Casagrande Family

The Santiagos and Casagrandes

The Santiago Family is composed of Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Maria, Dr. Santiago, and several other relatives who appear in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos". From Maria's side, they are related to the Casagrande family.

Family members



Other relatives



  • The first names of Maria's children are 7 letters long and starts with an "R".
  • Maria is the only family member who doesn't have a name that starts with an "R".
  • In "Friended!", it's revealed that Maria and Dr. Santiago are split up meaning they're separated and/or divorced.
  • In the Polish version, they are named "Maliniak", meaning "raspberry field".


NOTE: This gallery is for pictures of all members of the family. Pictures of them individually belong in their respective galleries.


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