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The Spokes Family is composed of Rusty, Rocky, and their parents. They all live in the Spokes House.

Family members

Rusty Spokes

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Rocky Spokes

Rocky Spokes is a minor character in The Loud House, featured in the episode "Back in Black".


Rocky is the younger brother of Rusty, who is Lincoln's classmate. Rocky is also one of Lucy's love interests, since Lucy was also interested in a boy named Silas in the episode "L is for Love".


Rocky appears to be a rather quiet kid, with an interest in video games and sports. Despite his indifferent demeanor, he seems to be polite and nice, given his friendly interactions with Lincoln. In contrast to his rather "normal" personality, Rocky also appears to have a liking to the macabre, given his immediate fascination with Lucy. However, he thought she was too cool for him and avoided her.

Rodney Spokes

Rodney Spokes is a minor character in The Loud House, and the father of Rusty and Rocky. He made his first appearance in the episode "Back Out There".


Aside from being Rusty and Rocky's father, not much is known about him, minus the fact that he works at a clothing shop called "Duds for Dudes."

He first appears in "Back Out There" where he allows Rusty and his friends to borrow some suits and states that they better come back clean or else. He was later seen overseeing Rusty, Clyde, Liam, and Zach use a cleaning remedy on the suits when they have gotten dirty.

In "Stall Monitor," Mr. Spokes attends a parent teacher meeting. He shows off the different clothes to Mrs. Johnson.

In "No Bus No Fuss," Mr. Spokes gave Rusty and his friends a ride to school. Though he made a detour to offer some of his clothes to a pedestrial.


Not much is known about him. He seems to be a typical father, who is helpful towards his children, but punishes them if they damage property of his shop. He also tries to find everywhere a potential customer, who would purchase his suits.


Like his sons, Mr. Spokes has light fair skin, buck teeth, curly red hair, and suffers from acne. However, unlike his sons, his hair also has sideburns. He wears a light green shirt, with a turtleneck collar, a dark green jacket, light blue jeans, held by a black belt with a silver buckle, and white shoes.



Randy is Rusty and Rocky Spokes' cousin. He was first mentioned in "Exchange of Heart".


According to Lincoln, Randy has a habit of double dipping, which is considered a bad manner as he's unknowingly contaminating the sauce with his own germs.


Derek is Rusty and Rocky Spokes' cousin.


Derek is mentioned in "Kernel of Truth" where he told Rusty about a secret game room in Royal Woods Middle School.

In "Zach Attack," Rusty mentioned twice that Derek can procure tickets to the Pocono Mountains.

In "Rumor Has It," it is revealed the Derek works as a security guard at an outlet.

In "How the Best Was Won", Rusty mentions Derek when he begins making a list of people he wants to thank for making it into the Royal Woods Middle School yearbook as a winner of the "Best Friend Group" category.


Aaron is Rusty and Rocky Spokes' cousin.


Aaron was first mentioned in "How the Best Was Won", when Rusty was making a list of people he wanted to thank for making it into the yearbook as a winner of the "Best Friend Group" category.

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