McBride family portrait

The McBride Family (or McBride's) is composed of Clyde, along with his fathers, Howard and Harold, and their pets, Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti.

They have a psychologist named, Dr. Lopez, who helps Howard and Harold with their relationship, and Clyde with his infatuation with Lori.

In the Polish dub, they are named "Młodowskis", meaning "young".

About the family

Clyde is the 11 year old son of Howard and Harold McBride. He is the only main character outside of the Louds. He is in love with the oldest Loud sister, Lori, and his nose bleeds out whenever he is around her. He also acts like a malfunctioning robot, before fainting.

Howard is Harold's husband, and Clyde's adoptive father. He is emotional, and quick to forget what Dr. Lopez said. In "Attention Deficit", it is shown that he and Harold cannot tolerate chaos, when they kick all of the Louds out of their house (at the mention of a sleepover).

Harold McBride is Howard's husband, and Clyde's adoptive father. He is not able to handle a lot of chaos, like Howard. He is more levelheaded than Howard, but even he is able to ignore what Dr. Lopez says when there is a happy moment.

Family members



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