The Settlers of Cat-Land is a multiplayer board game owned by Lisa, and one that requires strategy and teamwork.


The objective of the game is to build and develop as many holdings as possible, while trading and acquiring sources that are to the liking of cats. These items include catnip, balls of yarn, litter boxes, scratching posts, and laser pointers. The game has a set timer, and when the timer goes off, the game ends and the player with the most developed holdings wins.


The game first appeared in "Lynner Takes All". Tired of Lynn winning every board game, and showing off after celebrating 300 consecutive wins (and shooting confetti made out of her siblings' homework), the others decided to play a game that Lynn had never played before, and they could easily beat her at. After many failed attempts to defeat Lynn which include Lola with Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen, Lana with Plumbing Pro, and Lincoln with The Ace Savvy Trivia Game, Lisa suggested that they all join forces and play a game that would require working with one another, while avoiding working with Lynn. The Settlers of Cat-Land was her suggestion.

During the game, Lynn was falling way behind, because everyone else was working with each other. All she had was a simple piece of catnip, and she ended up in 2nd place, while everyone else was tied for the lead at the end. The others finally beat Lynn at a game, but their victory was short lived.

The next day, Lynn's defeat at that game only drove her to start being obnoxiously competitive at everything her siblings were doing, even if they were just doing everyday tasks. This drove the others to have a rematch of Cat-Land with her, but this time, instead of uniting against her, they decided to throw the game, and make sure Lynn won so she would stop turning everything into a contest and beating them at it. However, Leni took the plan's instructions literally, and threw the game out the window.

It is unknown if she threw it in the trash, or if Lisa collected everything from the game after Leni threw it out, and still owns it.


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