use a shocking amount of electricity. It's decided that Lincoln can be the energy specialist, because he has an eco-meter that lets him know exactly how much electricity his family is using.

Next, part of being good to the Earth is being good to the animals, so someone needs to be the animal specialist. It's wondered of Lincoln should do that too, but he doesn't have the best history with wild animals. But Lana loves animals, so she's the perfect person to look after all the little critters in Royal Woods.

A big part of Earth Day is spreading awareness, and what better way to make a message strong than to write a song? Luna will definitely be in charge of this.

Someone also has to tell people about Earth Day all over social. It's first suggested that Leni be in charge of that. But then she reveals she doesn't know how, so it's decided that Lori is the resident posting pro, she can create posts about Earth Day for all her followers.

It's wondered what Leni can do, then decided that recycling is very important for Earth Day and everyday. Luckily Leni really knows how to use recycled materials. As long as she doesn't use the Christmas decorations this time.

Speaking of recycling, Earth Day reminds us it's really important to clean trash and litter. It's first suggested that Lola be in charge of that, but that's a no because she's squeamish. Lisa is suggested next, but since she turns trash into little monsters, we'll pass on that. Lana might be in charge of animals, but she lives for trash, so she can be in charge of clean up too.

Another popular Earth Day activity is planting trees. Since Lucy has a bunch of experience digging holes for graves, digging holes to plant new trees should be a breeze. Plus she can get the whole Morticians Club at school to help.

Once the trees are planted, someone will need to protect them. And it looks like Luan is branching out from comedy; to become... an ACTIVIST.

Another good way to celebrate Earth Day is to cut down on fossil fuels. Luckily Lisa has found a way to convert Lily's diapers into a renewable energy source. So Lisa will run the machine, and Lily will provide the... alternative fuel.

we're almost done, it's wondered what Lynn can do, and how she can use her love of sports to help the Earth. Then it's decides that she an throw a charity baseball game to raise money for the environment.

Now that all the jobs are set, we need an environmental enforcer. Lola can make sure that everyone is doing their Earth Day duties.

We're all set for Earth Day.


  • This video claims that Luan became an activist, however, that was only part of Lincoln's fantasy.
  • This video claims that Lisa was the one to discover how to convert Lily's used diapers to electricity, but it was actually Lincoln who did that.

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