• I can still edit even though he was IP banned, therefore we don't have the same IP.

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    • But that isn't what staff said. They confirmed that you share the same IP as that user. I don't know what exactly is going on here, but I trust the staff.

      What I received from staff.

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    • Well, confirmation from Staff should be enough to act accordingly and enforce punishment for attacks.

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    • The key word is most likely. Besides it isn't that hard to take over IPs or wear a proxy.

      The staff didn't confirm anything.

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    • It's interesting you instantly say "I have proof I'm not veenster7sucks" instead of responding as if you aren't aware of the situation. Since if you were innocent you would not know what was happening.

      Also just because you can edit on your account after an autoblock on Veenster7Sucks - does not mean you don't share the same IP as them.

      For example. You could of left this message from school. Or from a public wifi area. Or another family members house. So it's not proving you are vindicated just because you can edit with another IP.

      The facts are - you share the same IP as Veenster7Sucks. No getting around that since staff confirmed it.

      In any case, I think you would be in a better situation to simply own up to mishap and move on from it. Accidents happen and it can be forgiven if you are sorry about it. It doesn't put you in a good light to deny it or pretend it wasn't you since there is evidence to prove otherwise.

      It's up to you if you wish to continue lying or own up to your actions. Both have consequences. One is being forgiven and appreciating the truth while the other is being classified as dishonest and immature.

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    • Ok...

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    • A FANDOM user
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