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S1E07B Luna Swedish accent.png Herdie, verdie, verdie. Easy peasy, I just svitched to Svedish, ja?
This episode has made its debut in Canada. This episode will air in the U.S. on an unannounced date.

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"Throwing Pains" is the upcoming thirty-second episode of the second season, and the seventieth episode of The Casagrandes.


During a snow day, Ronnie Anne and her skater pals must battle for the gym space by playing dodgeball.



  • The cast was revealed when "Do the Fruit Shake" premiered.
  • This is the first episode where Jay Hatton and Jacob Mattahiparambil Lukose voice Casey and Sameer respectively.
  • This episode reveals that Becky is a lesbian, as she is shown to be in a relationship with a female classmate named Dodge.


  • Throwing Pains - The title of this episode is a reference to the TV sitcom Growing Pains.


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