So, I just saw your comment on the Loud Sibling Rankings Discussion, and I just wanted to ask why you love the April Fools episodes? I mean, I like Fools Paradise, and Fool Me Twice is OK, but April Fools Rules. My goodness, April Fools Rules. Not only is that the worst episode of the entire show for me, it is one of the worst cartoon episodes I have ever seen in my entire life. So, I respect your opinion that you like it, but may I ask what you see in it that I apparently don't? I mean, I personally hate it because of how it not only tries to pass of Luan's sadistic actions as funny, but just how proudly it does it, how there are no funny jokes, how out of place it is from the rest of the show in all the wrong ways, how Luan receives next to no consequences for her actions, and the list goes on. The episode gets the only 0/5 I'd ever give to a Loud House episode because of how it does everything it could possibly do in all the wrong ways. Now that you know why I hate it, I'd be curious to know why you like it.

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