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"The Loudest Yard" is the forty-first episode of the first season of The Loud House.


When Lincoln's mother signs him up for peewee football, Lincoln schemes to have Lynn take his spot.


The episode begins with Lincoln playing a video game in his room, when his mother enters and tells him to go outside, because it is not healthy to stay inside playing video games all day. Lincoln obeys, and goes to the backyard, but he still playing his video game. Rita catches him and tells him that he needs to do some more exercise so she sends Lincoln with his father to jogging with him and his friends in the mall, but Lincoln prefers to go to the arcade instead of jogging. After catching Lincoln in the arcade, Dad returns Lincoln to Rita to make him do aerobics on TV with her. But while they're doing that, Lincoln keeps reading a comic book (that he sticks on her rear). When it falls off and Rita notices, she tells him that she will have to take other measures; that means inscribing Lincoln for the Royal Woods Roosters football team. Lincoln tells her that he isn't good at sports (which he proves by showing some flashbacks of him playing baseball with Clyde and basketball with Liam while reading a comic book, and badminton with Lola and horseshoes with Lynn while playing video games), but Rita tells him that he needs to exercise one way or another.

To get exercise, Rita signs Lincoln up for football.

Lincoln then tells the audience that he clearly can't play football, so he asks Lola if she can hurt him to avoid playing football. Lola agrees and later tries to break Lincoln's leg running over him with her princess car, only to crash it into some garbage containers because Lincoln changed his mind at the last second and moves his leg away. Lola, enraged at her brother for making her crash, attacks him but is interrupted by Lynn. After she knows that Lincoln is going to play football, Lynn offers happily to teach Lincoln everything he needs to know about football. The next scenes show Lincoln being trained by Lynn, but at the end he proves that he really isn't good for football. During a training in the Ketchman Park, Lincoln and Lynn bump into Hank and Hawk, two rough players from the Hazeltucky Hockers, the rival team of Lincoln's school football team. The guys mock them and leave, giving Lincoln an idea; Lynn can pretend to be him and play in his place so she can play and he can have his own life. Lynn accepts.

The two siblings later begin their plan. While Lynn goes to play instead of him, Lincoln stays under a tree reading comics, and when she comes back he puts on the uniform and Lynn throws mud to his face to make their parents believe that Lincoln really plays. They keep doing it until autumn arrives. The plan looks to be successful until Dad shows to Lincoln a newspaper announcement, which tells that the crowd loves Lincoln (who really is Lynn) due to his (her) excellent playing. Dad then says that he and the rest of the family will go to see Lincoln playing tomorrow in his final game, much to the latter's horror.

The next day, it's the final game of the season. Mom, Dad, and the rest of Lincoln's sisters go to the game to see him play. He manages to make Lynn play instead of him and in some moments (like when they have to sing the national anthem or the TV interview during the halftime), they switch places. Near the last minutes for the endgame, the players of the rival team injure Lynn by producing a sprain in her ankle. When she's taken out of the field, the coach removes her helmet, revealing to everyone that she really is Lynn and not Lincoln. Without any other option, Lincoln appears and confesses to the coach and his parents what he had done. Because of Lynn's injury, she can't continue playing and the Royal Woods Roosters will lose by default, but Lincoln then offers to replace Lynn in the field.

Lincoln running away from his team after he makes them lose their chance of winning.

With just one point to win, and one minute to finish the game, Lincoln enters the game and is pursued by the rival players to obtain the ball from him. At the end, Lincoln makes a touchdown. After that, he talks to the viewers that sports can be pretty awesome but then it's revealed that he went to the wrong side of the field, scoring a safety for the other team, meaning the Royal Woods Roosters lose and the Hazeltucky Hockers win both the game and the trophy. Because of this, the other Royal Woods Rooster players pursue Lincoln who flees from them. During his fleeing, he describes that he's finally getting enough exercise before he suffers another charley horse, and the episode ends.


Leni, Luan, Lucy, Lisa, Clyde, and Liam have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "It Gets Louder" and "The Complete First Season" DVDs.


The Loud House staff

Lynn Sr.'s collar looks new.

  • In one scene at Lynn Sr., the sketch on his shirt is gone and now the collar is new. It appears that the parents are getting closer to the beginning of their faces.
  • This story takes place in autumn, based on the orange colored leaves on the trees and the bleak sky during the football game.
  • In the newspaper Lynn Sr. holds up, there are various smaller headlines that reference members of the show's staff, including "Savino indicted", "David King wins prize for headlines", "Morgan crushed in accident", and "Oman guilty of forgery".
  • When Lincoln was under the seats during the final game, there were some messages that reference members of the show's cast, like "Chris loves Beth" and "Donny X Kathy".
  • Innuendo: When Lincoln is exercising behind his mom, it first looks like he is staring at his mom's behind and enjoying the view, but it turns out he was just reading a comic he taped to her butt.


  • The Loudest Yard - The title is a parody of the film The Longest Yard.
    • It could also be a reference to the fact that Chris Savino's household was nicknamed "the loud yard" when he was a child, according to the Behind the Scenes video on the Nickelodeon YouTube channel.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie - The instrumental version of "Now That We're Men" can be heard in the title card.
  • Jimi Hendrix - While playing "The Star-Spangled Banner", Luna is wearing an outfit and headband similar to the one this musician wore when he played the aforementioned song on his guitar at Woodstock.
  • Game Boy Advance and PSP - The video game console that Lincoln uses in this episode looks like a cross between the Game Boy Advance and the PlayStation Portable.

Lucy van Pelt, eat your heart out!

  • Peanuts - When Lucy pulls the football away from Lincoln; the music played during the scene is reminiscent of "Peanuts". The same music also plays during the "Picture Perfect" and "Project Loud House" title cards.
    • Even the fact that Lucy is the person to pull the football away from Lincoln is a parody to the running gag in Peanuts where Lucy van Pelt pulls the football away from Charlie Brown.


  • This episode shows that Lincoln is very lazy, and doesn't like to exercise. However, in other episodes like "Project Loud House" and "The Sweet Spot", he's seen doing exercises because of something.
  • In "Sound of Silence" and "Undie Pressure", Lincoln reads comics in his underwear because he mentions reading comics while clothed is distracting and uncomfortable. In this episode, he reads comics just fine while clothed, just like in "The Sweet Spot".

Lola switched from black gloves... her pink gloves.

  • When Lola is about to hit Lincoln with her princess car, she is wearing black fingerless gloves, but when she is beating Lincoln up, she is wearing her usual pink gloves.

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