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"The Mad Scientist" is the sixteenth episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-seventeenth episode of The Loud House.


Lisa gets invited to work at an institute and get away from her crazy family.


Lisa is explaining to a few scientists about Einstein's theory of time travel through wormholes. She explains that she's close to figuring out how to solve the theory, but is constantly getting interrupted by her siblings asking her for advice on various subjects. When Lisa explains that she's having a hard time doing research because of her siblings' interference, one of the scientists, Dr. J, asks her if she wants to visit the science institute, since she can continue her studies without interruption, and Lisa accepts.

At the science institute, Lisa is given the tour of the institute, and gets to continue her studies in the institute's research lab. Happy with what she's seeing, Lisa breaks out into song about all the wonders of the institute. After explaining to the scientists Einstein's theory of time travel, Lisa prepares to head back home, but Dr. J offers her the option of staying at the institute full-time, and Lisa take this into consideration. Lisa calls up her parents via video chat, and is explaining her desire to stay at the institute, much to the aghast of her family. Lisa, expecting this kind of reaction, shows them a chart explaining that 97% of her psychological makeup consists of scientific pursuit, whereas her emotional attachment to her family is a measly 1%. Realizing how much she values research and thinking she's "independent" enough, Rita and Lynn Sr. agree to let Lisa stay at the institute.

While doing work, Lisa gets hungry and decides to get some dinner. Expecting a proper meal, Lisa is disappointed to learn that her dinner is a gelatinous cube consisting of vitamins for necessary brain efficiency and ice cream that is injected into her body instead of eating actual ice cream. Later, Lisa wants to watch The Dream Boat with her colleagues, but due to having no interest in the show, they abandon her. In her room, Lisa is unpacking her bag when she comes across a jar of peanut butter mixed with jelly with a note attached. Seeing that it's from Lincoln, since he would make her PB&J sandwiches before bedtime, Lisa tries to make a PB&J sandwich. Much to her dismay, she finds that she's unable to do so. While getting ready for bed, Lisa is unable to zip her pajamas on, since Leni would usually do that for her. When Lisa lies in bed, she's unable to fall asleep. She remembers how Lori would read a story to Lily that would not only help her fall asleep, but Lisa as well. While sleeping, Lisa has a nightmare and tries to tell her parents. Alas, since she's at the institute, they are not there to comfort her. She ends up having to sleep with a model skeleton instead. She then begins to cry, realizing that it could only mean one thing.

Calling up her family again the next day, Lisa takes back what she said about her psychological makeup and shows them an updated version of her chart, where her emotional attachment to her family exceeds her scientific pursuit. She explains that she misses her family and expresses her desire to come back. The family, happy to hear the good news, encourage her to come back home. Unfortunately, Lisa explains that if she were to return home now, her reputation will be damaged. When Leni brings up the idea that Lisa should travel back in time to before she ever went to the institute, Lisa, realizing that she solved Einstein's theory of time travel, attempts to do so.

S3E09A Home sweet home

The house may have downsides, but it's still home.

After getting her time machine ready, Lisa activates and programs it to send her to yesterday. The portal successfully opens up, and Lisa jumps in. She is transported to the day before, just before Dr. J offers the chance to visit the institute. When Dr. J asks Lisa about this opportunity, Lisa politely declines, saying that she's perfectly fine at home. Lisa, while admittedly annoyed by some of her siblings' antics, is more than happy to be "home, sweet home."



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  Happy Forest - Werner Tautz and The Heinz Kelssing Orchresta [Plays when Lisa enters the lunch room]

Accidental release

Like "Future Tense", "Head Poet's Anxiety", and "Tripped!", this episode was leaked online and on demand before it premiered on TV.



