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This article is about the Season 3 episode. For the Season 4 episode, see Write and Wrong.
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Got kicked out, The Write Stuff?
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"The Write Stuff" is the forty-fourth episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-forty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


When Lucy quits the writing club at school due to the by-the-book way Huggins runs the club, Mom takes over.


Rita is parked in front of the elementary school, waiting for Lucy. Suddenly, Lucy enters the van, and reveals that she's planning on quitting the writing club, saying that Principal Huggins, who runs the club, doesn't let them do any writing, and is more about the do's and don'ts of using words, how to properly hold the pencil, etc., saying that "fundamentals before fun" is what matters most. Rita, clearly unhappy at the way Huggins is running the club, decides to have a talk with him herself. Arriving back to school, Rita requests to talk with Huggins, but Cheryl tells her that he's busy with school superintendent Chen. Chen, unimpressed with Huggins' way of running the school, gives him a rating of "mediocre". When Huggins questions on what to do, Rita says that she wants to talk about his way of running the writing club, and Huggins sarcastically remarks that if she can do better, she can run the club. Rita, thinking that Huggins was serious, accepts the offer.

Rita takes over the writing club after Huggins resigned.

Sometime later, Rita arrives to the classroom where the writing club is held, and sees a note from Huggins telling her to "STICK TO THE BOOK!". Knowing that going by the book will make the club uninteresting, she decides to store it away, and at that moment, Lucy and the poetry students, Sasha, Haiku, and Amir, arrive. The students are surprised at Rita's appearance, but are happy that they're not going by the book like they usually do. Later on, Rita takes the students to Flip's Food & Fuel to inspire them, saying to write down their thoughts on everything they see, smell, or hear. As the students venture around the store, they manage to come up with poems regarding their experiences. Realizing how successful the trip turned out, Rita takes them to a petting zoo for more inspiration, which proves to be just as successful as the last trip. Arriving back to the school, Rita reveals that she had booked a performance tomorrow at the Burnt Bean, a poetry café in Fern Valley, and the students couldn't be any more happier.

The next day, Rita arrives back to the school, but discovers Huggins' presence. He reveals that he knew about Rita's field trips, and is furious that she isn't sticking to the book like he wanted her to do. As a result, he refuses to let Rita and the students go the Burnt Bean, and decides to stay in the classroom to make sure she and the students don't leave. As Rita reads the writing book with very little enthusiasm, she sees that the students and Huggins have fallen asleep from utter boredom, and decides to use that chance to leave. After waking up the students, Rita takes them to the Burnt Bean.

At the Burnt Bean, Rita encourages them to go on stage, and express their poems. Suddenly, Rita notices that Huggins has arrived. Needing a way to stall him, Rita pays the security guard of the Burnt Bean to drive Huggins away from the café, and initially succeeds in doing so. However, not long after he leaves, he arrives to the café, and declares that he's firing Rita from her position as head of the writing club, and is reclaiming his position back. Suddenly, he discovers Superintendent Chen, who is revealed to be an avid visitor of the Burnt Bean. Chen believes that the poetry students' performances is his work, and thinking that he improved his methods of running the school, upgrades his rating from "mediocre" to "above average". Huggins, knowing that he can't lie to her, says that Rita should deserve the credit, since she was the one who motivated the students to express their creativity, and Rita decides to share the praise with Huggins, since he started the club. As a result, Chen suggests that the two run the club together.

Working as a team.

Sometime later, Rita and Huggins have taken Chen's words to heart, and have decided to run the club together. For their first trip, they decide to take the students on a plane ride, telling them to come up with words related to flying, while also writing them in the sky.


Dana, Flip, Mr. Grouse, Artie, and the teen girl have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Cooked" and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs and will also be available on the "The Complete Third Season" DVD.


  • This episode reveals Artie's last name is Dombrowski.
    • Prior to this episode, his last name had been mentioned in "Frog Wild", although he did not physically appear in that episode.
  • Rita's ability to fly a plane is revisited in this episode, right after "Tripped!".

Amy returns from Netflix.

  • The main speaker at the Burnt Bean is former post production supervisor Amy Reynolds.
  • Innuendo: After revealing that she was born in a stolen ice cream truck, Scoots remarks that her mother was "jonesin' for some rocky road and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer." "Jonesing'" is a slang term for craving for a dose of one's habit/addiction, particularly towards heroin.
  • Following "The Old and the Restless", "Legends", and "Net Gains", this is the fourth episode where only one main character is present.
  • Irony: Principal Huggins insists on Rita teaching the writing club by reading from the rule book, but it's enough to bore even him to sleep.


  • The Write Stuff - The title of this episode is a reference to the 1983 historical drama film The Right Stuff.
  • Dead Poets Society - The plot of the episode contains many similarities to the 1989 Robin Williams film.
  • Star Wars - In the end of the episode all main characters wear helmets similar to the ones worn by Rebel pilots.


  • The end credits mistakenly credit the episode's title as "Teachers' Union".


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