• When I said to use the dividers to divide your story, I meant you should put them in between the parts where the LKs talk and the actual review.

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    • Oh, I figured you meant after each sister’s segment. Thank you for the clarification.

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    • No, I meant, uh. Well, maybe I should just show you.

      Luan: (not paying attention) Yeah, alright then.

      Lynn Sr.: Anyways, we'll be back in a few days make sure the house is still standing and let Lincoln rest he's had a busy week taking care of all ten of you.

      Lisa: Hey what a novel idea instead of separating our thoughts with punctuation let's just mash them all together into one incoherent mess it's not like it'll make our writing more difficult to read or anything.

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    • Yeah, I knew that was what you meant.

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    • Oh. Okay, just making sure.

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