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"Toads and Tiaras" is the twenty-seventh episode of the first season of The Loud House.


When Lola gets injured and is unable to compete in a pageant, Lincoln coaches Lana to take her place.


Lincoln is training Lola to compete in the "Little Miss Prim & Perfect" beauty pageant, whose grand prize is two season passes to Dairyland. Unfortunately, while training, Lola slips on a discarded can of perfume, and breaks her leg and hand. Lincoln is devastated, as this means he will have to forget the Dairyland passes, until he realizes that since Lana is Lola's twin, and he can make her look like Lola, to take her place at the pageant. However, they cannot let Lola know, as they do not want to suffer her extreme wrath.

To Lola's anger and distress, she got injured during pageant training.

For the next few hours, Lincoln trains Lana to look and act like a pageant queen, following a book by pageant expert Gil DeLily, whilst trying to get her to resist her urges to fix things, and perform gross acts. On the day of the pageant, Lincoln sees that it would be televised on the Princess Channel, and he expresses relief that the house does not carry it. However, Dad has just bought the Princess Channel for Lola, and she is furious when she sees that her twin is posing as her, prompting her to limp over to the pageant hall.

Lana forgives Lincoln for his demanding ways.

During the show, Lana displays some of her unruly traits while performing, much to both her embarrassment, and her brother's frustration. After Lincoln blasts her for not letting go of her habits, and potentially costing them the Dairyland tickets, Lana admits to him that she cannot help it, and that she cannot be like the other girls at the pageant. Feeling guilty about his selfish actions, Lincoln apologizes to Lana, and allows her to be herself, even if it means not winning the tickets.

As Lana goes onstage, and does an act involving armpit farting, Lola shows up backstage, and angrily confronts Lincoln about putting her pageant career on the line. However, the judges and audience respond enthusiastically to Lana's performance, and she wins the pageant. Impressed, Lola allows her twin to keep the tiara she won, and lets her and her brother go to Dairyland, leading to Lincoln and Lana being excited. The episode ends with Lincoln and Lana riding the park's new "Milk Shaker" roller coaster, which causes Lincoln to throw up, and get covered in his own vomit, much to Lincoln's disgust, and Lana's amusement respectively.



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Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "It Gets Louder", "The Complete First Season", and "Les Sœurs à la rescousse" DVDs.


  • This is the first episode to feature only four voice actors.
  • This is the first episode in which Lori is absent.
    • This and "Funny Business" are the only Season 1 episodes in which Lori is absent.
  • In "In Tents Debate", Lincoln would not want to vote for Dairyland if it meant barfing on rollercoasters, but in this episode, he wants to ride a ride that he knows will make him barf.
  • The way Lana's hair is styled when she is in her pageant look makes it seem like she has more hair than she actually does, with the pompadour and braided ponytail.
    S1E14A Lana doing the three W's.png
  • This was Maddie Taylor's final voice acting role as Matthew W. Taylor on this show before transitioning from male to female in late 2016.
  • This episode reveals that Lola has worked four years to build her pageant reputation, so she would have been only two years old when she started competing in beauty pageants.
  • The tiara that Lana wins is the same one that's displayed on the title card.
  • In the European Spanish dub, when Lincoln tells to Lana that Gil DeLily needs to get a life, he says Gil can't do good rhymes, which makes sense when talking about its local adaptation.
  • Lola breaks the fourth wall in this episode, when she waves at the viewers.


  • Toads and Tiaras - The title is a parody of the TV reality series Toddlers & Tiaras.
  • The cherubs that appear when the Dairyland tickets are mentioned are based on comic strip characters:
  • Gild the lily - The name Gil DeLily is a pun of this phrase, which means to improve something already beautiful or excellent.


  • When the plot of the episode was first announced, all sources claimed that Lola could not compete in the pageant because she got sick, but in the actual episode, she actually injures herself.

As Gil DeLily would say, no glove, no love.

  • When Lola steps on the hairspray can, she is shown she is about to hit her jaw, but instead, she suddenly broke her arm and leg instead of her jaw.
  • When Lana gets tangled in the ribbon during the training montage, her pink gloves are missing. Also her eyelashes are disconnected from her eyes.
  • While Lincoln is training Lola at the beginning, she is wearing her front teeth retainer as she smiles, but later on when she says "I know how to walk, Lincoln," her retainer is missing.
  • When Lana says there's something wrong with her, Hops shakes his head in disappointment. When Lincoln changed his mind, Hops disappears.

Lana's miscolored buttons on her suspenders.

  • In the backstage when Lincoln warns Lana about not bringing her tools, she appears to be wearing a front teeth retainer, but in the next scene the retainer is missing.
  • When Lana runs and says "Get back here, Hops!", the buttons on Lana's suspenders are white instead of light blue.
  • When Lynn Sr. gives Lola the cookies, there is one part on the back of his collar on the left.
  • When Lincoln discovers a snow shovel in Lana's pocket, Lana said it was supposed to snow that night, but it was not shown to be snowing during the training montage.
  • When Lola begins to watch the "Princess Channel", the table has a plate of cookies and a milk carton, but while Lynn Sr. changes the channel, they are both gone.
  • When Lana says "Really? Okay, but we can kiss those Dairyland tickets goodbye.", the subtitles says "Really? Okay, but you can kiss those Dairyland tickets goodbye."
  • When Lana rips her dress off, her own outfit is shown underneath, but some earlier scenes showed that she never had it underneath her dress.
  • On the Netflix release of this episode and "Two Boys and a Baby", the Nick Jr. logo plays instead on the Nickelodeon one.


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