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"This Bird Has Flown" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Bobby struggles to find Sergio after wishing he would fly away and never come back.


Sergio, employee of the month.

Bobby is having a chat with Lori, explaining that today is the employee of the month ceremony at the mercado. As Bobby talks about his contributions, Sergio comes in to cause trouble, making Bobby comment that Sergio has been a complete nuisance as of late. Sergio continues to be a nuisance by leaving feathers in his breakfast, but no one is concerned, as Sergio is just molting. When it comes to the ceremony, Hector announces Sergio as the winner, much to Bobby's dismay. Eventually, Bobby gets so fed up with Sergio, that he angrily tells him to "fly away and never come back". Hurt by these words, an offended Sergio flies off.

The next day, as Bobby chats with Lori, he notes that Sergio hasn't bothered him in his sleep. Before long, he discovers that his family is desperately trying to find Sergio. Remembering what he told him the previous day, a guilt-ridden Bobby attempts to find him himself, but is unsuccessful in doing so. Arriving back to the apartment, Bobby realizes, to his horror, a police car parked in front of the building. Entering the building, Bobby sees his family talking with the police to help find Sergio. Fearing that he might go jail if he confesses, an even more desperate Bobby decides to enlist Carl's help in making a fake Sergio, which is basically a drone covered with feathers and a guacamole dispenser to resemble poop. With Carl's help, Bobby manages to fool his family into believing that Sergio has come back. However, when the batteries start to go out, Bobby quickly takes "him" to "rest".

Sergio had to teach Bobby a lesson.

The next day, as Carl and Bobby continue to trick the family into thinking the real Sergio is back, a malfunction causes the charade to slowly fall apart, like the guacamole dispenser spraying nonstop, one of the eyeballs to fall off after slamming into the TV, and getting destroyed after slamming into Par's delivery truck. As the family cries over "Sergio's" death, Bobby, knowing he can't hide it anymore, sadly confesses that he's responsible for Sergio being missing, saying that he told him to fly away out of anger after the employee of the month ceremony. At that moment, the real Sergio comes back, saying that he was crashing out at Sancho's in an attempt to teach Bobby his lesson of confessing his actions. Reunited with his feathered friend, Bobby and Sergio engage in a hug, saying they miss each other.

The next month, another employee of the month ceremony is held, and Hector announces that the winner is Mr. Inflatable, the sky dancer outside the store. Even though he lost, Bobby takes it lightly and Sergio makes him feel better by saying he gave him his vote.


Carlitos has no lines in the episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • This episode reveals that some time ago, Lori sent Bobby a pair of boxers with hearts that have Lori's face in them.
  • The mercado is revealed to have a sky dancer named Mr. Inflatable that has won employee of the month on a couple occasions.
  • This is the second Casagrandes episode where Lori appears, following "Flee Market".
  • This is the last Casagrandes episode where Lori is in her remaining age from Season 1 and currenly living in the Loud house before moving to Fairway.



  • When the drone slams into the TV, it loses one of its eyes, but when it flies out of the building and crashes into Par's delivery truck, the drone has both of its eyes.


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