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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the episode of The Loud House, see Fandom Pains.
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Got kicked out, Throwing Pains?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Central and Eastern Europe, Indonesia and Malaysia due to the presence of a same-sex couple (Becky and Dodge), and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Throwing Pains" is the thirty-second episode of the second season, the seventieth episode of The Casagrandes, and the final episode of the second season to premiere.


During a snow day, Ronnie Anne and her skater pals must battle for the gym space by playing dodgeball.


On a cold, snowy winter day in Great Lakes City, Ronnie Anne, Sid, Casey, Sameer, and Nikki want to ride their skateboards in the skate park. However, the cold temperature makes it impossible for the skaters to do so (while Becky has no problem playing in the snow in her summer attire since she doesn't get cold). Not wanting to wait months for the temperature to warm up, Nikki suggests that they find a place to skate indoors. The skaters proceeds to go to the school gymnasium. Arriving to the gym, the skaters discover that it's being used by the dodgeball team. The leader, Dodge, tells the skaters that they're using the gym and refuse to share it. When the skaters beg to let them share, Dodge makes a deal with them: if they can beat them at a best-of-three dodgeball match, they can use the gym. The skaters accepts the offer before they are chased out.

For the next few days, the skaters attempts to train for the upcoming match. For the first of three tricks, Ronnie Anne has her friends catch the produce being given to them by Bobby and Par to enhance their catching. Second, in Carlota's room, Ronnie Anne tells her friends that they're going to practice dodging, and they do so by dodging any clothes Carlota throws at them while she's digging through her cloest. Lastly, to improve their throwing skills, the skaters hurl water balloons at Carl and Sergio when they mock them for their poor dodgeball skills. With their training complete, the skaters believe they're ready for the match.

On Friday, the day of the match, the skaters arrive to the gym, ready to take on the dodgeball team. After Dodge explains the standard rules of dodgeball (you're out if you get hit by a ball, you're out if a player from the rival team catches your ball, and any eliminated players can re-enter if their team catches a ball), the match officially begins. For the first round, the gang, remembering their training from the days before, successfully catch, dodge and hurl the balls with expertise, much to the shock of the dodgeball team. As a result, the skaters end up winning the first round. However, the skaters' celebration is cut short when Dodge says that because they injured one of her teammates, she has a substitute player joining her... Becky. Laird, not wanting to deal with Becky's unstable energy (especially after she demonstrates her strength by throwing a dodgeball into a wall strong enough to leave a crater), officially bails out. For the second round, Dodge's team ends up winning when Becky's aggressive playing causes the skaters to get injured. When the round ends, the skaters suggest they forfeit, given their injuries, but Ronnie Anne tells them to not give up, saying that they never stood down in any situation. As a result, the skaters agree to play.

For the third and final round, the dodgeball team successfully nails everyone but Ronnie Anne. Ready to finish her off, Dodge throws her ball, but Laird, having been motivated by Ronnie Anne's speech, jumps in the way and miraculously catches the ball with his hair, meaning that Dodge is out. With this new tactic, Ronnie Anne uses Laird's hair to get the other members of the dodgeball team out, simultaneously getting the skaters back into the court. All that's left of the dodgeball is Becky, and the skaters are unable to hit her due to her fast speed. Unfortunately, the skaters end up using all their balls, and Becky proceeds to nail everyone but Ronnie Anne. With one last player to deal with, Becky proceeds to throw the ball at her hardest, launching Ronnie Anne across the court and crashing right through the wall. Dodge declares that her team won, but Ronnie Anne, initially expressing defeat, reveals that she caught Becky's ball, meaning that her team won. As the skaters cheer Ronnie Anne for winning the game, the defeated and dejected dodgeball players surrender themselves to the cold (while Becky remains unfazed to the cold). Seeing the dodgeball team suffer, Ronnie Anne express guilt for them.

Sometime later, the skaters and the dodgeball team agree to share the gym together, and Dodge apologizes to Ronnie Anne for her brashness earlier, to which Ronnie Anne accepts her apology.


Bobby has no lines in the episode.


  • This is the last Casagrandes episode aired in 2021.
  • In broadcast order, this is the final episode of Season 2 to premiere.
  • The cast was revealed when "Do the Fruit Shake" premiered.
  • This is the first episode where Jay Hatton and Jacob Mattahiparambil Lukose voice Casey and Sameer respectively.
  • This episode reveals a few things about Becky:
    • She is in a relationship with another female classmate named Dodge.
    • She has a high tolerance to cold temperatures, as she shows no problem playing in the snow with summer clothes.
  • The premise of this episode is similar to those of the Loud House episode "Grub Snub", as in both episodes, a group of people (Leni's friends/Ronnie's team) try to have access to a place (Gus' Games and Grub/the gymnasium) occupied by an opposing group of people (Lincoln's friends/the dodgeball team).
  • This episode reveals that Bobby and Par put the fruit in the mercado's produce aisles by throwing it.
  • This episode reveals that Ronnie Anne's friend group has had a few incidents in the past, which they overcame:
    • Casey once wanted to try a new food truck that sold samosas, but the line was ten blocks long, so the friends decided to camp in the rain that night to resolve the issue.
    • They once climbed Mt. GLC, and Sid vomited from altitude sickness.
    • The events of "Home Improvement" are also mentioned when Ronnie Anne states that Sameer was scared during a horror movie marathon, and his friends took turns covering his eyes.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • Mr. Inflatable shivers in the cold and does not make any other movements. In real life, air dancers always move in correspondence to the air machine beneath them.
    • Becky throws a frozen dodgeball which then shatters.

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  • Throwing Pains - The title of this episode is a reference to growing pains, which are pains or aches felt in the limbs of a child aged 3-12, often at night.
  • Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - The premise of this episode is similar to this 2004 sports comedy film, which also involves an underdog dodgeball team training through unusual methods to obtain a place of interest.



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