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"The Two of Clubs" is the third episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Sid look for an after-school activity to do together, but nothing seems to be right for them both.


While on the train ride to school, Ronnie Anne reminds Sid that they need to pick an after school activity. As they discuss, they want to try and get into a club that they both like. This makes Sid worry that if they don't do something together, they could lose hangout time. Ronnie Anne, however, assures her that they'll find an activity together no problem.

Ronnie Anne and Sid try out the lucha libre club.

The first club they try out is lucha libre wrestling, which is suggested by Ronnie Anne. The two girls attempt to fight two of the fellow members Becky and Artemis, but their aggressiveness does not suit with Sid well. The girls attempt to do robotics as suggested by Sid, but because of Ronnie Anne's low knowledge on robotics, she ends up making Sid's breakfast robot go haywire and end up angering the other members. From this point on, the girls attempt the other clubs like pottery, knitting, and cooking, but while one would end up being good at it, the other doesn't (or in the cooking club's case, neither of them are good at it). Realizing that they can't do something together, the girls must accept that they have to do their favorite clubs separately. Later that night, the two girls look through their phones and notice that in all of the pictures they took of their search for a club to like, they realize that they had more fun doing that than the clubs themselves.

Ronnie Anne and Sid's bots fight.

The next day, Sid heads to the lucha libre club and Ronnie Anne heads to the robotics club, but the members of both groups inform them that the other didn't come because they went to the other club. Just as the two girls head to the other clubs, they bump into each other and tell them that they wanted to join their clubs for their sake. Suddenly, Laird, one of Ronnie Anne and Sid's classmates, takes note on how Sid's breakfast robot is wearing a mask, and asks the girls if they're starting a lucha libre robotics club. Realizing that this could make them hang out together, the two girls agree.

Sometime later, the girls start their new club, and proceed to battle each other with their robots, to which one of the lucha libre girls jumps in to fight the robots herself.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • Plot of the episode is similar to "Racing Hearts", as both episodes are about two people trying to find interests they have in common. However, Ronnie Anne and Sid are friends, while Luna and Sam are a couple.
  • This and "Vacation Daze" are currently the most viewed Casagrandes episodes, with 1.09 million viewers.
  • This episode reveals the school Ronnie Anne and Sid attend is named Chavez Academy.
  • According to Sid, whenever her father hears something that really upsets him, he has a habit of stopping the subway train mid-travel so he can "walk it off".
  • This is the first episode in which none of Ronnie Anne's relatives appear.
    • Counting the pets, however, this would actually be "Team Effort", as Sergio appears in this episode.
  • The episode reveals that Ronnie Anne is good at lucha libre and pottery, and that Sid is good at robotics and knitting. It also reveals that Sid, despite liking to watch lucha libre, doesn't actually enjoy participating in it, that Ronnie Anne is bad at engineering, and that neither of the girls can make calamari.
  • Innuendo: When Ronnie Anne told Sid that they have to attend their clubs separately, Sid appears to be crying, as she has what appears to be mascara running down her face. However, it was actually squid ink that was running down her face, and not tears (but she is sad).


  • The Two of Clubs - The title of this episode is a reference to the playing card of the same name.


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