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There Will Be Chaos (originally titled Fullest House) is the first installment of graphic novels featuring The Loud House comics, and was published by Papercutz on May 9, 2017.[1] Comic book stores however, received the book on May 3.[2]

Official Description

Learn from Lincoln Loud the ins and outs of living in a huge household with 10 sisters! Lincoln will explain to you how to avoid *spoilers* for episodes of “The Dream Boat,” how to restore law and order to the living room, and how to find some privacy to take a “special” phone call. All this and more from Lincoln and his sisters Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily! Featuring stories by The Loud House animation crew and show creator Chris Savino!

—Official description


Lost Control

Lincoln is looking for the TV remote and needs your help finding it by asking any of his sisters or pets.

No, You Hang Up

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer, Colorist: Amanda Rynda

Lori and Bobby insist that the other hang up first.

The Handshake

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley and Whitney Wetta
  • Artist, Letterer: Kyle Marshall
  • Colorist: Amanda Rynda

Lincoln and Clyde initiate their secret handshake... which takes all day.

Luna's New Threads

Luna can't find a good outfit for the concert she's going to, but Lori and Leni's ruined outfit may help.

Video Game Mojo

While playing video games online, Lincoln comes across an opponent he cannot defeat.

Gone Fishing

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer: Jared Morgan
  • Colorist: Amanda Rynda

Leni takes Go Fish to a whole new level.

Loud and Order

Officers Lana and Lola catch a speeding Lincoln and put him on trial.


  • Writer, Artist, Letterer: Miguel Puga
  • Colorist: Amanda Rynda

Lisa decides to give her siblings a real shock for taking TV time from Lily.

The Spot

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer: Diem Doan
  • Colorist: Amanda Rynda

Cliff takes Charles' favorite spot on the sofa.

No Spoilers

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley and Whitney Wetta
  • Artist, Letterer: Jordan Koch
  • Colorist: Ashley Kliment

Lincoln demonstrates his Three D's to Avoid Spoilers.

The Call

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley and Whitney Wetta
  • Artist, Letterer: Miguel Puga
  • Colorist: Ashley Kliment

Lincoln gets a call from Ronnie Anne, but he can't find a private place to answer because of his nosy sisters.

Very Superstitious

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer: Todd Oman
  • Colorist: Ashley Kliment

Lynn does whatever she can to ensure that her favorite team wins the game, but nothing works.

Here Comes the Airplane

When being fed by her dad, Lily imagines herself as a giant monster eating an airplane.

Wall Walker

  • Writer, Artist, Letterer: Jordan Rosato
  • Colorist: Amanda Rynda

Leni keeps walking into walls and doors, so Lana decides to fix that.

Sibling Speak

A simple request for Lincoln gets misheard by each of the sisters. (Exclusive to the 3-in-1 set)

Toughest Guy in History

  • Writer, Letterer: Eric Esquivel
  • Artist: David DeGrand
  • Letterer: Tom Orzechowski
  • Colorist: Laurie E. Smith
  • Pig Goat Banana Cricket created by: Johnny Ryan and Dave Cooper

Bonus comic: When Cricket takes his friends to the museum when the admission is free, they explore their favorite parts of the museum.


  • The original title parodies Full House, a long-running family sitcom, which aired on ABC from 1987 to 1995, and its follow-up Fuller House, which debuted on Netflix in 2016.
  • The current title is a spoof on the Paul Thomas Anderson film There Will Be Blood.
  • Loud and Order (one of the comics in the book) parodies the crime show Law & Order.
  • Chris Savino has announced two sequels called There Will Be More Chaos, which was released on November 21, 2017 and Live Life Loud! which was released on March 13, 2018, both published by Papercutz.
  • This is the first time that Lincoln is absent in some comics.
  • One of the comics is titled "No Spoilers", which shares its name with a Season 2 episode.
  • The comic "No, You Hang Up First" reuses a gag from the episode "Suite and Sour".
  • In the comic "Luna's New Threads", in Luna and Luan's room, there are posters of the bands Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blink-182.
  • In the comic "The Call", on the Royal Woods sign, it mentions "Birthplace of Chris Savino", referencing how he was born in Royal Oak, Michigan.
    • Also, when Lincoln went into Charles' doghouse, Charles is sleeping on top of it with Walt on him in a similar style to Snoopy and Woodstock from Peanuts.
    • In the first panel, Lana and Lola are playing with their toy sets that they got for Christmas in "11 Louds a Leapin'".
  • Several things are revealed about the characters:
    • Lincoln and Clyde have a very complicated secret handshake that involves wearing tutus, bumping their butts together, spitting on their hands, and many other things.
    • Lily and Charles like to chew on the TV remote.
    • Lincoln likes frozen nachos with peanut butter.
    • Geo likes to walk on the TV remote to watch the buttons light up.
    • Lincoln and Lisa are both very good at understanding what Lily is trying to say when she babbles.


  • Possible: In every panel Luan appeared (except for her Lost Control page), her scrunchie is colored pink, instead of yellow. It's possible that she had 2 scrunchies.
  • Luan's braces are not shown in her staring pose in "The Call", or in the last panel of "The Spot".
  • Both in "Meet the Louds" and "Watch out for Papercutz", the stock art of Lola has the top of her tiara cut off.
  • In the last panel of "The Spot", Leni has no eyelashes, and Lucy is drawn in the early design used in "Left in the Dark".
  • Lana is constantly drawn with only two eyelashes in each eye, except for her Lost Control page and "Loud and Order".
  • In "Meet the Louds", Leni comes before Lori.



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