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The Plan

S1E04A Linc talking to audience.png
S1E04A Vanzilla.png
S1E04A Lily throws another beet.png
S1E04A Twins looking at each other.png
S1E04A Lola and Lana fight near Lincoln.png
S1E04A Linc not liking the back row.png
S1E04A Linc notices Dad.png
S1E04A Dad watching Linc.png
S1E04A Linc on the sticky.png
S1E04A Charles on the soggy.png
S1E04A Linc on the springy.png
S1E04A Linc on the slanty.png
S1E04A Linc points to the first seat from the second row.png

Operation Sweet Spot

S1E04A Linc gonna stake it out tonight.png
S1E04A Linc successfully puts down Cliff.png
S1E04A Hi Lincoln!.png
S1E04A Clyde asks Linc.png
S1E04A Linc shouts in anger.png

Who sits next to Lincoln?

S1E04A Linc apologizes to audience.png
S1E04A pillow on Linc.png
S1E04A Linc got by Luan.png
S1E04A Linc on spiiiriiiing seeeeaaaat.png
S1E04A Linc spots cars.png
S1E04A Linc gets an idea.png
S1E04A Linc notices dazed Leni.png
S1E04A Leni agrees to Linc.png
S1E04A Clyde asks Linc again.png

Who sits behind Lincoln?

S1E04A Linc remembering Lana.png
S1E04A Lana fires a pea right into his mouth.png
S1E04A Linc reading an unidentifiable book.png
S1E04A Lori texting with Bobby.png
S1E04A Lori vomits on Linc.png
S1E04A Linc gets an idea for the back.png
S1E04A Linc irritated from her babbling.png
S1E04A Lisa agrees to Linc.png

Seating Deals

S1E04A Only if Luna's not next to me.png
S1E04A Lisa annoyed by Luna.png
S1E04A Linc wakes Luna.png
S1E04A Lincoln and Lori nodding.png
S1E04A Lucy talking to Linc.png
S1E04A Lana talking in her sleep.png
S1E04A Linc shaking hands with Lola.png
S1E04A And we're done!.png

The Sisters Find Out

S1E04A Not again.png
S1E04A The sisters are here.png
S1E04A Then what's THIS?.png
S1E04A WHY is it the Sweet Spot.png
Lincoln nervous.PNG
S1E04A Lisa's Sweet Spot equation 4.png
S1E04A I should have it!.png
S1E04A Lola wants it.png
S1E04A Lana wants it.png
S1E04A Luna wants it.png
S1E04A Leni wants the spot.png
S1E04A Get him!.png
S1E04A Luan opens a door.png
S1E04A siblings fight scene.png
Sweet Spot Lynn.PNG
S1E04A siblings stop fighting.png
S1E04A Mom orders kids.png
S1E04A Good luck.png

Battle for the Sweet Spot

S1E04A This is bad!.png
S1E04A Linc dancing.png
S1E04A Lincoln doing push-ups.png
S1E04A Lincoln jumps on the bed.png
S1E04A Leni pushes Luna away.png
Luan running.PNG
Lana angry.PNG
Lola screaming.PNG
Fall down the stairs.PNG
S1E04A Lincoln and Luna in the dust.png
S1E04A Lori opening the door.png
S1E04A Lynn and Lori fight.png
S1E04A Lisa wails like a maniac.png
S1E04A Lana with a beet.png
S1E04A Dust cloud expanding.png
S1E04A Vanzilla is ruined.png
S1E04A Dad mentions about the van.png


S1E04A Linc apologizes to the audience again.png
S1E04A Linc has another plan.png
S1E04A Lincoln wails again.png

Behind the Scenes

S1E04A SB Comparison.jpg
S1E04A SB Linc.jpg


S1E04A The twins attack each other.gif
S1E04A Carsick Leni.gif
S1E04A Lincoln choking.gif
S1E04A Lori texting.gif
S1E04A Carsick.gif
S1E04A Luna's crazed singing.gif
S1E04A Lincoln is exercising.gif
Tumblr inline oqxqzvZyog1t8jo9s 400.gif
Tumblr inline p1704lDUIt1t4sau4 1280.gif
Tumblr o4rxoa8BcN1uzzqefo1 540.gif
Tumblr o4rxoa8BcN1uzzqefo3 540.gif


S1E04A Sweet Spot panorama 1.png
S1E04A Sweet Spot panorama 2.png
S1E04A Sweet Spot panorama 3.png
S1E04A Sweet Spot panorama 4.png
S1E04A Sweet Spot panorama 5.png

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