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"The Wurst Job" (originally titled "Dragged Through the Garden") is the twenty-ninth episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-fourth episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne lands the internship of a lifetime with Bruno, but will she be able to hang?



  • This is the first episode where Aryan Simhadri voices Sameer.
  • According to Bruno, there is a "good spot" in the park where he prefers to place his hot dog cart, and he prefers to leave early in order to beat other snack-selling competitors to it.
  • This peisode reveals the following:
    • Vito likes to dip hot dogs in beverages, claiming that it helps them to go down his esophagus.
    • Bruno has 51 hot dog recipes. As of the end of the episode, however, he has 52.
    • Vito was once a hot dog-eating legend known as "Vito the Eat-o".
  • Bruno's known hot dog recipes:
    • Dragged through the garden
    • Atomic dog
    • Dog à la mode
    • Foot-long with chili
    • Double foot-long with double chili
    • Ronnie Anne dog
  • This and its sister episode are currently the lowest viewed episodes of The Casagrandes, and by extension, the lowest-viewed episodes of the entire franchise.


  • The Wurst Job - The title of this episode is a reference to the phrase "the worst job".
    • Dragged Through the Garden - This episode's original title is a nickname given to the toppings used on a Chicago-style hot dog, as the wide variety gives the impression that everything came from a garden.
      • The toppings in question include yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt. Ketchup is not included in the recipe; and, its usage as a topping, even on regular hot dogs, is frowned upon by many Chicagoans.
      • Ronnie Anne previously ordered this type of hot dog in the Casagrande story arc episode "Friended!".
  • The early bird gets the worm - Bruno's line, "The early dog gets the bun", is a pun on this proverb, which means that those who arrive first have the best chance of success.
  • Superman - Vito's "Vito the Eat-o" outfit resembles that of this DC superhero.


  • Plot hole: After Mr. Inflatable explodes, Jim Sparkletooth crowns Bruno and Ronnie Anne the champions of the hot dog eating contest, despite the fact that they served the hot dogs instead of eating them.
  • When the Casagrande family enters the park with Sergio, his legs disappear between frames.


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