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The Manager is an unnamed minor character on The Loud House who runs the Super Mart.


He first appeared in "Cereal Offender", as the main antagonist.

He returns in "Intern for the Worse", as one of the people offering jobs for school kids at his store.


The manager is very strict about order in his store and aggressively makes his customers know that he doesn't tolerate people causing trouble. In "Cereal Offender", he called Lincoln and his sisters "hooligans" before they even did anything wrong and despite they just got here, meaning that he sees all customers as potential troublemakers. He threatened them saying that he would kick them out if they misbehave.

He becomes furious when his store gets messy and has an ugly tendency to treat people he disrespects like trash.


The manager is a tall and burly man, with dark skin, black short faux hawk hair, and a long mustache as well. He wears a cream long sleeved shirt, a white apron, a red bow tie with black spots, black pants, and brown shoes.


Season 1

Season 2


  • He tends to call Bobby by Lori's nickname, "Booboo-Bear", instead of his real name.

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