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This article is about the episode in the first half of Season 2. For the Season 1 episode, see Picture Perfect. For the Season 2 midseason premiere, see Out of the Picture.
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Got kicked out, The Whole Picture?
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"The Whole Picture" is the thirteenth episode of the second season and the sixty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


When Lincoln accidentally erases his childhood photos, he and Clyde attempt to recreate them before his memory fades.


Lincoln finally gets his first mustache hair, so he and Clyde take a picture of it. Happy with the way the image turned out, Lincoln prepares to transfer it to the Lincoln Library, a computer file that holds all of his childhood photos, like his bath with Lynn, Lori feeding him his first ice cream, and his first mechanical pony ride with Luan and Lucy. However, before he can put the photo in, the computer informs Lincoln that the Lincoln Library is full, and asks him if he wants to make room for the new photo. Lincoln clicks on "Yes", but this causes the computer to send all of Lincoln's childhood photos to the trash bin. Lincoln frantically tries to stop this, but to no avail.

Lincoln checks the bin, but much to his sadness, the bin is completely empty, meaning the photos are truly gone. Clyde says that he did the same thing once, but Howard and Harold saved his photos with a cloud storage. Lincoln asks his dad if he has cloud storage, but he says that he does not. Lincoln sadly declares that his childhood is gone, but realizes that he can simply recreate them. Lincoln tries to convince his sisters to help him, but they're all heading to the mall because of sales on personal items. When Clyde sees Lana's hat on the handrail of the stairs, he gets the idea to act as all of Lincoln's sisters in the recreated photos. Lincoln is uncertain if it will work out, but Clyde assures him that he and his dads have been studying acting scenes for years.

Soon, Lincoln and Clyde attempt to recreate their photos, like so:

  • First, they try to recreate Lincoln's bath with Lynn, with Clyde playing as Lynn. After setting the timer on the camera, Lincoln and Clyde jump into the bathtub. However, Clyde suddenly farts, causing a bubble to form. The moment the camera takes the picture, the bubble pops, causing Lincoln to jump out in disgust.
  • Second, Lincoln and Clyde try to recreate Lori feeding Lincoln his first ice cream, which was mint chocolate chip. With the camera rolling, Lincoln mentions to Clyde that he looks exactly like Lori. Clyde looks at his own reflection, and immediately thinks he is Lori, causing him to suffer a nosebleed and pass out the moment the camera flashes.
  • Third, Lincoln and Clyde try to recreate the mechanical pony ride with Luan and Lucy. Since there are three people in this memory, Rusty steps in to be Lucy, while Clyde dresses up as Luan. With the camera rolling, Lincoln, Clyde, and Rusty get into frame and start the mechanical pony, when suddenly, the mechanical pony's vigorous movement flings the three off the ride the second the camera takes the photo.
  • Lastly, Lincoln and Clyde try to recreate his photo of Santa. They ask Mr. Grouse to play Santa, which he agrees to. With everything set up, Lincoln hits the timer on the camera, when suddenly, a series of events leads to the Christmas tree to topple onto the three, where the camera immediately takes the photo.

After getting the photos developed at the photo booth, Lincoln and Clyde check them out, but the photos turn out to be disastrous. Despite this, Lincoln and Clyde think the photos came out great. While going through his checklist, Lincoln sees that his next memory is for his 7th birthday party.

After inflating a whole bounce house by mouth, Lincoln claims that his 7th birthday didn't have a bounce house, but a Lucha Libre theme. After redesigning the whole set, Lincoln is prepared to take the photo, but at the very last second, Lincoln claims that it didn't have a Lucha libre theme, but a circus theme. After several unsuccessful attempts to remember the entire memory, Lincoln proclaims that his memories are starting to fade away, and declares that they must do all of the other memories. After a montage of taking photos, the sisters arrive and question Lincoln what he's doing with all of their stuff. Lincoln claims that things will be fixed once he develops the film, but when he opens up the camera, he realizes that he forgot to put the film in. Heartbroken at this, Lincoln faints.

11 bonding siblings = one memorable moment.

When Lincoln regains consciousness, the sisters tell Lincoln that Clyde told them the whole story (just before he passed out after seeing Lori again). The sisters want to help Lincoln recreate the photos, but Lincoln decides to throw in the towel, declaring his childhood is gone. When he mentions he can't remember what he did during his 7th birthday party, Lori mentions it was a magician's act. Soon enough, the sisters begin to reminisce all of Lincoln's childhood memories, which leads to Lincoln telling the viewers that with his sisters, they'll help him remember his childhood. As the Loud sisters engage in a group hug with their brother, Clyde, who has regained consciousness, pulls out his phone, and takes a photo of the group hug.

Lincoln and Clyde then upload the photo to the computer, and Lincoln declares it's a new start for the photo library (now with cloud backup). Lori, angered, suddenly yells out who used up all of her lipstick, causing Clyde to grin nervously.


