Todd is a minor character in The Loud House. He is a robot created by Lisa, like other robots she made.


Todd is first created when Mrs. Johnson tells her class to take out their robotics projects, but Lisa doesn't have one, since she was just transferred to her class. She built him almost instantaneously, and his first action was destroying all of Lisa's classmates' robots, which he saw as inferior. Later, when Lisa starts to act average and cool, she reprogrammed him to destroy the pop quizzes Mrs. Johnson was going to have the class take. He is last seen coming into Ms. Shrinivas' class, ordered to attack Ms. Shrinivas, if she wakes Lisa up earlier than requested.


Todd is constructed out of some recycled materials and other appliances. He has a bucket for a head with a small laptop-like device on his forehead and a monitor at the back of the head, a corkscrew for a neck, a printer for a chest, building toys for arms, a magnet for one hand, a pair of scissors for the other, an old time sound amplifier for the lower body, a large bucket for Lisa to sit and control him with alongside with a fire extinguisher (both located at the back), and a set of bicycle wheels and training wheels for feet. He also comes with laser vision that disintegrates anything he dislikes.


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