  • The title of this episode is a double entendre: while Lisa is classified as a mad scientist, she's also being driven mad by the antics of her family.
  • This is the fourth episode of The Loud House to get leaked, the first three being "Future Tense", "Head Poet's Anxiety", and "Tripped!".
    • Unlike those three, this episode wasn't leaked onto Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as a bubble in the beaker on the lower right corner.
  • The premise of this episode is exactly the same as "Garage Banned": both episodes involve a family member leaving home to get away from the craziness, and appear to enjoy it, only to learn that their new living location is not the same as their home.
Chemical set comparison

Top: Making the Grade
Bottom: The Mad Scientist's title card.

  • The chemistry set on the title card looks almost exactly as the one Lisa used in "Making the Grade".
  • This episode reveals that time travel exists in this show's universe.
  • This is the first episode where the family brings up the fact that while Lisa may be a genius, she's only 4.
  • The music that plays in the title card was the instrumental version of This Lab is Where I Belong.
  • This episode reveals that despite her genius, Lisa is incapable of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
    • However, in "Left in the Dark", she manages to make a glow-in-the-dark cookie, and in "Fed Up", she tries to make vichyssoise. As such, it's unclear as to why this particular culinary task confuses her.
    • One possibility is that this could be referencing the fact that in "Baby Steps", Lisa is forbidden from holding a butter knife.
  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on April 27, 2018.[1]
  • According to this episode, Lisa's psychological makeup was 97% scientific pursuit, 2% west coast rap, and 1% emotional attachment. When Lisa began to miss her family, her psychological makeup is now 50% emotional attachment, 48% scientific pursuit, and west coast rap stayed at 2%.
    • Lisa's interest in rap was previously shown in "Potty Mouth", where she was making a rap on her own.
    • Lisa also brings up her 11 toes from said episode.
  • The radiator cupcake joke is similar to the couch bagel joke from "Brawl in the Family", as both involve a character eating said objects without any regards to potential health risks.
  • When at the cafeteria, Lisa says "I'm so hungry, I could eat an equus caballus." Equus caballus is the scientific name for a horse.
  • The title card music for "Read Aloud" can be heard when Lisa heads to the cafeteria.
  • Lisa had previously worked on time travel in "No Laughing Matter", and seems to have perfected it in this episode.
  • Lisa had to wear her footie pajamas backwards because of her inability to zip them up from the back.
  • Irony: The song lyric "The only gases I smell are the noble kind" is ironic, because noble gasses are odorless.


  • The Mad Scientist - The title of this episode is a slang term used to describe a crazed scientist in media.
  • The Simpsons - The premise of this episode is similar to the Season 15 episode "Smart & Smarter", as both episodes involve the smart-aleck character moving to a science institute.
  • Recess - This episode is also similar to the episode "My Fair Gretchen," as both episodes involve the child prodigy given the opportunity to make use of her brains at a scientific institute, even though each prodigy's reaction is different from the other (Lisa seizing the opportunity for a break from her family, and Gretchen reluctant to leave her friends).
  • Foreigner - Luna mentions this rock band's song "Cold as Ice".
  • Snoop Dogg - The left rapper on Lisa's West Coast Rappers poster appears to be this iconic rapper.
    • Kendrick Lamar - He may also resemble this rising star of West Coast Hip-Hop.
  • Ice Cube - The middle rapper on Lisa's West Coast Rappers poster resembles this famous rapper and actor.
  • Tupac Shakur - The right rapper on Lisa's West Coast Rappers poster resembles this legendary rapper.
  • Back to the Future - Plutonium and garbage are some of the materials Lisa uses to power her time machine, just as it powered the DeLorean time machine in said franchise.


  • When Lisa has the flashback of Leni zipping up her pajamas, Leni only has two pairs of eyelashes.
  • During her song, Lisa erroneously refers to a monkey as a chimp. Monkeys have tails while chimpanzees do not.
    • Though, she may have said chimp just to make her song more catchy.
  • Plot hole: During her song, the scientists are bothered by Lisa dropping a pin on the ground, coming in and shushing her, but her loud singing doesn't bother anyone.

Running Gags

  • Lisa remembering why she can’t do the stuff then saying "Oh, that's why".
  • Lisa's siblings interrupting her when she's teaching the colleagues.


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