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"The Loudly Bones" is the forty-third episode (forty-fourth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-forty-second episode of The Loud House.


Lisa discovers that the dinosaur bones she found in her backyard may not be what they seem.


Late at night, the siblings are watching The Dream Boat in the living room. As they watch, Lisa comes into the house with a giant dinosaur bone she found in the backyard, and tries to relay the news of her discovery to her siblings, but they're too preoccupied watching their show. After getting no response from them, Charles snags the bone, and Lisa chases him to her room. With Todd's assistance, she pulls out her radiometric dating machine and places the bone inside to determine its origin, where the machine concludes that its species is unknown. Because of this, Lisa believes that she and Todd have discovered a new species of dinosaur and eagerly posts her discovery to her monthly newsletter, which immediately becomes a top trending subject.

The next day, Lisa wakes up to discover Charles gnawing on the bone, and after she and Todd get it out of his mouth, the bone drops to the floor and suddenly breaks into three. Examining the three fragments, Lisa identifies them as a turkey bone, a goose bone, and a chicken bone. She realizes that what she found wasn't a dinosaur bone, but rather the bones of Lynn Sr.'s turgoosen from last year's Thanksgiving having fused together. When Lisa questions why her machine didn't give the correct results, Lana comes in and tells Lisa that she used the machine to test some 20-year-old cream puffs, with the contents of said puffs having gotten into the machine's wiring. As a result, Lisa proceeds to announce the inaccurate readings of her discovery, but before she can, Lincoln comes in and tells Lisa to look out the window. Peeking out the window, Lisa discovers that the media press has swarmed the house to interview Lisa on her discovery. Before she can talk about her "discovery", Dr. Alvarez, the paleontologist from the Royal Woods Museum, shoos them away, and Lisa eagerly introduces herself. Dr. Alvarez tells Lisa that because of her discovery, and because the museum operates its own TV network, she wants her to star in her own TV show. Lisa attempts to decline the offer, but when Dr. Alvarez says that this show will encourage kids to become interested in science, Lisa agrees, confiding in Todd that "the ends justify the means" in regard to her false discovery having benefits.

Soon enough, Lisa has her very own TV show called Facts Matter, where she teaches kids everywhere on how interesting science can be, such as testing a hair growth formula on Lily, enlarging Geo with a growth ray, and having Lana ride a rocket. The show is such a success, Lisa become a celebrity in Royal Woods, having inspired kids to become more interested in science. When Lisa arrives home, she discovers Dr. Alvarez present, where she suggests hosting a paleontology themed episode tomorrow. Lisa approves, but to her horror, Dr. Alvarez suggests they determine the age of the "bone" she discovered. The moment Dr. Alvarez leaves, Lisa fears her lie will be exposed and says she needs to find a new bone fast; Todd suggests taking a bone from the museum. Later that night, Lisa and Todd sneak into the museum (the back door was conveniently unlocked), and Lisa quickly takes a leg bone from the museum's T-rex skeleton, where she places the fake bone, glued together with Lynn Sr.'s bechamel sauce, into the real bone's position.

The next day, Lisa is filming her newest episode of Facts Matter, where she announces that they're going to be examining the bone she "discovered". After putting the bone into the machine's carbon dating machine (where it dates it to the Mesozoic era), Lisa discovers her fake bone starting to give way from the immense weight put onto it, and before she can get Dr. Alvarez out of the way, the bone completely breaks, causing the skeleton to fall apart, and seemingly bury Dr. Alvarez. As Lisa desperately tries to search for Dr. Alvarez, she lets it slip that she lied to everyone about her discovery, shocking Dr. Alvarez, who had managed to get out of the way. Realizing she had been caught, Lisa confesses that the bone she discovered was a fake and had swapped it with one from the skeleton. She says that because her show got kids more interested in science, she could use that excuse to justify her actions. Lisa begins to leave, but Dr. Alvarez, sympathizing with Lisa, tells her that she doesn't want her knowledge to go to waste, and makes a deal with her: she may not get her show back, but she can give museum tours, to which Lisa agrees with.


Leni, Luan, Rita, and Trent have no lines in the episode. Despite being listed in the credits, Luna had no lines in this episode.


  • This episode premiered after the Nickelodeon premiere of A Loud House Christmas.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as a rock in a jar behind Lisa.
  • The premise of this episode is similar to the comic "Find of the Century" from the graphic novel The Struggle is Real, as they both involve one of the younger sisters believing that they found a dinosaur bone.
  • This is the first episode of Season 5 to acknowledge Lisa being 5 years old.[1]
  • If one is quick to notice, when Lisa takes her selfie with Todd and the dinosaur bone, she has visible sweat under her armpit.
  • Lisa mentions the events of "The Loudest Thanksgiving" by saying that her alleged dinosaur bone is actually a few bones from her father's turgooseon, which he made in that episode as part of Thanksgiving dinner.


  • The Loudly Bones - The title of this episode is a pun of the 2002 Alice Sebold novel The Lovely Bones.
  • Flat Earth - One of Lisa's fans says because of her, she now knows that the Earth is round,[2] revealing that she used to believe in this false belief.


  • Dr. Alvarez suggests using the museum's carbon dating machine to determine the age of the bone.[3] In actuality, carbon dating can only go as far back as 50,000 years, unlike radiometric dating (the method Lisa used at the beginning of the episode), which can go as far back as 66 to 83 million years.


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