Lily has no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Relative Chaos", "The Complete Second Season", "Tirages de portraits", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • Although this episode premiered in 2017, it was made in 2016 according to the credits.
    • This is also the last episode to be made in 2016 according to the credits.
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Darin McGowan
Today's #TheLoudHouse episode is dedicated to the memory of my old Mac Pro Tower, who crashed and took all my photos with it. #RIP #BACKUP
Feb 21, 2017[1]
  • This episode is based on Darin McGowan's own experience of his computer crashing and accidentally deleting his photos.
  • Lucy is shown as a baby and had her Gothic attire, giving the more evidence that she has had the same gloomy demeanor throughout most of her life, and isn't just going through a phase.
  • This episode reveals that Rusty has a tendency to be confused by the personalities and appearances of the Loud sisters.
    • While dressed as Lucy, he behaves like Luna.
    • He tells Clyde to "worry about [his] Lola" even though he is dressed as Luan.
  • Lynn mentions the time Lincoln chipped his tooth, but doesn't say how it happened.
    • Lincoln had his tooth chipped since Lucy was a baby.
    • Lincoln had a full tooth from the title card of "Baby Steps".
  • In Lincoln's picture showing him in the bath with Lynn, she has a missing tooth, which is a reference to her original design.
  • Before Lincoln's photos were deleted, the Lincoln Library had a staggering 3,212,016 files.
  • Lincoln's check list was titled "Recreate All My Most Cherished Memories & Think Of A Shorter List Title, List".
  • When Lincoln and Clyde are doing the Lucha Libre photo, Clyde says the same lines Lynn said in "Space Invader", when she was about to pounce on Lincoln.
  • There are many references to older episodes in this episode.
  • Clyde briefly alludes to the Kübler-Ross model when comforting Lincoln after the latter accidentally deletes his photos. However, his statement that Lincoln took "a step backwards" to Denial is incorrect, as every individual experiences the stages in their own unique order, instead of the order outlined by the model.
  • This episode reveals a number of things about Lincoln:
    • Lori fed him his first ice cream when he was a baby and she was around seven.
    • At around the age of four, Lincoln rode the mechanical pony for the first time with seven-year-old Luan and baby Lucy.
    • On his seventh birthday, a magician's rabbit startled him, which in turn startled the rabbit, and Charles chased it and they collided into the cake.
    • During Lincoln's seventh birthday, the trees had green leaves, and there was no snow. That suggests that Lincoln was most likely born during spring or summer.
    • Lynn Sr. taught him how to ride a bike.
    • On his sixth birthday, he went bowling and only scored one strike. This strike was scored accidentally due to him falling down the alley.
    • He once got into Rita's cosmetics as a baby.
    • He once spent all day on his bike trying to find the gold at the end of the rainbow.
    • He used to own a Blarney costume, which he once wore for a whole week.
    • He once tried unsuccessfully to climb the shelves to reach the cookie jar.
  • Innuendo: While dressed as Lori, Clyde stuffs the tank top to make it look like he has breasts.
  • Irony: When Lincoln asks his sisters to help him recreate the old family photos, they all decline. Then, in the middle of the episode, they berate him for taking their stuff without their permission. And after that, when Lincoln notices that he forgot to put in the film, Lana suggests that she and the other sisters can help recreate the family photos, but then he declines.

International edits

  • In the Hebrew dub, the scene where Clyde bleeds from his nose was censored by editing out the blood. Ironically, Clyde has a nosebleed each time he sees Lori.


  • The Whole Picture - The title of this episode means "the overall sense or presentation of a situation, concept, topic, etc., including all related factors and potential consequences."
  • Space Invaders - One of the icons in the computer is similar to the game.
  • Linux - The folder Lincoln Library has three circles in the corner, which is similar to the operating system Linux.
    • The circles also happen to be red, yellow, and green, similar to Apple's.
  • Garfield - When Lynn Sr.'s lasagna is being eaten by Charles, he says "I hate Mondays", quoting the catchphrase of the title character of the classic comic strip "Garfield", a cat who loves lasagna and hates Mondays.
  • Annie - According to Clyde, he and his fathers have studied movie scenes on Fridays for years. Because of this, he was able to play all of the orphans in this 1982 film.
  • The Simpsons - The plot where family pictures are lost and an attempt to re-stage them ensues is somewhat similar to this animated series' season 18 episode Homerazzi.


  • When Clyde and Lincoln are going to take the picture from when Lori first fed Lincoln ice cream, the Lori costume that Clyde puts together includes having fake breasts, but the picture is supposed to happen when Lincoln is a toddler. As Lori was grade school aged, her breasts were not developed at the time.
  • When Lincoln, Clyde, and Rusty are recreating the picture of Lincoln, Luan, and Lucy on the kiddie ride, Clyde and Rusty are dressed as the current Luan and Lucy, even though the picture takes place when they are much younger.
  • Lincoln's freckles are missing in some of his childhood photos, and in the flashback of him playing with Rita's cosmetics. He possibly did not develop them until he was older.
  • Lincoln seemingly has no problem with wearing a diaper in this episode, unlike in "Cover Girls" where he is embarrassed.
    • However, in that episode, he did it to help his sisters, while he does it here of his own accord to recreate his photos. In addition, in that episode, his whole class saw him in a diaper, while in this episode, only Clyde (whom he knows very well) saw him.
  • Possible: When Lincoln tried to upload the photo of his first mustache hair onto the computer, the clock on the computer said 11:40, but when he uploaded the image of his sisters hugging him onto the computer, the clock still says 11:40.
    • It could be possible this was done to represent the comic style of the show, with how minor details in the background do not move.
  • Before Luna closes her bedroom door, one of her paper clip earrings is missing.
  • In the flashback of Lincoln's 7th birthday, Charles can be seen with his current look as he chases the rabbit. But in the flashbacks of Head Poet's Anxiety and Deal Me Out, Charles was seen as a puppy.



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